If someone displays these 11 behaviors, they’re secretly intelligent

by Tina Fey | April 14, 2024, 4:36 pm

Intelligence comes in many different forms.

We have people who can process information like lightning. Coming up with connections and discovering patterns like no other.

We also have people who have infinite emotional wisdom, and can understand people better than they can understand themselves.

Or there are people who are as cunning as they are evasive – making genius something you feel suspicious of.

Here to dig deep into the art of flying under the radar are 11 signs that someone might be more intelligent than they lead on.

1) They know how to value themselves

Intelligent people understand how infinite life’s possibilities are, while acknowledging that there is a finite element to it as well.

And when you give yourself enough time to marinate in that reality, you realize that to value yourself, is to love yourself.

Making self-love the most valuable motivation for why you do what you do.

There’s an element of strength involved in understanding this that requires a person to process their experiences totally. 

Radical acceptance being a byproduct of this!

So while they might not boast around talking about how much they love themselves, you’ll be able to tell by the way they invest their time and energy.

With a sense of freedom, precision, and meaning.

2) They have good time management

I’m not talking about time management skills where you effectively get to places on time.

Although that’s pretty impressive, too!

But rather, how intelligent people understand that life is a combination of what you invest your time and energy into.

That you can say “no” at any time in life! Then use your instincts to find solutions where there seem to be none by thoroughly understanding what you’re working with.

For example, the person who works smarter – not harder – by deviating from the traditional path that most people take because they are tried and true.

Instead, they most likely maximized their skills, learned how to market themselves, and chose to do something that wouldn’t exhaust them to oblivion.

Or something like that!

This way, they could spend their free time exploring other interests while taking advantage of the system.

3) They have strong social tact

Self-awareness is a well-known sign of intelligence.

Something I’ve noticed as an avid observer of other human beings, is that people who know their worth know just what to disclose.

As well as know what kind of connections they’re looking for.

Which speaks on how they are able to navigate social situations in a way where they can get exactly what they need.

All the while maintaining healthy boundaries that make people feel respected. And I don’t mean that they necessarily use people. 

But when you know how to connect with finesse, you just know what to say in order to build meaningful bonds.

Take a minute from admiring their charm and you’ll see how captivating emotional intelligence can be.

4) They make you feel heard and seen

Effective communication skills are a great way to express one’s understanding of themselves.

Beyond emotional intelligence, I think there is so much power in a person who knows when to listen and when to speak up.

It requires a level of confidence that doesn’t seek to control because they don’t need your validation.

A lot of intelligent people are also able to simplify complex ideas. 

For example, they are able to repeat back to you a problem you may have with a different perspective in order to help you understand yourself better.

Which is also how they put you at ease so that they can understand what your motives or intentions are.

You may not notice that they have gotten you to be vulnerable with them, making their empathy strategically outshine their intelligence.

5) They find comfort in silence

In a world filled with constant noise, intelligence finds solace in silence.

Individuals who are comfortable with introspection and reflection recognize the value of quiet moments to process their thoughts.

This ability to embrace silence allows them to really understand what they need, and with practice, is what allows them to be so adaptable.

It’s also how they have an air of self-respect that doesn’t wish to do anything mindlessly.

For example, choosing to sit in silence instead of gossipping to fill the space. Or waiting to act instead of being under the influence of emotions.

This inner peace provides their intuition the perfect space to be loud and clear.

6) They trust their gut feelings

Intelligence isn’t solely about analytical thinking or making the best out of what you know.

It extends to intuitive understanding that can only happen when you keep an open-mind to welcome in new possibilities.

It’s how the scientists and geniuses of our history were able to be so innovative!

Someone who trusts their gut feeling has mastered the skill that allows them to tap into a wealth of knowledge.

Whether it’s through meditation or not, it’s that big Aries energy. Also known as the Fool’s Advantage, where they are a blank page – capable of anything.

So the next time you see someone who dives head first into complex situations with nothing but themselves, remember that they know a lot more than they even think.

Expressing a genius that goes beyond reasoning with remarkable accuracy.

7) They are humble

But it’s hard to humble them.

Which makes them excellent collaborators that don’t push their ideas on to others, nor do they allow others to be pushed upon.

This requires intelligence because you must be open-minded enough to know that you don’t know everything.

While also understanding that anyone who tries to humble you is projecting their own limitations.

It’s a delicate balance that showcases not only intellectual prowess, but also empathy. A healthy ego, if you will.

For example, in a work setting, this is the person who is seldom stubborn and confrontational in group projects. They most likely go with the flow and they may not say much. 

But when they do, it brings life to the entire project like no one knew it could.

8) They have a great sense of humor

And can hold in a laugh, too!

A sharp wit is often indicative of intelligence because it requires a high level of self-awareness to make certain observations.

There’s just something about humor that allows us to perceive complex situations with ease and a giggle. 

On a planet filled with contradictions, diversity, beauty and destruction, it’s the only way to fully grasp any sort of universal truth, don’t you think?

Like a real-life wizard, there’s nothing like the attitude of a person who can laugh at themselves better than anyone else.

For a lack of a better word, people who know the healing properties of a laugh just get it.

9) They adapt to various situations with grace

Adaptability is a sign of intelligence that speaks to a person’s ability to navigate diverse environments.

This capacity to adjust like a chameleon will make them look suave and chill. But make no mistake, embracing change takes a lot of faith in yourself.

And it’s incredibly wise to see them as opportunities to grow.

It’s also a sign that they have a lot of self-control to be able to overlook any emotional responses that arise in the body when unexpected things happen.

Almost like they know something that the rest of us don’t!

Most likely they do, because their minds have collected new information to create a sense of familiarity wherever they are.

10) They are hard to overwhelm or anger

Emotional resilience is an aspect of intelligence that isn’t as talked about.

But these are the kinds of people who remain composed under pressure, even if they are being pressed by someone to react.

Because it takes strong discernment to realize that a person’s motives speak more than their words. 

And another person’s motives are rarely personal.

This is another way confidence and intelligence intersect because not allowing your ego to take over and react immediately takes a healthy self-esteem.

As well as the ability to know what’s worth it and what’s not in the long run.

11) They consider long-term consequences

A part of excellent pattern recognition is being able to understand how your choices might unfold with time.

And a part of strategic thinking is considering how sharing your plans and ideas mindlessly can influence these plans.

This foresight helps them make decisions that align with their goals and values. Instead of wanting immediate results that might not pan out sustainably.

Almost like a mastermind, this is the person who doesn’t have much to share and then pops out with a brand new project that they completed.

At a glance, intelligence can make a person appear elusive. 

They’re hard to understand unless you really take the time to take them in.

But once you do, there’s just that much more mystery because they seem to be as warm as they are sharp.

Or as quick as they are patient.

They are everything they need to be for themselves and aren’t afraid of the strength they have within.

Like they’re from their own planet where everything is a choice, and anyone can be a genius.

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