if someone displays these 11 behaviors, they’re a genuinely respectful person

by Isabel Cabrera | April 24, 2024, 7:12 pm

When we see someone who’s generally perceived as a good person, some of us can’t help but have a gut feeling that they’re not as good as people make them out to be.

We wonder: is this person genuinely respectful, or are they just good at putting on a show?

Well, we’re here to help you answer which is which. 

Below, we’ll talk about the signs that reveal if someone is a genuinely respectful person.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1) They really listen to you

Ever had a conversation with someone and felt like you’re just talking to the wall? A person who respects you will never make you feel this way.

Instead, they’ll listen — and I mean really listen. Not just nodding their heads while their mind is somewhere else.

They make eye contact, respond appropriately, and never interrupt when you’re speaking.

That’s because they value your opinions and thoughts.

So if someone is always all ears when you speak, it’s a clear sign they genuinely respect you.

2) They value your time

Respectful people understand that your time is precious.

They won’t keep you waiting without a good reason, and if they do, they’ll apologize sincerely.

They don’t cancel plans at the last minute or show up late just because they can.

Instead, they make sure to be punctual and honor the commitments they’ve made to you.

So if someone is consistently considerate of your time, it’s a pretty surefire sign that they truly respect you.

3) They show empathy towards you

A genuinely respectful person is also empathetic.

This means they can understand and share your feelings, even if they haven’t been in your shoes. They will be supportive especially in your most challenging moments.

They won’t just throw out generic advice or empty platitudes. Instead, they will listen and empathize with your situation, showing genuine concern and offering help wherever they could.

They understand that empathy makes people feel understood and less alone during difficult times — and that’s what respect looks like in action.

4) They respect your boundaries

Respect is all about understanding and honoring personal space and boundaries.

And guess what? It’s the people who respect boundaries that are more likely to be trusted and liked by others.

This is because a respectful person will never push you into sharing more than you’re comfortable with or pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

They understand that ‘no’ means ‘no’, not ‘convince me’.

So if someone in your life always respects your boundaries, it’s a big thumbs up that they truly respect you.

5) They celebrate your successes

A genuinely respectful person won’t feel threatened or envious when you succeed.

Instead, they’ll be one of your biggest supporters, celebrating your victories as if they were their own.

They understand that your success doesn’t diminish their own worth or achievements. Instead of trying to one-up you or diminish your accomplishments, they’ll be genuinely happy for you.

This kind of behavior speaks volumes about their respect for you. It shows that they value you and are secure enough in themselves to celebrate your success wholeheartedly.

6) They speak highly of you to others

A genuinely respectful person won’t badmouth you behind your back.

So if you want to test if someone truly respects you, observe the way they talk to others about you.

If they share your personal stories as if they’re gossip material, or if they badmouth you behind your back, they don’t respect you.

But if they shower you with praises and show how proud they are of you even when you’re not in the room, they respect you wholeheartedly.

Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world?

7) They’re honest with you

Respect isn’t about always telling you what you want to hear. 

A genuinely respectful person will tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s tough.

They won’t sugarcoat the truth or feed you lies just to keep you happy. Instead, they’ll be honest with you because they respect you enough to believe that you can handle the truth.

Sure, it might sting sometimes, but a respectful person knows that honesty is often the best policy.

8) They treat everyone equally

Genuine respect isn’t selective.

A respectful person won’t just be nice to the boss or someone they want to impress. They’ll treat everyone with the same level of decency, whether it’s the CEO or the janitor.

In fact, how a person treats seemingly insignificant people in their lives is a crucial test of character.

So, if you notice someone treating everyone around them with kindness and respect, you’ve got a genuinely respectful person on your hands.

9) They respect themselves

You know, I’ve learned that you can’t genuinely respect others if you don’t respect yourself first.

My grandma used to say, “Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you,” and she was spot on.

This is because a truly respectful person knows their worth, sets healthy boundaries, and doesn’t let others walk all over them.

They’re responsible for their actions and own up to their mistakes. Seeing someone respect themselves is a clear sign they know how to respect others too.

10) They don’t take you for granted

Let’s get real. Anyone who genuinely respects you won’t take you for granted.

They won’t just expect you to always be there, doing things for them without a thank you.

Instead, they’ll appreciate your efforts, big or small, and express gratitude for your time and help. If they don’t, it’s time to question if they truly respect you.

11) They don’t make you feel small

Last but definitely not least, a respectful person will never belittle you or make you feel less than.

They won’t undermine your confidence or mock your dreams just to make themselves feel bigger or better.

Instead, they’ll uplift you and inspire you to reach for the stars. If someone consistently makes you feel good about yourself, that’s respect right there.

Final words

These signs can sometimes be hard to find, but when you do, you’ll see the people who truly respect you — and perhaps cut off the ones that don’t.

Keep an eye out for these behaviors and surround yourself with people who treat you with the respect you deserve.

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