If someone displays these 10 traits, they’re a really genuine person

by Brendan Brown | May 1, 2024, 12:41 pm

One of the hardest things about human relationships is that we can’t read each other’s minds.

That makes it hard to ever truly know how other people feel about us. It also makes it hard to know if others are being honest with us.

But while we may not have the psychic ability to read another person’s intentions off the surface of their brain, we can read how they feel through their behaviors.

In a world that seems more and more in love with fakes, a genuine person is a real pleasure to be around.

And if someone displays these traits, it’s a good indication that you’re dealing with a truly genuine person who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

1) They are consistent

Here’s the thing about fakes: sooner or later, they get found out.

No one can keep up an act forever. And eventually, you’ll start to notice the signs of a fake person.

For example:

Genuine people are the opposite of all that.

A person who is true to themselves is always the same. What you see is what you get.

That’s why consistency is a sure way to spot the real people from the fakes.

2) They are honest

Look, we all tell the odd little white lie from time to time.

Sometimes, people don’t really want to know the truth, even when they say they do. Sometimes, a harmless lie can help keep everyone happy.

But genuine people keep their lies to a minimum.

That’s because they feel no need to be anyone except who they are. 

They are completely at ease with themselves, and don’t fall into the trap of trying to get people to like them by giving a false impression of themselves.

Also, they respect other people too much to try and fool them with lies.

With a genuine person, you can count on getting the truth, both about themselves and about the way they see the world.

3) They admit mistakes

It’s not always easy to admit mistakes. Often, admitting we are wrong brings us into conflict with our ego and makes us worry that we will appear foolish.

That’s why some people have a hard time admitting when they are wrong. They think that being open about their mistakes makes them look weak.

On the other hand, genuine people know that admitting mistakes actually makes you stronger.

Admitting mistakes lets you learn from them. It also lets other people know that you recognize you’ve fallen short and are willing to work to make sure it never happens again.

Plus, genuine people are comfortable in themselves and their own value. They aren’t worried that admitting a mistake will make them seem bad in other people’s eyes.

In fact, it often makes them even more admirable and likable.

4) They live by their values

You don’t have to share other people’s values. But you have to respect someone who sticks to their values – especially if they are not popular.

Fake people choose what to believe based on what everyone else does. 

Whether it’s the media telling them how they should feel or the people they surround themselves with, these people shape their views – whether political, religious, or personal – around what other people think.

Genuine people don’t do that.

That doesn’t mean they deliberately pick controversial views to argue with other people. And it definitely doesn’t mean that their views never change.

In fact, because genuine people don’t mistake their views for their identity, they are often more ready than others to change their opinions when new information makes it necessary.

But genuine people hold to their views and their values quite strongly. And more than that, they live by them.

That means that if they believe in kindness, they will show kindness to others in their daily lives. If they believe in individual freedom, they will defend the freedom of other people, not just their own.

In other words, the way that people live shows you how genuine they are about the beliefs they hold.

5) They are open-minded

Like I said, genuine people live by their values. But those values are subject to change.

Genuine people are always open-minded and willing to appreciate the viewpoints of others.

That’s because they have a strong sense of self which isn’t threatened by finding out that they might be wrong about something.

Instead, when a genuine person meets someone they can learn something from, they are happy to learn and change their views and opinions if necessary.

Because they know that deep down, changing how they see the world does not mean changing who they are.

6) They are generous

Fake people may tell you they care about you. But genuine people show it in the way that they treat you.

Genuine people are almost always generous. It may be with their money, their time, or their expertise. But they are never afraid to share what they have to improve the lives of everyone around them.

That’s because they know that it’s a better world when we all help each other. And because they don’t operate out of a scarcity mindset, they are never afraid to share whatever they have to offer.

7) They do what they say

This may seem like a simple thing, but it’s a sure sign of a truly genuine person.

People who are true to themselves are also true to others. That means they keep promises and honor commitments.

It could be as simple as showing up to meet you when they said they would. Maybe it’s helping you with a project at work, or going with you to an event they said they would attend.

It can also mean keeping promises such as giving up smoking or going to the gym with you.

Whatever it is, for a genuine person, their word is their bond.

It’s one of the easiest ways to tell that a person is being true about themselves.

8) They don’t worry about what others think

It’s human nature to get some of our self-esteem from how others see us. But genuine people are more self-directed.

That means they get their sense of self-worth from their own assessment of their accomplishments and achievements.

In other words, they care less what other people think.

That doesn’t mean they are rude or dismissive of other people. But it does mean that the opinions of others are never going to change their behavior.

As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, genuine people see no reason to change just because others don’t like the way they are.

It might be the way they dress. It might be the way they talk. It might be what they do for living, where they live, or the kind of car they drive. 

Regardless, genuine people see no need to change anything about themselves just because other people don’t like it.

9) They aren’t afraid to look silly

Not caring what other people think means genuine people have no fear of occasionally looking silly.

Recently, I was on vacation with a friend. Neither of us speak the language of the country we were in very well, and that made me reluctant to talk to anyone, not wanting to sound stupid.

That didn’t bother my friend at all.

She would happily go up to anyone and ask them a question in the few words of the local language she had, combined with English and lots of smiles.

And invariably, she got a good reaction.

Since they aren’t bothered by what others think of them, genuine people don’t mind looking silly. That can also make them some of the most fun people to be around.

10) They don’t take themselves too seriously

Finally, genuine people are able to laugh at themselves.

Because they are able to admit mistakes and analyze their own flaws and weaknesses, genuine people often have a great sense of humor. They know that ultimately, they are not perfect and never will be, and they can see the funny side when they mess up.

That means genuine people often have a very thick skin and engage in self-deprecating humor.

The joy of genuine people

As you can see from this list, genuine people are a joy to be around. Not easily offended, they are generous, empathetic, and honest.

No wonder meeting a truly genuine person is such a joy.

Keep an eye out for these traits, because they can point out a genuine person. And as you can imagine, these are the kind of people who make life a lot more pleasant for all of us.

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