If your partner does these 15 things, they love you deeply

by Brendan Brown | March 27, 2024, 9:16 pm

When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to wonder just how deep your partner’s love for you truly goes. 

Deep love is one that transcends simple affection or physical attraction. It’s about a profound emotional connection that sparks empathy, understanding, respect, and a sense of safety. 

It’s about knowing that your partner cares for you unconditionally, in ways both big and small. 

But this genuine, deep love can often be subtle, and sometimes, the most powerful demonstrations of this are the quietest ones, so we created this list! 

Here’s how you know your partner loves you deeply… 

1) They remember small details about you

A partner who loves you deeply will remember the small things about you. They’ll recall your favorite ice cream flavor, that book you mentioned you’d like to read, or how you take your coffee. 

Not because they have an impressive memory, but because they listen and genuinely care about what brings you joy or piques your interest.

Moreover, they’ll utilize this information in thoughtful ways, surprising you with that specific ice cream flavor after a long day or recommending a movie they know aligns with your taste. 

These gestures show that they pay attention to who you are and what you love.

2) They prioritize your happiness

A partner who loves deeply places a high value on your happiness. They understand that your joy contributes to the joy of the relationship, so they make efforts to contribute to it. 

This might mean making sacrifices sometimes or going out of their way to do something they know will make you smile.

In this pursuit of your happiness, they respect your individuality. They understand that you need to pursue your interests and passions, even those they don’t share with you. 

They’ll cheer you on, showing their love through their support of your personal growth and ambitions.

3) They communicate openly

Communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship, and a partner who deeply loves you will prioritize open, honest dialogue. 

Your true love won’t shy away from difficult conversations because they understand that clarity and understanding only strengthen the bond.

In addition, they’ll share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns with you. They trust you with their vulnerability, an intimate sharing that stems from deep love

This person values your perspective and believes in your ability to provide comfort, guidance, or simply a listening ear when needed.

4) They show patience

Patience is a sign of deep love. A partner who loves you deeply will understand that everyone has off days, and they won’t hold it against you when you do. 

The love of your life won’t rush you when you need time to process your feelings or make a decision.

Moreover, they show patience in your growth. They understand that everyone has their pace in learning, healing, or changing. 

They won’t pressure you to be where you aren’t yet, but rather, they offer support, love, and understanding along your journey.

5) They respect your boundaries

Respect is a cornerstone of deep love, and this includes respect for your boundaries. 

A partner who loves you deeply will respect your limits, regardless of whether they pertain to your time, your space, or your emotional capacity.

They’ll ask about your boundaries, understand them, and most importantly, they’ll respect them. 

This respect shows that they value your comfort, autonomy, and wellbeing above all, and that they are willing to honor your individuality within the relationship.

6) They apologize when they’re wrong

Nobody’s perfect, and disagreements or misunderstandings are inevitable in any relationship. However, a partner who deeply loves you will own up to their mistakes and apologize when they’re wrong. 

The person of your dreams will value the relationship more than their ego.

They not only say “I’m sorry,” but they also work on correcting their behavior. 

This demonstrates their commitment to growing with you and their willingness to contribute positively to the relationship, even when it means acknowledging their faults.

7) They make you feel safe

Feeling safe with your partner is a clear sign of deep love. This goes beyond physical safety and includes emotional safety as well. 

A partner who deeply loves you will make sure you feel comfortable expressing your feelings, knowing you won’t be judged or dismissed.

Furthermore, they create a sense of security, showing consistency in their actions and being reliable. You know they’re there for you, whether you’re facing minor inconveniences or major challenges. 

Their steadfast presence is a testament to their deep love.

8) They support you through thick and thin

A partner who deeply loves you will be your cheerleader and your safety net

They’ll celebrate your wins, no matter how small, and they’ll be there to support you during your struggles, reminding you of your strength when you forget it.

In times of personal trials, they’ll stand by you, offering comfort, assistance, or simply their silent presence. 

Their support isn’t conditional on circumstances, demonstrating that their love for you is unwavering and profound.

9) They show affection

Physical affection can be a clear indicator of deep love, but it goes beyond just romantic gestures or sexual attraction

A partner who deeply loves you will show affection in ways that make you feel loved and cherished, whether that’s holding hands, a reassuring hug, or a simple touch on the arm.

Furthermore, they’ll tell you they love you, and not just on special occasions. They express their love verbally, recognizing that words of affirmation have a unique power in conveying the depth of their emotions.

10) They invest time and effort into the relationship

Relationships require work, and a partner who deeply loves you will invest their time and effort into building and maintaining your bond. 

Your person is not just around for the fun times; they’re there to work through conflicts, navigate challenges, and constantly improve the relationship.

This cherished love will make time for you, showing that they prioritize the relationship in their life. They involve you in their future plans, demonstrating that they see you as a central part of their life, not just in the present, but in the long term too.

11) They trust you

Trust is crucial in a deep, loving relationship. A partner who deeply loves you will trust you. They won’t feel the need to invade your privacy or control your decisions. 

They believe in your integrity and your judgment.

Moreover, they’re trustworthy themselves. They follow through on their promises, they keep your secrets, and they make sure their actions align with their words. 

Their trustworthiness is a manifestation of their deep love.

12) They encourage you to be yourself

A partner who deeply loves you encourages you to be yourself, wholly and unapologetically. They love you for who you are, not who they want you to be. 

Your love will appreciate your uniqueness and celebrate your individuality.

They don’t try to change you to fit their idea of a perfect partner. Instead, they give you the freedom to express yourself and to grow in your own way, validating your individual journey within the shared path of the relationship.

13) They make sacrifices for you

A partner who deeply loves you will make sacrifices for your well-being and happiness. 

Your ideal significant other might compromise on their comfort, time, or personal preferences because they value your needs and happiness.

However, these sacrifices are never about losing themselves or their values for the relationship. 

Rather, they are thoughtful considerations and conscious choices born out of deep love, mutual respect, and the shared vision of a balanced relationship.

14) They forgive your mistakes

Nobody is flawless, and a partner who deeply loves you understands this. They are willing to forgive your mistakes, not holding grudges or bringing up past errors in future arguments. 

Your partner will acknowledge your human fallibility and offer grace and understanding instead of criticism or blame.

This forgiveness, however, is not about allowing harmful or toxic behaviors to continue. It’s about understanding that mistakes are part of growth and that learning from them can strengthen the relationship.

15) They stand up for you

Lastly, a partner who deeply loves you will stand up for you. Whether it’s against the criticism of others or against your own self-doubt, they will be your ally and your advocate. 

They will defend you when necessary and support you in advocating for yourself, all rooted in their deep love for you.

Bottom line on deep love

Remember, each relationship is unique, and these signs might manifest differently in different relationships. 

It’s also important to recognize that deep love is not just about grand gestures or intense emotions. It’s about the small, consistent acts of care, respect, and understanding that build a nurturing, balanced, and fulfilling partnership. 

If your partner is showing these signs, chances are they love you deeply. Cherish it and reciprocate it in ways that resonate with you and your unique bond.

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