8 habits of confident men who leave a lasting impression

by Amy Reed | July 14, 2024, 4:39 pm

Doesn’t every man want to make a lasting impression? To be known as the confident guy who’s super secure in himself?

Some men believe confidence is something it isn’t.

It’s understandable why, since there’s a pretty fine line between confidence and arrogance…

But men with true confidence know the secrets – and they set themselves apart by the habits they routinely engage in.

Let’s get into what habits really show a man’s confidence!

Up first:

1) He texts immediately after a date

An old work colleague of mine once met a girl he really liked at a bar. He asked for her number, and she gave it to him.

A couple of days later, I asked if he had texted her. He said he didn’t.

“Why?”, I asked, surprised, “You liked her, right?”.

He said he did, but he didn’t want to seem “too keen” by texting “too soon”. He also said that he wasn’t sure if she liked him back, so he decided to leave it be.

Some guys think they should wait three days before texting a girl they’ve just met. Or someone they had a great date with (and want to see again).

But a confident man doesn’t make a habit out of playing games like this!

If he likes someone and wants to text them, he does it. And he does it when he wants to – not at a time that he thinks “looks better”.  

2) He asks for help when he needs it

“Should we just give them a call?”.

“Should we ask the waiter what it means?”.

“He looks like he works here, shall we ask him?”.

I’ve heard myself say words to this effect many times.

When I’ve dated men in the past, or have just been friends with them, so many would shy away when I said something like this.

They’d say no but didn’t have an alternative idea. Or they’d say, “Can do, if you want…”.

I wasn’t strictly asking them to do it. I was merely speaking out loud. But still, they didn’t like the idea of asking for help.

I’ve since learned that a confident man says a firm yes – and goes ahead and does it! He doesn’t make excuses for why he shouldn’t ask. He doesn’t simply avoid doing it in the hopes that you will, either!

He steps up and does it. He makes the call. He asks the waiter. Basically, he takes charge.

It’s confident and it makes an impact.

3) He calls when he says he will

“I’ll call you tomorrow”, you say.

But tomorrow turns into the next day and the next day, and then that day never actually comes.

I’ve met many men who say they’re going to call, text, or book a date and they don’t.

Sometimes there’s an excuse for why they haven’t. Sometimes their reasonings are genuine. But most of the time, they aren’t (I can just tell!).

I asked my brother why some guys do this.

He reckons it’s because 1) they’re afraid of being rejected (by you not answering) and 2) they convince themselves you don’t want them to based on your response to them suggesting it.

But even so, keeping your word is important if you want to be confident and make a lasting impression!

Even though you’re scared, you should still make the call. Or, of course, ask them if they still want you to do it…

I know I’ve always respected the men who follow through on their promises, or ask outright, way more than those who act like they “forgot”.

4) He’s honest about how he feels

One major thing that stood out to me about my current partner was how honest he was when it came to his feelings.

On our first date, he told me he liked me. After the next date, he told me didn’t want to see other people anymore. A few dates later, he told me exactly how he felt about so many things – like his view on marriage, kids, world politics, etc. etc.

He didn’t hide any parts of himself, and he was totally honest about how he felt.

This is a habit of a man with true confidence. Trust me, this kind of habit leaves a lasting impression, too!

5) He controls his emotions

A confident man controls his emotions – namely his anger.

If you’ve ever seen a guy explode in a fit of rage, throwing his phone at the wall or engaging in a fistfight, you probably know that it isn’t a good look.

Someone who can’t control their emotions is usually someone to be avoided. Their behavior can be unpredictable and a little scary.

It also just comes across badly in so many ways – to potential partners, friends, teachers, colleagues, employers, and so on…

But a man who makes a habit out of expressing his emotions healthily is way more confident (not to mention attractive!).

Like if he goes to therapy, starts journaling, or just calls a friend (or his partner) to talk through how he’s feeling.

6) He looks after his health

Take it from me, a guy who looks after his health is an attractive man!

Going to the doctor means admitting that something might be wrong. For some men, this is a tricky thing to admit.

Plus, getting yourself checked out is a little scary! You don’t know what the outcome will be or what impact it’ll have on your life.

So I totally get the fear of going to the doctor or dentist.

But even so, a man with confidence still does it. He knows his health is important and that he has to go.

He doesn’t bury his head in the sand when a mole starts getting bigger. Or brush off his night terrors with an “I’m sure they’ll go away by themselves soon”…

7) He’s open about his interests

If you want to have confidence in yourself (and show that to others), you need to own who you are and what you like!

I dated a guy once who loved to drink vodka oranges. Yet he’d never order it in front of his friends. When I casually brought it up one day, he furiously denied liking them.

He later told me that he was embarrassed and didn’t want his friends to know he drank it.

I get the worry. But once you’ve left school, these kinds of insecurities should be left at the door.

If your friends won’t be friends with you anymore because of what you like, are they really your friends?

Also, if they’re going to judge you or laugh at you for your interests, why do you care? How does them not liking it impact your life?

Years later, I dated a guy who, on our first date, proudly ordered a vodka orange.

In case you’re wondering, yes, he made a lasting impression! It wasn’t just because of the past either, but because he owned his likes.

If you want to appear more confident and make an impression that lasts, simply being yourself is an easy way to do it.

8) He takes rejection on the chin

No one likes rejection. When you feel rejected, or even like you’re about to be rejected, it triggers a powerful emotional response.

Studies have found that it brings about intense feelings of hurt, jealousy, loneliness, guilt, and (especially) shame.

Everyone feels the pain of rejection sometimes, no matter how confident you are in yourself. Yet the more confident you are, the better you are at handling rejection when it comes.

Although you may be secretly disappointed, you won’t show the pain you’re feeling. Here’s an example of how.

A friend of mine went on a date with a guy. He texted her after asking if she wanted to meet up again next Saturday. She was honest and said no.

He was totally fine about it. He was polite and considerate in his reply – so much so that she’d worried she’d made a mistake by not agreeing to the second date!

Some people don’t act this way in the face of rejection. They turn nasty or backtrack on everything they said to try to make themselves feel better.

Like saying, “I didn’t like you anyway, I just felt sorry for you” – or words to this effect.

These people leave a lasting impression, too. It just isn’t in a good way…

Final thoughts

Confidence can be faked, for sure, but only for so long.

If you want to adopt true confidence and really make a lasting impression, you have to go that extra step to set yourself apart.

You have to make these behaviors more than just something you do on occasion. You have to make them a habit.

Once you do, everything in your life will likely change.

Your boss will probably respect you way more. Your friends will, too. In terms of your dating life, things will definitely get better – you can trust me on that!

But most importantly, you’ll actually feel good about yourself – and there’s nothing better than that. 

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