If you recognize these 16 signs, you’ve finally found your life partner

by Isabel Cabrera | July 16, 2024, 3:11 pm

Esther Perel says, “The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives.”

That’s why it’s extremely important that you choose your life partner wisely. 

Don’t just focus on how much you love them. You have to be really good for each other, too!

How to know if you’ve already found the right person for you?

Here are 16 signs they’re the one.

1) You feel incredibly lucky

You wake up feeling like you’re the luckiest person alive. And you sleep with exactly the same feeling, too.

When they cook food for you or do sweet things for you, or even if they just stare at you—you can’t help but wonder, “What did I do right to deserve this kind of love?” 

And what you find amazing is that although there are times you get pissed at each other, the feeling remains the same—you still feel lucky.

2) You’re slowly turning into the best version of yourself

So not only is your relationship getting better, YOU are getting a lot better, too!

You’re doing well in your career, your mental health has improved dramatically, you’re even nicer to the people you hate!

The reason is simple. When we’re happy, we get inspired to become the best version of ourselves

And if they’re making you this happy, they’re probably the one.

3) You look visibly happy

People closest to you can see you’re actually happy.

You get comments from them like “Wow, you’re glowing!” or “I’m jealous you can’t stop smiling. You must be in love!

And when you’re with your partner, they tell you that you both look cute together. 

Sure, only YOU can truly know how you’re feeling. But if you’re too happy you can’t help but radiate happiness, then you’ve definitely found your life partner.

4) They make you feel giddy even when the honeymoon phase is over

We’re always on a high during the first few months of any relationship—yep, even with the ones who aren’t really meant for us long-term.

Anything our partner says is funny, cute, and romantic…and they can never do anything wrong!

But as the New Relationship Energy fades, we start to become more, well…normal. And we don’t see them in rose-colored glasses anymore.

For some reason, however, your partner still makes you blush and giggle without much effort. And that’s probably because your admiration for them is not just dictated by hormones.

5) Your relationship is always getting better

Every relationship has its set of strengths and weaknesses. 

If you’re with a bad match, your weak points get worse over time. But if you’re with a good match, your relationship always keeps getting better.

And luckily, yours is the latter.

Let’s say you always argue during the first year of your relationship. But now, it rarely happens because you’ve learned how to handle arguments better.

This also applies to how you handle finances, how you do chores, how you talk about difficult things…everything, really. 

A good life partner is a good teammate. So if you notice that your relationship is improving in almost all aspects, they’re definitely the one.

6) You have your own little world

When you’re with your partner, it feels like you’re in your own little universe, speaking your own language, and doing crazy stuff only the two of you would enjoy.

Even your closest friends would sometimes feel like an outsider when they’re with you.

And while it’s annoying to some people, it’s nice to know you have someone to share your crazy side with.

7) You’re actually proud to be with them

One sign that you’ve found your life partner is when you actually want to announce to the world that you’re together.

Unlike other love interests in the past, you don’t delay introducing them to the people you love.

And it’s not because you want to show your friends you’re no longer single, or because you want to show off that you have a handsome boyfriend or smart girlfriend.

It’s because you want to say “Hey, I’ve found someone I really love. Treat them well because they’re now a big part of me.”

8) There are more positive than negative interactions 

Conflict and negative interactions are part of any relationship. But the best relationships follow a certain “magic ratio.”

According to the Gottman Institute, the magic ratio is 5:1

That means that in a happy and stable relationship, for every negative interaction, there should be five positive ones.

Luckily, you pass with flying colors. Yours is even probably 20:1!

9) You’re willing to make sacrifices 

You’re willing to do anything to protect and care for your partner, and to make sure your relationship is strong and steady.

If they live two hours away, you’re willing to travel often to see them (even if you have a busy schedule). If they ask you to stop smoking, you’d try your best to break the habit (even if it’s extremely difficult).

Your relationship might not be the easiest or most convenient—it might require a lot from you—but you’re willing to do anything and everything to make it work.

10) The future starts to excite you

Before you met them, you’re indifferent about the future. In fact, you don’t even think about it that much.

Or if you do, it’s mainly about you (even if you’re in a relationship).

But now, you can clearly imagine what it would be like—where you’ll live, how many pets you’ll have, and even how you’ll decorate your kids’ bedrooms!

All of a sudden, the future starts to take shape in your head…and you can’t wait to make all of it happen.

11) You don’t hide anything from them

Past traumas? Crazy fantasies? Ugly thoughts?

You’re willing to share all of them to your partner, and they do the same to you, too.

And the thing is that you’re both not like this to other people. In fact, you both admit that you haven’t shared your deepest secrets to anyone else before.

There’s just something that the two of you share—it’s trust.

And having this kind of trust with each other is definitely a sign that you’re both meant for each other.

12) You don’t have the need to prove anything

I’ve witnessed so many relationships where one person is constantly trying to prove themself to the other…and it’s just sad.

One friend of mine always tried to prove to their partner they’re actually financially capable, and so they worked their ass off just to “win” their partner’s approval. 

Another one tried to prove they’re still attractive, so they worked out like crazy. 


You, on the other hand, don’t have the need to prove anything. 

You know your partner accepts you for who you are and it’s not because you’re already good enough or they have low standards. It’s because they truly love you!

13) You both can laugh at your troubles

When you have problems, you both try to solve them, for sure. But then you two also have the grace to laugh at life’s troubles.

This makes everything better because your anxiety and fights are lessened and you can just focus on solving the actual problem.

If this describes your relationship, don’t let them go. Life is full of challenges and it becomes 100x more bearable when you’re with someone who you can laugh with, even during the darkest times.

14) You don’t get bored

So there are two reasons for this. 

You don’t get bored because you both actively put in the effort to add more fun to your relationship.

You experiment with your cooking, with your sex positions, with how you arrange your home. You start hobbies and try new things.

But aside from that, you also don’t get bored even because you find silence and doing nothing pleasurable.

This kind of compatibility is essential for a relationship to become sustainable. So if you can relate to this, you’ve found your life partner.

15) They feel like home

When life gets rough, when you feel down and lonely, you want to rush to them for comfort. 

They’re like a cup of hot chocolate on Christmas day. Or a warm bath after a long, stressful day.

Their embrace and kisses can soothe any pain that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

16) You’re both fully committed to making things work

All of the signs above mean nothing if both of you are only half-assing your relationship.

After all, love is more than just feelings. It also requires action.

You know you’ve finally found your life partner if they actually put in the effort to make things work even if things have been rough, or things aren’t as perfect as you both imagined it to be.

You both know that healthy relationships require work and commitment, and you’re both all in!

Final thoughts

So…how many times did you nod your head and smile while reading this article?

If you can relate to at least half of the signs in this list, congratulations! You’ve already found your life partner.

Love them, cherish them…and when you’re ready, take the big leap towards happily ever after. 

Don’t worry for even a second. With a love like yours, everything will be alright.

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