If you display these 9 behaviors, you’re emotionally stronger than you realize

by Amy Reed | December 1, 2023, 2:25 am

Do people always tell you how strong you are? Or do you just have this niggling feeling that you’re actually pretty amazing? (There’s no shame in that!).

Or are you the complete opposite – sitting here feeling rough about yourself because you don’t think you’re as strong as you actually are?

Whatever brings you here, you might be a whole lot stronger than you realize! How do we know? Well, it’s all in your behavior.

If you frequently display any of these 9, you’re way stronger emotionally than you think!

Up first:

1) You take things on the chin

“It is what it is” is something you always think to yourself when you’re emotionally strong. Why? Because you are the Queen/King of taking things on the chin!

Few things really get to you. And even if they do bother you a little bit, they don’t bring you down for days and days and weeks and weeks.

When you make a mistake at work, you reflect on it, learn from it, and brush it off as a learning experience. When you fail an exam, you might not be happy about it, but you immediately start thinking about what you can do next.

Whatever it is, you can move past it as quickly as it happens. Without, of course, pretending that it never happened at all. There’s a big difference there…

2) You look for the positives in most things

My boyfriend is always telling me that I do this. I never realized it until he said it.

Apparently, I’m always saying, “[Thing] was bad, but it’s good that [thing] happened though!”. Or “[Event] might not be fun, but [thing] might make it good!”.

Even when “bad” things have happened in the past, I still (apparently!) talk about the good that came from it or what I learned.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Thinking that something good could come from going to an event you don’t want to go to? Or reflecting on something in the past and remembering (plus appreciating!) the good that came from it?

If so, you’re emotionally strong. According to my boyfriend, there’s no doubt about it!

3) You start every day fresh again

What do you do after you’ve had a bad day at school or work? Do you think to yourself, “Today was terrible, but tomorrow will be better”? If so, this is a surefire sign that you’re emotionally strong!

Every day is an opportunity to begin again. It’s a chance to start afresh and do/be better than you were yesterday. Even if today was really, really, awful, tomorrow doesn’t have to be, too.

At least, that’s how you feel when you’re emotionally strong.

Some people aren’t like this. When they have a bad day, they write off the entire week. Some write off the entire year. I’ve even seen a friend write off her entire twenties at age 25 – and trust me, she wasn’t joking!

It takes strength to commit to turning the day or week around (or the year). And it’s something that just comes naturally to you when you’re a strong person.

4) You don’t (often) give up

“Giving up” is a relatively easy thing to do. For example, it’s easier to not go to the gym than it is to go. It’s also easier to slip back into old habits than to keep going with new ones.

But when you have emotional strength, “giving up” isn’t something you do very often.

Of course, sometimes you have to give up when things aren’t working out.

Like a friend of mine always wanted to be an actress. When she’d been trying for years to “make it” and realized it wasn’t working, she tried a different path (and loved it, by the way!).

But otherwise, strong people don’t give up on things. When you start something, you commit to it. Even if it’s a new career path, goal, or hobby, you commit to giving it a good go before deciding it’s not for you. Because you ain’t a quitter!

Which leads us nicely to how…

5) You believe in yourself

There’s another reason why you don’t give up on things easily. It’s because you believe in yourself. You might not say it out loud very often, but you believe you’re destined for greatness!

You believe you’re a great person who can achieve great things. And you believe that you really can do anything you put your mind to (if you really want to, that is).

Sometimes you might have your moments where you think, “I can’t do this!” or “Maybe I’m not good enough to make this work…”.

But those are just moments. And they are moments you’re always able to get passed.

The reason you can do that is because your strong mindset forces you to. Your inner voice is stronger than your inner critic, and it wins these battles every time!

6) You know your limits

Remember when I said about my friend who quit her dream of becoming an actress? Well, that was because she knew her limits.

There was nothing “weak” about her making that decision. In fact, it was brave and took a whole lot of emotional strength!


Because she knew her limits. And if you’re a strong person, you probably know yours too.

Reaching for the stars means something different to everyone. And this is something you’ll know when you’re emotionally strong.

When other people achieve different things from you, that’s exactly how you look at them. As “different”. Not “better” or “more accomplished”. Just different.

Because you know you’re not “worse” than someone else just because you’re on different paths right now. And knowing this is what it means to be emotionally strong.

7) You try new hobbies/activities

When your boss offers you a new project at work, you jump at the chance! And when you read online about a new club opening in the area, you can’t wait to give it a go!

Basically, you enjoy the idea of doing something new. The idea of trying new things doesn’t scare you or send you into a frenzy. If anything, it excites you!

Sure, you might feel a little anxious about trying it, wondering who you might meet or what might happen. But you’re more concerned about what good things could happen and new things you’ll learn, rather than anything bad.

Believe it or not, this isn’t something everyone feels when the opportunity to try something new arises. Which makes you way more emotionally strong than you realize…

8) You get excited about learning new things

It isn’t just trying new things that excites you, learning new stuff does, too!

This excitement stems from how when you’re emotionally strong, you’re much more likely to have a growth mindset. It’s what gets you through most of the hardships in your life – by looking at them as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

Like we said earlier, you don’t feel this excitement when you aren’t quite as strong emotionally. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t something you look forward to. It’s something that plagues your mind for weeks and weeks and weeks! And not in a good way…

This excitement mostly stems from how you generally believe in yourself (like we mentioned earlier). So you don’t fear change as much as someone who doesn’t have the strong mindset that you have.

9) You spend time alone (and enjoy it!)

You don’t have to be an introvert to enjoy your alone time (although it definitely helps if you are!). You just have to be emotionally strong enough to handle time with me, myself, and I.

If you’re emotionally strong, this one might baffle you. Because spending time alone is what everyone does, surely? Perhaps they do. But there’s a difference between being alone and enjoying being alone.

I’ve had friends who bounce from one relationship to another and have never been single in all their lives. I’ve had other friends who can’t bear spending time alone with their own thoughts! Mostly because they hate what comes up in their heads…

So if being single doesn’t scare you, and you actually enjoy taking time for yourself quite often, then good news. You’re way stronger emotionally than you might realize!

Final thoughts

When you’re emotionally strong, you might not always feel that way. After all, you spend 24/7 inside your own head, so you know every single insecurity or anxious thought that passes by!

But just because you have those thoughts, that doesn’t make you not strong emotionally. It’s all about how you act and behave in your daily life. It’s also about which thoughts win and which ones lose more often than not!

So if you recognize any of these 9 behaviors, cut yourself some slack already! You’re way stronger emotionally than you realize, and you’re truly, truly amazing for that.

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