8 habits that can increase your happiness when you are in your 60s and beyond

Posted 14 Jun 2024, by

Graeme Richards

There's a stark contrast between simply aging and truly enjoying your golden years. The distinction lies in our daily habits. Aging is inevitable, but how we age, especially when we hit our 60s and beyond, often comes down to our everyday routines. Adopting certain habits can significantly boost your happiness ...Read More

People who thrive in retirement usually embrace these 8 activities

Posted 13 Jun 2024, by

Graeme Richards

Retirement isn’t a finish line, it’s a new beginning. And the secret to making the most of this chapter? It's all about embracing the right activities. People who thrive in retirement aren't just spending their days lounging around. They're engaging in activities that keep them active, fulfilled and connected. In ...Read More

8 easy ways to stay busy and fulfilled in retirement

Posted 12 Jun 2024, by

Graeme Richards

Retiring doesn't mean you stop living. In fact, it's a new chapter filled with exciting possibilities and experiences. The key to loving retirement is staying active and fulfilled. This isn't about filling time, but about making every moment count. I've discovered some easy ways to remain engaged and satisfied in ...Read More

If you recognize these 8 signs, you might be secretly unhappy in life

Posted 10 Jun 2024, by

Graeme Richards

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Sometimes, we realize we're not quite as content as we portray. The tricky part is, unhappiness isn't always obvious. It can be subtle, hiding behind smiles and social media posts. The good news is there are certain signs that might hint ...Read More

If someone displays these 7 traits, they’ll never move forward in life

Posted 09 Jun 2024, by

Graeme Richards

There's a stark contrast between people who progress in life and those who seem to be stuck in a rut. This difference often boils down to character traits. Certain traits can hold you back, preventing you from moving forward, no matter how hard you try. These traits might not be ...Read More