If a man uses these 21 phrases in conversation, he’s still not over his ex

by Paul Brian | February 26, 2024, 11:30 pm

Even though a relationship is over it doesn’t mean that somebody is over their ex.

Getting over somebody is far from a piece of cake.

A man who’s not over his ex may do his best to act like he is and smile through the pain. 

But over time you’ll notice that he usually lets certain things slip. The following phrases show that he’s not over his ex by a long shot. 

1) “My ex and I used to…”

Memories of the times he had with him and his ex are still on his mind

For better or for worse, he can’t forget about these bygone days. 

He’s got his heart and mind focused back on his ex and the times they shared, whether those were good times, bad times or everything in between. 

2) “My ex was really into that as well…”

When a guy talks about interests he shared with his ex, he’s got her on his mind. 

Whatever activity he’s doing or thinking about, it’s reminding him of his ex and the times they shared.

This is natural when he spent a long time and had a close bond with somebody, but at the same time it’s a sign that he’s not over her. 

3) “She always told me I should…”

The voice of his ex is still floating somewhere in his head and in his conscience. 

He’s thinking back on her advice and feeling regretful about whether she was right. 

Did he make the wrong move? Is it too late now to turn to that path? 

4) “She used to hate it when I did that…”

This is similar to the previous phrase, in that he’s thinking about a behavior or habit he had and how much his ex disliked it. 

This phrase could be in a variety of contexts, but one way or another it means he’s still got her on his mind and hasn’t healed yet. 

5) “I think my ex was right about what’s wrong with me…”

She’s still the voice in his head…

In fact, his ex has become his inner critic and haunting memory. 

Whatever it was that went wrong, he’s still beating himself up over it and doubting his value. 

6) “My ex was the funniest person I’ve met…”

This is a very nostalgic comment to make. 

It also implies that whoever is in his life at this time is not as funny or enjoyable to be around as his ex was. 

He wants those good times back. 

7) “My ex loved that food…”

Our sense of smell and taste are deeply linked to the part of our mind that processes memory and sensual desire. 

Thinking back to foods that his ex loved is a way of thinking back to her and his attraction for her

He loved making her feel good and seeing her enjoy food. Now that’s all gone, and he’s not ready to get over it. 

8) “I was looking at old photos with my ex, and…”

This guy is taking a walk down memory lane. 

He’s looking back at the times gone by with his ex and missing her. He’s not over her by a long shot, and each picture just makes the old times come flooding back. 

9) “Certain songs just hit differently because of past relationships, you know?”

Whether he’s missing his ex or just upset and bitter at his ex, this comment shows that he’s very hung up on her still. 

He’s listening to tunes that bring her face back to his imagination. 

He’s not ready to move on.  

10) “You ever wish you could go back to a specific moment in time when things were perfect with somebody?”

The question may be very general, but if there was an especially painful breakup in his past then this is more than likely what it’s referring to. 

He wants to go back, at least back to the golden days of that relationship. 

11) “I’m in this phase of revisiting past chapters and relationships, you know?”

This is an interesting comment, because it refers to this as a “phase.”

Maybe it is, maybe not. 

But either way, he’s far from over his ex and it’s unclear when he will be. 

12) “I’ve been rereading old messages with my ex, and thinking about what they really meant.” 

He’s going back through historic texts and discovering his inner hermeneutic abilities. 

There’s no way to look at this except him being completely tied up still with his ex and the breakup that happened. 

13) “It’s like everyone I meet is just a pale echo of somebody I already loved” 

This is a depressing comment if there ever was one. I know because I’ve said it myself…

When a guy says this there is one or more exes who he’s far from over, and his optimism for the road ahead is also depleted.

14) “This weather always reminds me of that trip my ex and I took…” 

When even the weather is reminding him of his ex, he’s clearly far from over her. 

The clouds and sun themselves are bringing her back to his mind.

As the song says: “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” 

15) “My ex’s friends were really cool, we all just fit together so well”

When a guy says this, he’s not only upset about his ex and what went down, he’s missing the friend group he had with her. 

Those connections he made as a result of that relationship are no longer present, and he’s feeling that lack. 

16) “I’ve been getting really into this genre of films that my ex and I used to watch together”

Maybe he just really likes that genre?

Either way, this is a hearkening back to his ex and to the times they shared together. He’s going back over those past times in cinematographic form. 

He’s far from over her. 

17) “Maybe timing is the only reason my ex and I broke up”

He’s still wondering about what went wrong and why they broke up. 

Maybe they were meant to be but the timing just wasn’t right? This is certainly possible, but it’s not the kind of thing a man considers if he’s over somebody and ready to move on.

18) “Sometimes I wonder if breaking up with my ex was a mistake”

This is a self-doubting thing that a guy may say when he’s still in love or when he’s not doing well in his life post-breakup. 

He’s looking back and thinking about parting ways and he’s wondering if that was the wrong move. 

19) “Our breakup still doesn’t really make sense to me”

The breakup is still on this guy’s mind and he hasn’t made sense of it. 

He’s cut up over what happened and it still weighs on his heart. 

On a related note…

20) “I don’t feel like I ever really got closure with my ex”

This is a way of directly saying that he’s not good with the breakup.

It’s something he never really got over or felt he has closure and true resolution of. 

The wound is still festering.

21) “I wish my ex would give me a second chance, but I know it won’t happen”

This is a painful emotion that he can’t get over. 

He still has feelings for his ex, and he wishes that a second chance would come around, even though it’s not in the cards. 

All of the above are indicative of a man who’s still struggling with a breakup and not really ready to make a clean break and move on.

The above signs are certainly pointing to the fact that this guy isn’t over his ex yet. 

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