If someone displays these 9 behaviors, they’re extremely perceptive

by Isabel Cabrera | July 14, 2024, 4:36 pm

Have you ever met someone who seems to have a sixth sense?

Those who often easily pick up on things that others usually miss? 

It seems like they’re always a step ahead because of how well they read others and how strong their intuition is.

Anyone come to mind? 

Well, that person’s probably extremely perceptive—and they usually share some behaviors that often go unnoticed.

Want to know what these behaviors are? Read more below to find out.

1) Being detail-oriented

Perceptive people have a knack for spotting the smallest things that others might miss. 

They can sense the subtle change in your mood, the smile you force to make people think you’re fine, or even the sadness you try to hide when you’re around your other friends. 

They notice it because they’re powerful perception allows them to be detail-oriented, which is how they sense the most subtle changes in your mood

They see it from your body language, the way you speak and interact with others, and sometimes, from what they gather when they listen to you. 

2) Listening actively

If you’re struggling, it’s your extremely perceptive friend that consoles you best.

They actively listen to what you have to say, and even if they don’t say anything sometimes. 

There’s just a feeling of understanding that exists between that doesn’t have to be spoken.

That’s truly one of the best types of comfort anyone who’s struggling can possibly get. 

It makes you feel like they truly get you, and you don’t have to explain yourself too much or feel the need to justify your emotions to be understood.

3) Practicing empathy

Extremely perceptive people are one of the only people out there that feel empathy on a deeper level than most of us do.

They can feel what you’re feeling without you saying a word. They feel your hurt almost as much as you do. They celebrate your joys as if they’re their own. 

If a friend makes you feel this way, they’re extremely perceptive.

They never fail to make you feel seen and heard, because they just know how to relate to you so effortlessly.

4) Always being curious

Extremely erceptive people are naturally curious. 

When they talk to other people, they don’t just listen to respond—they listen to ask questions and to understand you better.

It’s so easy to have meaningful conversations with them because they just know the right things to ask. 

They make you feel like the most interesting person in the world, because it’s as if they can’t get enough of you with their questions.

5) Knowing how to easily adapt

An extremely perceptive person adjusts very well in new places.

Of course, it can feel uncomfortable at first, but soon enough, they’ll easily make friends and know the place so well it’s almost like they’ve been living there their whole lives.

They easily pick up on the social cues, the unwritten rules, and the overall ambience of the place. 

This adaptability helps them navigate different situations effortlessly, which helps them feel comfortable anywhere they are.

6) Being able to read the room

Have you ever been with someone who just can’t “read the room?” 

The type that never seems to notice how people are feeling, and would just do what they want without considering others? 

Extremely perceptive people aren’t like that.

They can sense tension, discomfort, joy, or enthusiasm in a room full of people. 

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for them, but most of the time, it helps them easily make their way around different people and places. 

7) Being highly intuitive

Everyone has that one friend who always seem to have a “gut feeling” about things that often turns out to be accurate.

It’s so scary, isn’t it? How do they always somehow predict what’s going to happen? 

Well, that’s the intuition of an extremely perceptive person at work. 

Because they can easily read their surroundings, their intuition is always right. 

They can sense when someone has pure intentions or ulterior motives, and their intuition warns them to stay away from dangerous people and situations.

So if you have a friend with a strong intuition, make sure to always listen to them.

8) Remembering the little things

When someone remembers the little things about us, it makes us feel so special.

Like how did you even remember something so small about me? Something I already forgot I even told you?

If you have a friend like this, chances are they’re extremely perceptive.

They’re the ones who give the most thoughtful, most meaningful gifts because they have great memory for the details, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

That’s how they care about the people around them. They do it so well it’s almost effortless.

9) Being insightful

When you ask an extremely perceptive people for advice, you would probably get a really good one.

While some people might tell you something you need to do is “so easy” or something you should have no trouble doing, an extremely perceptive person is insightful enough to give good advice and validate your struggles.

Even when it comes to meeting new people, they can already read them and understand what they might be going through behind the scenes. 

That’s because they’re able to pick up on body language, tone, and other cues that reveal a lot about someone’s personality and intentions.

It’s this ability to see and understand people so easily that makes extremely perceptive people so rare and special.

Final thoughts

Extremely perceptive people are some of the best people you could possibly meet.

They tend to understand others on a deep level, which never fails to make us feel seen and heard every time you talk to them.

They give the most insightful advice, the most meaningful gifts for their friends’ birthdays, and the best comfort for any loved one who might be struggling.

So when you encounter someone who displays these behaviors, you’re witnessing a person with an extraordinary ability to perceive and understand the world around them.

Never take them for granted, because someone who could understand you as much as an extremely perceptive people can is truly hard to find.

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