How to harness your inner strength: 8 powerful strategies

by Isabel Cabrera | August 27, 2023, 3:55 pm

We owe it to ourselves to harness our inner strength.

You see, this inner strength gives us the power to be our best selves in the world.

It allows us to embody our full potential and to realize all the things we’re capable of. 

Truth is, we’re far more capable than we give ourselves credit for. 

But how do you really start to tap into this truth? Here are 8 powerful strategies to harness what you already have within.

1) Listen closely to your body

Harnessing your inner strength begins with listening to your body.

You see, you need to be entirely in tune with your body if you want to tap into your strength.

In my experience, the body reveals a lot. 

The body will tell you what you need to work on releasing to be in your full expression.

You can feel where heavy energy is stuck, and consciously decide to let it go.

But it’s not that easy to really feel this unless you make the time and space. 

Simply put, listening to the body is an art that takes work…

…And part of mastering the art is getting comfortable experimenting.

For instance, you could embrace movement through practices like dance and yoga, sign up for breathwork classes, or go along to a sound healing class.

All of these techniques will be powerful strategies that encourage you to simply focus on your body and the physical sensations.

They’ll allow you to really connect with your body and to check-in with what’s going on inside.

Maybe you’ll feel frustration, fear, upset or just generally uncomfortable.

Allow the feelings to flow! It’s necessary to lean into the feelings and to not suppress them so you can fully process them.

In other words, each time you feel something coming to the surface, don’t shy away from it.

You see, as you do this, you’ll be releasing old, stagnant energy, and allowing yourself to tap into your inner strength.

2) Take time to think about your strengths and weaknesses

Only you can learn how to harness your inner strength: no one else can do it for you.

Truth is, you have all of the answers you need to find where that strength is within.

Now, one way you can go about harnessing your inner strengths is to get clear on what your strengths and weaknesses actually are.

It sounds simple because it is.

The straightforward strategy of outlining where your strengths (and weaknesses) lie will help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself…

…So you can double down on the strengths you have and work on developing any perceived weaknesses.

A powerful exercise is making a list, as basic as it sounds.

Begin by listing your strengths. 

For instance, these could be around your communication skills, your resourcefulness, your ability to navigate situations well. 

My strengths list looked a little like: 

  • I’m able to communicate what I need
  • I have good time management
  • I am proactive
  • I have integrity and always follow through 
  • I am committed to learning and growing

Now, I suggest you make a list between 5-10 for starters, but don’t be afraid to build on that list when something new comes to mind.

On the other hand, it’s helpful to outline your weaknesses too so you can work on turning them into strengths.

For instance, my list of weaknesses included:

  • I sometimes assume the worst
  • I think I’m not good enough 
  • I worry what people think about me
  • I am not compassionate towards myself
  • I don’t trust my decisions

Doing this exercise offered me a lot of clarity.

Here’s the thing:

Seeing both my strengths and weaknesses laid out on paper forced me to be honest with myself, which is one of the hardest things to do.

It meant that I was able to identify patterns in my behaviors to think about a strategy going forward. 

You see, I came to realize that my weaknesses all surround self-esteem issues. As such, I was able to think about the changes I needed to make moving forward.

3) Practice positive self-talk

We all have a constant tape running that others can’t hear. 

It’s a tape that others will never hear.

We call this our ‘self-talk’.

Now, some of us have more self-talk than others – but, ultimately, we all have a tape running in our minds. 

What’s more, there isn’t an ‘off’ button for the tape.

It’s constantly playing… 

Sometimes at double speed with a million thoughts at once; sometimes it’s throwing an onslaught of negative things our way; sometimes it’s sharing some helpful ideas.

Either way, it’s always ‘on’.

Even master meditators have unsolicited thoughts that pop into their minds. Trick is, they know how to watch these thoughts pass by like clouds without getting caught up in the storm.

In other words, they observe them without getting sucked in.

But here’s the thing: 

You don’t have to become a monk in order to manage your thoughts. 

There is one powerful strategy you can implement today that will help you find a greater sense of inner strength:

It’s called practicing positive self-talk.

Simply put, it means being conscious about the things we tell ourselves, and not letting negative thoughts about ourselves seep in.

Truth is, negative thoughts drain our inner strength.

I say this as someone who’s been there. 

I’ve been totally controlled by negative thoughts, and I know much it takes away from cultivating your strength. You feel weak and as though you’re not in the driver’s seat of your life.

So what should you do?

Focus on being compassionate and kind to yourself. 

For instance, a person who practices positive self-talk won’t tell themselves that they’re not good enough. Instead, they’ll affirm that they’re doing their best and they’re where they need to be.

Can you see the difference? People with positive self-talk are much more gentle with themselves.

Try it – it has the ability to change your entire reality.

4) Spend time alone 

Wherever you are in the world, it’s fair to say that we live in a noisy world.

Of course, places like Mumbai and New York are louder and busier than other places. 

But it can get just as noisy in our front rooms when we open our phones and start scrolling through social media…

…And we sink our time into looking at others’ curated lives and reading about the things people are doing.

In other words, the noise can be both an external and internal one.

Now, it’s necessary to quieten this down if you are to try and find your inner strength.

You see, all the noise around us distracts us from ourselves.

