If someone displays these 11 behaviors, they have high emotional intelligence

by Brendan Brown | June 9, 2024, 5:16 pm

Ever met someone who just seems to “get” people? 

They understand feelings, handle tough situations with ease, and build strong connections effortlessly. 

Chances are, they have high emotional intelligence (EQ). 

In this short article, we’ll explore four key behaviors that indicate someone has a remarkable level of EQ. 

So, keep reading to find out if you or someone you know might be someone with a high emotional intelligence!

1) Empathy

You know you’ve encountered someone with high emotional intelligence when they show genuine empathy

I remember my friend who always seemed to know when I was feeling down, even before I said a word. They’d offer a comforting shoulder or just listen, no judgment. 

That’s empathy in action. 

This means high EQ folks like my friend can put themselves in others’ shoes, feeling what they feel. 

They don’t just hear your words; they understand your emotions. If someone in your life does this, they’ve got the first hallmark of emotional intelligence down pat.

2) Exceptional self-awareness

People with high emotional intelligence have a knack for knowing themselves inside and out. 

Instead of coasting through life on autopilot, they take time to reflect. Moreso, they can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses with precision. 

This self-awareness helps them make better decisions, understand how their actions affect others, and continuously grow. 

So, if someone you know is self-aware to a tee, they’re showing another sign of having high EQ.

3) High self-control

One surprising trait of high emotional intelligence (EQ) is their ability to control their emotions, especially in tense situations. 

You might think, “Shouldn’t they express what they feel?” 

Well, yes and no.

While they understand their emotions, they also know when to rein them in. 

It’s not that they’re emotionless robots – they just know how to control their emotions, even in the most tense situations.

4) Ability to receive feedback gracefully

Here’s the truth about people with high emotional intelligence – they aren’t afraid to hear the hard stuff.

They welcome feedback like it’s a golden ticket to self-improvement. They don’t get defensive or avoid criticism. Instead, they soak it in, chew it over, and use it to grow. 

It might sound tough, but if someone you know can take criticism with grace and gratitude, they’re displaying a remarkable level of EQ.

5) Good understanding of social dynamics

Contrary to what you might believe, high emotional intelligence isn’t just about one-on-one interactions – it’s about tackling the intricate web of social dynamics.

In fact, people with high EQ can often tell when someone’s lying just by picking up on subtle cues like body language and tone of voice.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

People with high EQ effortlessly read group dynamics, diffuse tension, and build harmonious connections in diverse settings.

So, if you’ve got a friend who can walk into any room and make everyone feel comfortable, they’ve got a social skill that hints at their impressive emotional intelligence.

6) Kindness that runs deep

Having high emotional intelligence means having a deep understanding emotions, but often, it also means using this ability to understand to spread kindness. 

This means having high EQ means to have a genuine, empathetic heart that makes them a safe haven for others;

To be quick to offer support, lend an ear, or extend a helping hand when someone’s in need.

What’s more, the kindness of someone with a high EQ isn’t conditional. 

They don’t just show empathy to friends; they extend it to strangers, animals, and the world around them. They have compassion that knows no bounds. 

7) A talent for conflict resolution

Ever wish you had a friend who could magically solve every argument or disagreement? 

Well, those friends might just have a high level of emotional intelligence. They don’t shy away from conflicts; they embrace them with open arms, ready to find common ground.

What’s their secret?

They’re skilled communicators. They listen actively, acknowledge different viewpoints, and find solutions that leave everyone feeling heard and respected.

So, if you’ve got someone in your life who can turn a heated debate into a peaceful discussion, you’re witnessing the power of emotional intelligence in action.

8) Adaptability

Adaptability is a remarkable trait found in people with high emotional intelligence. They can navigate through life’s unpredictable twists and turns without breaking a sweat. 

For instance, they handle sudden changes at work, like last-minute project shifts, or unexpected crises, with remarkable ease.

They can swiftly adjust to new circumstances and bouncing back from setbacks. They view change and challenges as opportunities for personal growth and development. 

9) Positive outloook on life

Ever met someone who seems to be a perpetual ray of sunshine, wherever they go? 

That’s a classic sign of high emotional intelligence. These folks have an infectious positivity that brightens up any room they walk into.

It’s because they don’t only see the silver lining in every cloud – they practically wear it as a badge of honor. 

Their optimism is like a magnet, attracting good vibes and uplifting everyone they interact with. 

So, if you have a friend who can turn a gloomy day into a sunny adventure, you’ve got yourself a prime example of emotional intelligence spreading joy wherever they go.

10) Strong sense of self-responsibility

High emotional intelligence (EQ) isn’t all rainbows and unicorns; it’s also about taking full responsibility for one’s actions and emotions. 

These people don’t play the blame game or make excuses. When they mess up, they own it.

When they’re upset, they don’t point fingers; they address their feelings head-on. It’s a no-nonsense approach to life. 

So if you know someone who doesn’t shy away from accountability and isn’t afraid to face their own shortcomings, you’re witnessing emotional intelligence in its raw and unapologetic form.

11) Generous heart and helping hand

High emotional intelligence (EQ) is often accompanied by a generous spirit. They have a deep well of empathy and a genuine desire to help others. 

They’re the ones who’ll go the extra mile to support a friend in need or volunteer their time for a good cause.

What sets them apart is their authentic caring nature. They don’t help because it’s expected; they do it because they truly care. 

They consistently extend a helping hand, and it truly makes the world a kinder and better place to live in. 

Final thoughts

From empathy and self-awareness to adaptability and accountability, we’ve explored eleven behaviors that reveal the presence of high emotional intelligence in a person.

But remember, emotional intelligence is not an all-or-nothing quality; it’s a spectrum. We can all enhance our EQ by cultivating these behaviors in our lives.

So, whether you’ve recognized these traits in yourself or in the people around you, know that emotional intelligence is a skill worth nurturing, for it has the potential to transform lives and make the our lives a lot more meaningful and fulfilling.

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