If you grew up believing dreams can come true, you probably have these 10 character traits

by Pearl Nash | December 6, 2023, 7:38 pm

Do you believe in magic?

If so, you might just be a dreamer—a person who grew up believing dreams can come true.

Sadly, the world has become so skeptical that dreamers like you are often thought of as childish or unrealistic.

More often than not, people might even think you’re naive when, really, you’re just someone who dares to dream.

But for me, there’s always going to be something special about people who believe in the power of dreams.

Want to know why? Well, this article is about to give you the answers you look for!

So read more below to discover the 10 character traits you likely possess because you grew up believing dreams could come true.

Let’s begin!

1) You’re an eternal optimist

Being a dreamer often goes hand in hand with being an optimist.

You look on the bright side of life, seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty.

In fact, it’s this optimism that helps you stay strong and determined in the face of a challenge.

Sadly, because of your persistent optimism, people think you’re naive or foolish.

But that’s just not the truth.

You’re not blind, delusional, or unrealistic because of your optimism. It’s not something you’re helpless to—it’s a choice.

You believe in the possibility of your dreams coming true because it’s what makes life purposeful and what makes life worth living!

Even more so, your optimism is what makes you unafraid to take risks, even in the face of uncertainty.

2) You’re not afraid to take risks

Growing up believing in your dreams means you’re not afraid to take risks.

You know that to make your dreams come true, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

This is something I can relate to personally.

I remember when I decided to pursue my dream of writing professionally. As you might believe, it wasn’t the most practical or secure choice.

Many people actually warned me against it, saying it was too risky and uncertain a field.

But my dream was too strong for me to give up.

I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t at least try.

So, I took the leap.

I quit my stable yet uninspiring job and threw myself into my passion.

It was scary and challenging, but also exciting and fulfilling!

And while it wasn’t easy, I’m glad I took the risk. It led me to where I am today—doing something I love and living my dream.

Let this teach you that when you’re willing to take risks for your dreams, failure or rejection can’t hold you back.

In fact, this attitude gives you a strong sense of purpose that makes you more determined than everybody else.

3) You have a strong sense of purpose

If you grew up believing that dreams can come true, you have a strong sense of purpose.

You have faith in yourself, which is perhaps the most powerful thing to have in a world plagued by self-doubt.

Your dreams gives your life meaning and direction, which helps you achieve your goals even if they’re difficult because you don’t easily give up.

But this doesn’t mean you’re stubborn or single-minded. You simply have an unwavering commitment to your dreams and goals.

And honestly? The skeptics can learn so much about you.

Because when you have a clear sense of purpose, short-term setbacks and distractions can’t stop you.

Even the possibility of failure is not enough for you to give up.

4) You embrace failure

Being a dreamer means you’re not afraid of failure.

You understand that it’s not the opposite of success—it’s part of it.

You don’t get disappointed in yourself when you fail because, for you, it’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and become stronger as a person.

Most importantly, you see each setback as a chance to improve and come back stronger— much like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

So instead of letting failure discourage or stop you, you see it as a step closer to achieving your dreams.

And because people are so afraid of failure that they avoid it like a plague, dreamers like us tend to be misunderstood. 

5) You feel misunderstood

Unfortunately for us dreamers, we’re often misunderstood.

People think we’re naive, frivolous, and even delusional just because we dare to dream, but we’re so much more than that.

And I know how incredibly frustrating and disheartening this is.

Like me, you might even feel like no one really gets you or appreciates the depth of your passion and determination.

But know that it’s okay to feel misunderstood. It’s okay to have dreams that others don’t get.

And when you feel like giving up, remember this:

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

6) You’re empathetic towards others

As a dreamer who’s often misunderstood, this probably helped you develop a strong sense of empathy towards other people, especially those who are misunderstood, too.

You understand that everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, just like you do.

So you’re able to put yourself in their shoes, understand their struggles, and cheer them on as they strive towards their dreams.

7) You sometimes doubt yourself

Let’s be real:

As much as you believe in your dreams, there will always be times when you can’t help but question yourself.

You wonder:

Are my dreams too big?

Am I too ambitious?

Do I really have what it takes to turn my dreams into reality?

That’s why I’m here to tell you: it’s okay to worry.

Life is not always easy, even for dreamers like us. There will always be bumps, detours, and moments of uncertainty, and it’s okay.

What truly matters is for you to always remember that you will achieve your dreams, no matter what!

8) You’re a daydreamer

Being a daydreamer is perhaps the most obvious sign that you grew up believing that dreams come true.

So if you find yourself lost in thought, dreaming up scenarios where your dreams have come true—whether it’s picturing yourself on a world tour as a famous musician or imagining the day your novel hits the bestseller list—you’re certainly a dreamer.

Unfortunately, because of this big dreams, cynics think you’re unfocused or impractical.

They might even tell you to “get your head out of the clouds” and “come back to reality”.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little daydreaming!

In fact, it’s a wonderful way to explore possibilities and keep your dreams alive.

After all, it will never be wrong to imagine a world where all your dreams have come true.

9) You’re not afraid of hard work

Let’s get one thing straight:

When you believe in your dreams, you don’t just sit around and wait for things to magically happen.

Instead, you roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work.


Because you understand that dreams don’t come true overnight. They require persistence, patience, and a whole lot of effort.

So when someone tells you it’s not worth it, remember: your dreams are worth every ounce of effort.

10) You never stop believing

Perhaps the most wonderful trait of growing up believing in your dreams is this: you never stop believing.

No matter how tough it gets or how many obstacles come your way, you hold onto your dreams. You keep the faith.

Your dreams are what give you the strength to keep going, even when things get tough.

So never stop believing, because that’s what makes dreamers like us unstoppable!

Final thoughts

It’s easy to be misunderstood as a dreamer.

You can be labeled naive, unrealistic, or even foolish, but that’s simply because society tends to misunderstand those who dare to dream—especially those who refuse to conform to their norms.

So if you’re a dreamer who’s been mocked or doubted, don’t lose heart—you possess a magic inside of you that they’ll never understand.

And only those who have the courage to dream deserve to witness that magic!

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