These distractions don’t allow us to really hear what’s going on internally for ourselves, and they keep us from finding our true power center.

So if you’re seeking to find your sense of inner power, try spending some time alone.

This doesn’t mean you have to take yourself off to a desert island to do this.

It could be just 5 or 10 minutes of ‘you time’ in the beginning before bed, before you work up to spending afternoons alone or even taking yourself on a solo trip… And maybe then you can go to a desert island!

What’s important is that you start getting comfortable with who you are when you’re alone, and you allow yourself the opportunity to see just how capable you are.

Truth is, we’re all far more capable at being alone, and standing on our own two feet, than we realize.

In my experience, it’s a powerful place to be when you come to fully embody this.

5) Avoid comparing yourself with others

How many times have people told you not to compare yourself with others?

I’ve heard it a lot.

The reason for this is because I’ve been someone who has endlessly compared myself.

I’ve spent hours and weeks of my life thinking about my life in comparison to other people…

…And there’s been no limits to who I compare myself to, including friends (old and new), family members, and colleagues.

In truth, it’s been a relentless mission.

It’s only recently that I’ve decided to abandon this mission to focus more on myself and the things I can control in my life. 

Comparison got to a debilitating point for me, where I felt like I couldn’t do anything because I was judging myself so much.

Maybe this sounds similar to you.

It’s the case for a lot of people because we live in a society that sets us up for comparison.

Capitalism runs on comparison, making people feel like they’re fundamentally not good enough.

For instance, the system makes us feel self-conscious about how we look and sound, where we’re at in life and how much money we have.

In my experience, we don’t stop to reflect on this enough and we let conditioning guide our lives.

I started really thinking about the social, cultural and spiritual conditioning that had been guiding my life when I watched shaman Rudá Iandé’s free masterclass.

It dawned on me that I’d been adapting parts of myself to fit in with what around me, but I wasn’t really doing what I wanted to do.

Through this process of unshackling from social conditioning, I’ve started tapping into my full inner strength to learn that there isn’t anything I need to change about who I am.

Here’s the thing:

The world would be incredibly vanilla if we were all clones of one another. 

What’s more, there are enough people that try to do this, so don’t be afraid to try living slightly differently in a way that suits you.

6) View your obstacles as learning opportunities 

I like to think of everyday as another opportunity for growth.

This starts from the moment I wake up to the moment I turn in at night.

The possibilities to learn more about ourselves and the world around us are really endless – if we embrace this idea.

You see, we are totally in control of how we want to perceive the world, and so it’s a choice to decide to see each day as another chance to learn.

In other words, we can choose to find growth and new perspectives in challenging moments and to view obstacles as learning opportunities

This is a powerful perspective shift.

Now, in my experience, it doesn’t come overnight but it’s something you have to be mindful about each and every day – until it becomes second nature.

Eventually, you’ll find your default is one of thinking about what you can learn from a situation that didn’t go to plan.

Truth is, there are endless things we can learn at any given moment.

You’ve probably heard people talking about the ‘school of life’? While this idea is a little cringe, it’s true that we’re all enrolled in a lifelong school.

I like to think that we can take as many classes as we please, each and every day.

It could mean studying for eight hours a day and spending our evenings doing homework, or it could mean skipping classes to hang out with friends and complain.

Simply put, we have the opportunity to learn and study as much as we want… 

…And it’s through doing this that we really start to tap into our inner strength and potential.

7) Focus on this moment

If you’re anything like me, your mind might jump from the past to the future in a nanosecond. 

Maybe you find yourself running through all sorts of scenes from the past in one moment, before going through all sorts of future possibilities. 

Truth is, many people live like this. 

This is because it’s much harder to be in the present moment. It’s hard to quieten the mind and to find stillness. 

Simply put, it takes constant and conscious work to be in the here and now… But it is possible!

Breathwork and meditation are just a couple of techniques that can help anchor you to the present.

As we connect to our breath and we give space for our thoughts, we can check in with how we’re really doing in the moment.

The more we do this, the more we can locate our strength.

In other words, we become more powerful through the process of becoming present; we become more in control of ourselves. 

Now, I recommend spending just 10 or 15 minutes a day with a practice like meditation or breathwork to help ground you.

There are loads of techniques you can use, and loads of people who are super knowledgeable on these subjects.

So don’t be afraid to reach out to others for guidance on how to best do this, which leads to my next point… 

8) Ask for help when you need it 

Suggesting you speak to others when you’re looking to harness your own inner strength might sound strange.

But this is a valid part of the process.

You see, we all have a lot to learn from each other. Many people likely resonate with the things you’re going through right now…

…And they’ll have advice on how you can (re)connect with your power and strength.

Other people will be able to validate how you’re feeling and let you know they see you.

So by reaching out to others, you can shortcut heavy and confusing feelings, and gain advice on how to best navigate your situation.

What’s more, there’s nothing weak about doing this and it doesn’t show that you’re not capable. 

Instead, it shows that you’re courageous enough to ask for help when you need it.

Truth is, you need to have courage to reach out to others and to be honest about the things that are going on for you.

So, next time you find yourself in a spot where you’re struggling or feeling low, send someone a message and let them know a conversation would help you out.

Remember, as I said earlier, every situation and obstacle is another chance for growth and personal development so you can be in your full power.

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