10 things disciplined people do (that prime them for success)

by Lachlan Brown | July 10, 2024, 4:20 pm

We sometimes think being disciplined means working non-stop. This idea makes many people feel scared and quickly say, “I’m not disciplined.”

But let’s set the record straight: discipline is not as tough as it seems.

It’s more about staying committed to your routine, regardless of what life throws at you.

Disciplined people often find success, not just because they work hard, but also because they can control themselves and don’t get distracted easily.

Take a look at these habits of disciplined individuals. If they resonate with you, it’s a sign that you possess more discipline than you might have thought.

1. They Always Have Their Eye on the Prize

Disciplined folks often turn dreams into realities because they’ve got a firm goal in sight.

Whether they’re aiming to climb the career ladder, amass a fortune, gain recognition, or traverse the globe with their dear ones, they’ve nailed down their desires and stick to them like glue.

Something that’s truly admirable about these individuals is their rock-solid resolve to grab hold of their dreams.

They stay laser-focused on their journey, not bothered about others’ progress or opinions.

They aren’t ones to throw in the towel at the first sign of a hiccup or a mistake.

By marching steadfastly towards their goal, they set themselves up for success.

Let’s take the example of a friend of mine who had her sights set on becoming a lawyer.

She tackled law school while holding down a job. I watched her pull all-nighters, weather breakdowns, and miraculously make it through exam weekends.

It was a tightrope walk between work and school, but her disciplined pursuit of her goal saw her through to the finish line.

She passed the bar exams with flying colors. Her achievement is a testament to the power of having a clear goal and the discipline to chase it.

2. They’re Sticklers for Details

Have you ever teamed up with a disciplined person?

If so, you’ve probably noticed their knack for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

They’re the ones you want on your side when you’re aiming for top-notch results.

It’s simple; they put their heart and soul into whatever they do, setting the stage for success.

Most disciplined folks I’ve come across have an eagle eye for details – they’re skilled at spotting and ironing out any kinks in their work.

Their love for what they do fuels their vigilance, constantly pushing them to seek perfection and introduce fresh ideas.

3. They’re Masters of Working Hard and Smart

There’s a notion that disciplined folks stick to the old school, hard-nosed way of doing things, even when smarter, faster methods are available.

But that’s a myth. In my experience, disciplined people aren’t just hard workers; they’re smart workers, too.

Their passion and drive to achieve their goals can often give off an impression of relentlessness.

Being alert and passionate about their work, disciplined people are quick on their feet to find ways to optimize their approach.

They aren’t satisfied with simply adhering to traditional methods, especially if they yield lackluster results.

They’re always on the hunt for the most efficient means to accomplish their tasks.

It’s this blend of hard work and smart tactics that sets them on the path to success.

4. They Strike a Fine Balance Between Hustle and Downtime

Contrary to popular belief, disciplined individuals don’t just have their noses to the grindstone all the time.

They’re champions at working hard, sure, but they also understand the importance of winding down and rejuvenating.

In fact, they consider relaxation and fun essential components for maintaining their work efficiency.

Their secret? Masterful time management.

They ensure they’re operating at peak productivity without running themselves into the ground.

By safeguarding against burnout, they keep themselves fresh and ready to tackle challenges head-on, setting them up for success.

Disciplined folks have a golden rule: when it’s time to work, they’re all in.

But when it’s time to rest or go on vacation, they unplug entirely – no compromises.

They firmly believe that taking time to relax and enjoy can recharge both the mind and body, sparking fresh motivation when it’s back to work mode.

5. They Don’t Take Shortcuts on the Road to Success

One of the admirable traits of disciplined people is their firm belief in themselves and the patience they demonstrate in pursuing their dreams.

They don’t fall for quick fixes or tricks to fast-track their path to success.

Instead, they make a conscious effort to stay true to their values and uphold honesty and sincerity in their work.

This ethical approach makes them trustworthy, reliable, and competent – the perfect formula for achieving their goals.

Rest assured, disciplined folks do their utmost without resorting to dishonest tactics like cheating or taking undue advantage of others – the shortcuts that only those lacking in dedication and competence might take.

This notion struck me when I observed a few overconfident colleagues who seemed to climb the ladder by currying favor with our superiors and always agreeing with them.

My indifference turned to concern when I learned they were swiping others’ ideas to present to our executives.

However, their deception soon collapsed when they couldn’t effectively implement the stolen ideas.

On the other hand, I also had colleagues who would burn the midnight oil conducting thorough research and crafting stellar presentations.

In the end, it was those who stayed honest and put in the hard work who received the rewards.

6. They Don’t Let Trivial Matters Derail Them

Disciplined folks have their eyes on the prize, and they know their value.

That’s why they’re pretty good at controlling their reactions to different situations.

They don’t let small issues get under their skin or distract them from the pursuit of their dreams.

Let’s face it – we can all get rattled by rumors or spiteful narratives that paint an incorrect picture of us.

But disciplined people remind us that our actions speak louder than words, and they carry more weight than what others say about us.

In setting the stage for their success, disciplined people surround themselves with supportive and loving individuals.

They don’t hesitate to keep at arm’s length or even sever ties with those who bring only negativity into their lives.

7. They Embrace Calculated Risks

Disciplined folks set themselves up for success with a dash of daring and a readiness to embrace calculated risks.

They’re typically forward-thinking, often coming up with fresh processes that haven’t been tried before.

Their dreams are within reach because they dared to blaze their own trail, distinct from the path others have tread.

The disciplined individuals I’ve come across aren’t shy of risks, but they’re never rash.

Before taking the plunge, they weigh possible outcomes meticulously and brace themselves for any hiccups along the way.

Taking risks can be intimidating, but disciplined people have a mantra: have faith in yourself.

8. They’re Unfazed by Setbacks

For many folks, setbacks signal the end of the road in their quest to fulfill their dreams.

But ask any disciplined person, and you’ll hear a different tune.

They see setbacks as opportunities that could ultimately propel you forward, even if it’s not apparent at first.

Their viewpoint on roadblocks is unique – they see them as temporary pit stops en route to their goals.

Setbacks can indeed make us feel undeserving of our hard-earned achievements.

But disciplined individuals don’t let these hurdles keep them down.

Instead, they believe that these challenges offer valuable life lessons that can shape us for future success.

That’s why they’re not ones to throw in the towel easily.

9. They Tackle Problems with Critical and Proactive Thinking

Disciplined individuals set themselves up for success by addressing problems head-on.

This approach not only makes them more resilient but also boosts their courage.

We all have our unique ways of dealing with issues, and it’s okay to take small, sure steps if that’s what we need.

However, disciplined people would agree that dodging challenges, dwelling on the past, and self-blaming get us nowhere.

Facing problems with a proactive and critical mindset isn’t easy. It often involves discomfort, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.

That’s why disciplined folks make a conscious effort to ward off unhelpful thoughts.

They do this by establishing routines that promote mental and physical health.

And if necessary, they don’t hesitate to seek professional help to manage their concerns better.

10. They Embrace the Unfamiliar

Some perceive disciplined individuals as rigid, always playing it safe. However, the reality is quite the opposite.

They possess a deep desire to push their boundaries and step outside their comfort zones.

It’s this hunger for personal growth that truly impresses me.

They understand the perils of remaining stagnant and actively seek new challenges.

Leaving one’s comfort zone can be daunting, especially when the familiar feels secure.

But disciplined people are driven to explore uncharted territories, even if it means embracing discomfort.

They recognize that by venturing into the unknown, they open doors to valuable lessons and growth opportunities.

Stepping out of the comfort zone becomes their catalyst for success.

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