If someone displays these 8 traits, they’re probably a really likable person

by Amy Reed | March 27, 2024, 9:03 pm

Have you ever wondered what makes someone so likable? Like why everyone just seems to get along really well with that girl at school or that guy at work?

Well, being likable usually comes down to the personality traits you have. Certain traits just make a person way more likable than the rest.

If you’re likable, you probably have these traits already. If you want to be more likable, this is the cheat sheet to get you there!

Up first:

1) They like things to be fair

I love things to be fair. That doesn’t mean we have to spend the same amount of money on each other in a relationship. Or give each other the exact same things in a friendship.

It just has to feel like we’re being fair about things. Like if you drive and I pay for the parking. The amount we’ve spent won’t necessarily be the same. But it feels like a fair way of dealing with the situation.

In my experience, people who like things to be fair are just very likable – and the reason why is pretty obvious. Because it feels like they’re being fair with you!

You never feel like you’re being taken advantage of or abused. Instead, you feel respected, which is the main reason why these people are so likable.

2) They’re brave and stand up for themselves (and others)

One time, I was in a supermarket. A guy was shouting at the person stocking the shelves. Another person stepped in and asked the store clerk for help. When the angry person tried to butt in, they told them they were being rude and to step away.

Another time, I was in a meeting and a coworker was being insulted by the boss. They held their own and stuck up for themselves in a calm, considered way.

Both are examples of people being brave. Which isn’t an easy thing to do. But when you stand up for yourself and others like this, it makes you very likable.

I mean, we all liked our coworker way more for standing up to the boss in the way that they did. And I know for sure that everyone else in the aisle at the supermarket liked the person who stepped in!

3) They’re kind, caring, thoughtful, and polite

This one is probably pretty obvious, but it still needs to be said. Because it isn’t easy to be kind, caring, thoughtful, and polite all the time (I know that for a fact!).

But it’s admirable and extremely likable in a person.

Think about it this way:

You’re walking towards a door, and someone holds it open for you. That’s polite of them. Or you’re holding the door for them, and they say, “Thanks!”. That’s polite too.

Or you’re crying at work. Someone you don’t know comes over to you, offers you a tissue, and asks if you want to talk about it. That’s very caring of them.

Or you casually mentioned to a friend that you’re moving on Friday. On the Saturday, they text asking how the move went. And a card shows up in your mailbox a few days later. That’s very thoughtful.

When someone does any or all of these things for you, you probably like them a whole lot for it. And feel grateful for how well they’re treating you.

4) They’re grateful and appreciative

Did you know that appreciative people are happier in life?

Studies have found that people who express gratitude often feel more positive, have better health, and develop stronger relationships with people around them.

Which is why if you want to be happy in life, most self-help articles will recommend practicing gratitude every single time!

So it’s probably pretty easy to see why grateful people are more likable.

Imagine riding a bus with someone who points out how beautiful the sky looks. Or going for a walk with someone who frequently comments on how nice the scenery is.

Or just grabbing a coffee with someone who keeps saying “Thanks” when you do the smallest of things for them!

These people feel good to be around, right? So it makes sense that you probably like them a whole lot more!

5) They’re easy to trust

Trust is one of the most important things you need for a relationship or friendship to work. When the trust is gone, it’s often gone for good.

I know that when someone (like a friend, ex-boyfriend, or even a coworker) breaks my trust, I’ll never feel the same way about them again – ever!

Yet people who are trustworthy and deliver on their promises always sit high on my list of likable people.

The same goes for someone who comes across as trustworthy. Like if they have a warm nature and are a good listener.

6) They’re honest when they need to be

I always think that “honesty” is a difficult trait to place on the good-bad scale. It can be a good trait, but it can also be a bad trait.

Which is why the most likable people are honest when they need to be. Which means they also bend the truth when they need to…

Like if you ask them their honest opinion, you know they’ll give it, and you value the fact that they’ve been straight with you.

But they won’t be honest when they know the consequences are bad if they are…

Like if someone asked, “What do you think?” when it comes to their outfit or new hairstyle. If you don’t like it, what good will telling them do?

Not a lot of good, I’d imagine. It’d just make them feel down or insecure about it. So you might say, “It looks great!” because that’s the kind thing to do.

I met someone who was always honest in these situations, and it used to go down like a lead balloon. Just because he wanted to be honest, that didn’t mean it was always nice to be so honest. And it definitely didn’t make him very well-liked!

Do you see what I mean? Honesty is tricky. But it’s a trait that can make you very likable when you use it right!

7) They’re punctual and never late

Did you know that being late to social occasions is one of the main reasons people end friendships?

The people of Reddit feel very strongly about this one, and most contributors say they’ll happily end a friendship if someone is late one too many times!

Everyone runs late every now and then. But I’m a firm believer that when you’re late all the time, you don’t care that much about other people.

From experience, I know that when someone leaves me waiting all the time, it makes me feel like they don’t respect my time. Especially when they don’t even apologize for being so late!

Which leads us nicely to how likable people are also…

8) They’re apologetic when they need to be

You know those people who say, “Sorry” all the time? What do you think of them?

Some people think they’re “weak” and maybe even insecure. But it’s actually very strong, brave, and admirable to apologize often.

If you’re someone who apologizes all the time, it might be hard to believe that some people find this very, very hard to do. But, trust me, they do!

Some people simply can’t apologize. Their pride always gets in the way of them saying sorry or owning up to being wrong. And it can severely impact their relationships (and not in a good way).

Sure, there is such a thing as being “too” apologetic. Which is often a sign you might have low self-esteem

But when you apologize at considered, much-needed times, you’re probably a very likable person – not to mention a better person, too!

Final thoughts

Being likable is an extremely good thing to be. It can help you get ahead at school and work. It can also help you build better relationships with people and have more friends!

But these traits are usually quite hard to come by in a person. Few people can withstand being kind, polite, integral, and respectful all the time.

Which is what makes a person with these traits that much more easy to get along with!

So if you recognize these traits in yourself, you’re probably way more likable than you realize. And they might be the reason you have so many good friends!

If you don’t think you’re a likable person, giving these things a try is a good place to start. Because once you nail them, you can become a more genuine person who people want to be around – which is always a good thing in life!

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