If you relate to these 7 regrets, you’re probably a better person than you give yourself credit for

by Ethan Sterling | February 22, 2024, 10:55 pm

We all have those moments of self-doubt, where we wonder if we’re good enough, kind enough or simply enough. You might find yourself dwelling on past mistakes, mulling over regrets.

But hey, guess what?

If you can relate to these feelings, chances are you’re a much better person than you think.

Trust me, the fact that you even have these regrets? It shows growth, and that’s something to celebrate.

In this article, we’ll explore seven common regrets that actually might indicate you’re doing better than you give yourself credit for.

So let’s dive in and see how your past regrets might just be a sign of your hidden greatness. You ready?

1) You regret not standing up for yourself

I remember a moment from my college days like it was yesterday. I was sitting in a team meeting, and one of my peers started criticizing my ideas.

Instead of standing up for myself, I just sat there, silently taking it all in. For years, I regretted not speaking up.

But here’s the thing. That regret taught me the importance of self-advocacy.

It shaped me into a person who doesn’t shy away from expressing their opinions, even if it might ruffle some feathers.

If you’ve had similar experiences, take a moment to appreciate how much you’ve grown. Your ability to recognize and regret that silence shows your evolution.

2) You regret not taking risks

Ever had a dream opportunity slip through your fingers because you were too afraid to take the leap?

I know I have. The fear of failure kept me from pursuing a job that I now think could have been life-changing.

It stings when I think about it. But then again, this regret has pushed me to seize opportunities and embrace uncertainty in ways I never would have before.

If you can relate to this, it’s proof that you’re learning from your past and are ready to take on new challenges with courage and determination. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

3) You regret not appreciating your loved ones enough

Did you know that the average person spends nearly 7 years of their life on social media? That’s precious time we could be using to appreciate our loved ones more.

If you regret not spending enough time with those close to you, it’s a sign that you’re beginning to value deep, meaningful relationships.

It’s proof that you understand and cherish the importance of human connection. 

4) You regret not living in the moment

There’s an undeniable enchantment in carpe diem and all its raw intensity. It’s about immersing yourself fully in the here and now, casting aside the burdens of tomorrow and the shadows of yesterday.

Regretting not being present signals your hunger for authentic experiences and genuine connections, which is a good thing.

It’s a sign that you value real, heartfelt interactions over superficial ones. This regret speaks volumes about your depth as a person and your longing to experience life to its fullest. 

5) You regret not pursuing your passion

I’ve always loved writing. As a kid, I would fill up notebook after notebook with stories.

But as I grew up, I let that passion fade into the background, choosing a more “practical” career path. For a long time, I regretted not pursuing writing more seriously.

But that regret? It led me back to my passion. It pushed me to start writing again, first as a hobby and then as a career.

If you have similar regrets about not following your passion, don’t be too hard on yourself. Use that regret as fuel to reignite that spark and follow your heart. It’s never too late to do what you love.

6) You regret not learning to say ‘no’

I’ll admit it, I used to be a serial ‘yes’ person. I would agree to every request and take on more than I could handle, often at the expense of my own well-being.

Looking back, I regret not learning to set boundaries sooner.

If you too often lament not declining more opportunities, it reflects your personal evolution.

It indicates that you’ve recognized the significance of self-preservation and are now ready to put your own well-being first.

You’re growing into a more resilient, assertive individual, and that’s a trait deserving of acknowledgment.

7) You regret not taking better care of your health

Have you ever neglected your health due to a busy schedule? I know I have.

Skipping meals, not exercising enough, not getting proper sleep – these were all part of my routine once. My health took a backseat.

And yes, I deeply regret it.

This regret, however, is a sign that you’re now aware of the importance of good health.

It indicates that you’re ready to make changes and prioritize your well-being above all else. It’s a sign of maturity and self-love.

A regret felt is a lesson learned

If you resonate with these seven regrets, take heart—you’re likely a far more admirable person than you realize. 

Each regret signifies a lesson learned, an opportunity for personal development, and a step forward on the journey of self-improvement.

Embrace these regrets as badges of honor, symbols of your willingness to confront challenges and evolve into a stronger, more compassionate individual.

At the heart of things, it’s not about the regrets themselves, but the lessons they impart and the growth they inspire.

So, pat yourself on the back, for acknowledging these regrets is a testament to your character and your commitment to becoming the best version of yourself.

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