If you do these 10 things, you’re a truly genuine person

by Brendan Brown | March 16, 2024, 8:13 pm

How often have you crossed paths with someone and thought, “Now, that’s a genuinely authentic person?” 

Well, genuine people are like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with facades. 

They’re the people you can trust, the ones you can count on, the individuals who’ll always remain true to themselves. 

So, want to know if you’re one of them? 

We’re about to explore 10 things that make someone genuinely, authentically real.

1) You find comfort in the silence

Let’s start with the one important lesson I want you to remember:

Genuine people don’t force conversations. 

Ever been in a situation where the room goes quiet, and it feels…okay? 

It’s because genuine souls understand that not every silence needs to be filled. They’re content just being present. 

Now you’re probably wondering why.

Well, the thing is that they believe in authentic connections over forced chatter.

Here’s the deal: not everyone can bask in the quiet moments. Many people feel compelled to fill every pause with chatter. 

But genuine individuals? 

They see silence as an opportunity, not an awkward gap to be filled.

So, if you find comfort in silence, you’re embracing a space that many find unnerving, and that says a lot about your authentic self.

2) You cherish memories over materials

Remember that time you laughed so hard with friends that you almost cried, over, let’s say, a fancy new car? 

If so, you need to know that genuine folks prioritize experiences and emotional bonds. 

  • Material possessions? They’re cool but fleeting. 
  • Genuine memories? They’re forever.

Let’s be honest: how many times have you favored a life experience over the latest iPhone? 

It’s in these choices that your authenticity shines through. 

You value moments, not things. 

When you cherish memories over material possessions, you’re sending out a clear message: 

Life is about the journey, the encounters, and the connections, not the stuff you accumulate along the way.

3) You wear your passions on your sleeve

Perhaps not surprisingly, authentic people are never lukewarm about what matters to them. 

They are passionate and not afraid to show it. 

Whether it’s a hobby, a job, or a cause, they put their heart and soul into it. 

Sounds impressive, right?

The simple truth is that they’re not driven by what society dictates. Instead, they unabashedly follow their heart, even if it goes against the grain.

The result?

A fire that spreads. Eyes that light up. Energy that’s contagious. They dive in, fully committed. No half measures. And they show us all how thrilling it is to truly live, not just exist.

So, trust me: if you can openly express what lights the fire within you, then that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re a genuine person.

4) You harbor an art for asking questions

But wait, there’s more: 

Genuine people aren’t just good listeners — they know how to engage.

They’re curious, compassionate, and, above all, interested. 

This means that they are always willing to ask questions and dig deeper. The best part?

They genuinely want to know more about you. 

Whether it’s asking how your day was and actually listening to the answer or questioning the status quo, if you’re someone who finds the courage to ask questions, you’re not just being polite — you’re being real.

So, what sets genuine question-askers apart?

  • Attentiveness – They’re present, giving you their undivided attention.
  • Empathy – They feel with you, not just for you.
  • Depth – Preferring profound conversations over small talk.
  • Sincerity – No hidden motives, just pure interest.

In essence, these individuals make the person they’re speaking to feel seen, heard, and valued.

5) You cultivate an inner compass

Want to know what’s mind-blowingly beautiful about genuine people?

Their deep-rooted sense of self. 

What I mean here is that genuine people are not swayed by the latest trends or opinions. They have an internal compass that guides them. 

This is not to say they’re inflexible. Rather, they have principles that they hold dear, acting as a personal GPS in this maze of life. 

Their secret?

To follow what feels right for them, even when it’s not the popular choice. 

Trusting yourself, your judgment, and your intuition is an art. And if you’ve mastered it, you’re definitely walking the path of authenticity!

6) You paint your world in shades of gray

Black and white? 

That’s way too simplistic for genuine folks. 

Imagine this: you’re discussing a controversial topic at dinner. 

While others at the table seem to be divided into two distinct camps, you’re over there, acknowledging the nuances, understanding the layers. 

Now, you might be thinking, what’s so great about gray? 

But hang on a second. 

It’s not about the color, but about the complexity it represents. 

Let’s be honest: life isn’t binary. 

Genuine people get that. They see the myriad hues between black and white, and that’s where they find the beauty and complexity of existence.

Most importantly, they steer clear of hasty judgments, instead opting for a more balanced perspective.

7) You find strength in saying “I don’t know.”

Think back to that moment in a meeting when someone asked a tough question, and you had two choices: 

  • To pretend
  • To be honest. 

Saying “I don’t know” might seem like an admission of weakness to some. 

But to the genuine among us? 

It’s an emblem of strength, humility, and honesty. 

Yes, I’m not denying that admitting ignorance can be daunting.  

But here’s the thing: When you openly admit that you don’t have all the answers, it’s incredibly liberating. 

It signifies humility and the constant pursuit of learning. You’re not trying to be a know-it-all; you’re striving to be a learn-it-all. 

And guess what?

There’s real power in acknowledging that. 

8) You embrace life’s ebb and flow

Life is a series of peaks and valleys, right?

Most people love the peaks and resent the valleys. 

Yet, for the genuine among us, they understand that the ebb is as important as the flow. 

While it may sound confusing for most of us, here’s something truly special about genuine people:

They’re okay with the fact that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. They know sometimes it’s raining and stormy.

How so?

Well, they don’t resist the tough times. They accept them as part of the journey. 

That’s because they know everything is temporary, and with every setback, a comeback is on the horizon. 

So, if you find beauty even in life’s lows, then you’re authentic in ways most people strive to be.

9) You offer your presence as a present

I bet you’ve heard the saying, “The best gift you can give someone is your time”.

Well, it’s rooted in more than just sentiment.

Genuine individuals possess this rare quality. They don’t just show up, they immerse themselves completely in the moment and in the company they’re with. 

How do they manage to do so?

Simply — their eyes aren’t darting towards their phones every few seconds, nor is their mind wandering elsewhere. 

Instead, they’re right there with you, lending their ear, their thoughts, and their heart. 

And you know what?

Offering this kind of presence, in today’s easily-distracted age, is akin to gifting a piece of one’s soul. 

So, remember: being fully there—in that conversation, in that moment—is a form of honesty that words often fail to capture. 

10) You chase after echoes rather than accolades

And finally, we come to the pièce de résistance: living for impact, not applause. 

Genuine people are more interested in making a meaningful difference than in gathering accolades. 

Want to understand the power of an echo? Then, think of it this way:

Accolades are the immediate applause you receive, while echoes are the lasting impacts that reverberate long after the applause has faded.

Raw truth? 

Most of us are conditioned to run after accolades – the likes, the followers, the awards. 

But the genuine among us? 

They’re after something deeper, something more profound: the echoes.

Chasing after echoes means affecting people in ways that last. 

It’s the silent ripple that touches souls, transcends time, and transforms lives.

Final thoughts

So, what’s the genuine takeaway? 

Being genuine isn’t just about one aspect. It’s a myriad of habits, behaviors, and feelings intertwined. 

As we wrap up, remember: 

The beauty lies not in perfection but in authenticity. 

And before you’re finally gone, let’s quickly reflect:

  • Do you prioritize meaningful interactions over superficial ones?
  • Can you embrace a challenging situation with grace?
  • Do you listen with the intent to understand, not just reply?

If you nodded (or even pondered) while reading through this, then cheers to the genuine spirit within you!

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