If you’ve experienced these 10 things, you’re more mature than you think

by Brendan Brown | May 24, 2024, 9:59 am

Being mature isn’t just about how old you are. It’s about how you act, how you treat others, and how you handle life’s ups and downs.

This doesn’t mean you have to have everything figured out. No one does! 

In fact, some days I still catch myself feeling like a child once again, unsure of what to do. On those days, I realize just how much I have to go in terms of maturity. 

That said, no matter how immature or unwise we think we still are, there are some signs that would say otherwise. 

Here are 10 things that, if you’ve experienced them, that means you’re more mature than you think. 

1) You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone

Trying new things can be scary, but it’s a big part of growing up. 

I remember when I decided to start my own business. The fear of failure was intense. There were so many unknowns, so many things that could go wrong. 

But I realized that if I let this fear control me, I would never move forward.

So, I faced my fear. I put in the hard work, took the risk, and started my own business. 

Did I face setbacks? Absolutely. Did everything go as planned? Not at all. But I learned and grew so much from that experience.

So if you’ve ever tried something that scared you, be proud of yourself. That takes courage and it’s a big sign of maturity.

2) You’ve experienced failure – and you’ve bounced back

One thing that stepping out of my comfort zone taught me is that failure can’t break me. 

As I made mistake after mistake, I realized that I could pick myself up, learn from my failures, and keep going

I’m pretty sure you’ve had your fair share of mistakes, too. And if you’ve managed to take them in stride and come out stronger on the other side, why, that’s an undeniable sign that you’re more mature than you think

See, not everyone can do that. Many people struggle to get past their failures and end up going back to the comfort zone again, where everything feels safe and sure. 

3) You can admit when you’re wrong

This one is something I really struggled with in the past. I never liked admitting when I was wrong. 

Obviously, my ego was getting in the way of that. I didn’t have the humility to swallow my pride. 

As I grew older, though, I started to understand the value of owning up to my mistakes. I realized that being wrong wasn’t a sign of weakness, but an opportunity for growth.

The first time I admitted I was wrong, it was a tough pill to swallow. I had to face my ego and say, “I messed up.” 

But you know what? The sky didn’t fall. The world didn’t stop turning. 

In fact, things got better. People respected me more for being able to admit my mistakes. It opened up a pathway for honest conversations and stronger relationships. 

It was a learning curve, but I found that this act of humility made me a better – and more mature – person.

If this is something you can easily do, you already have a great deal of  maturity!

4) You have a good work-life balance

Remember when you were younger and life seemed like one long party? The idea of getting serious about work was laughable, wasn’t it? 

Then, when you finally did get serious about it, you decided to go all in. Suddenly, you had ambition and a burning desire to get to the top. You started putting in the work, and your life took a 180° turnaround. 

For a while, I was that person. I thought being mature meant being serious all the time with all my energy devoted to work. 

But these days, I’m all about balance. I’ve come to understand that a full life means fullness in all aspects – personal and professional. 

I think that’s the more mature way to live life. You never want to neglect your relationships and personal joys for the sake of ambition. Nor do you want to neglect work in pursuit of fleeting pleasures. 

5) You respect differences

Another thing you might have done in the past was to mingle only with people like you. People who shared the same hobbies, same lifestyle, even the same favorite food. 

You might have had a cliquish thing going on, where you’re only friends with people with the same viewpoints or social class. 

Do you still think this way? If not, that means you’ve come a long way in terms of maturity. 

See, as we mature, we start to appreciate the beauty of diversity. Gone are the days when we’d only feel comfortable around people who were exactly like us. 

Now, we understand that everyone’s unique, and that’s okay. In fact, we love interacting with folks who open our eyes to new perspectives. 

6) You now know how to compromise

Respecting differences isn’t just about accepting them, it’s also about knowing when to compromise. 

Just as we’re all unique, we also have our own set of beliefs and ways of doing things. And sometimes, these beliefs and ways clash.

In the past, I would insist on doing things my way because I thought it was the ‘right’ way. 

But over time, I learned that there’s more than one ‘right’ way. I learned to compromise, to find a middle ground that respects both my values and those of others.

If you’ve found yourself willing to adjust and find that balance in situations, that’s a clear sign of maturity. 

It shows you’re not only open to others’ differences, but you’re also willing to work with them to create harmony.

7) You’ve figured out you can’t control everything

Another huge sign of maturity is recognizing that you can’t control everything in life. You accept that some things are just beyond your grasp, and that’s okay.

Believe me, not everyone can do that. I know people in their 50s and 60s still struggling with this and experiencing a lot of frustration when things don’t go their way. 

It’s just another proof that maturity really is a matter of understanding and wisdom, not age. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where things didn’t go as planned, and you accepted it and moved on instead of fretting over it, then congratulations. 

This acceptance is a big step towards maturity. It shows that you’re capable of adapting to life’s uncertainties.

As the great philosopher Alan Watts once said, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” And that’s exactly what you’re doing.

8) You don’t always have to react

Just as you can’t control everything, you also don’t need to react to everything. 

Maturity is knowing that sometimes silence is the best response.

This used to be unthinkable for me in the past. I would get upset over the smallest things. I would engage in every argument. 

Fortunately, I now know better. I’ve learned that not everything warrants a reaction. It’s not about letting people walk over you, but about choosing your battles wisely.

So if you’ve ever:

  • Held your tongue during a heated moment,
  • Chosen not to engage in a pointless argument, or
  • Let a rude comment slide off you without letting it ruin your day,

…then pat yourself on the back. You’ve mastered a crucial aspect of maturity. 

9) You’ve stepped away from drama

That ability to filter your reactions leads me to my next point, which is about dealing with drama. 

Gossip, petty disputes…these may have been activities you used to jump into right away in the past. 

But if you’ve found yourself stepping away from drama, that means you’ve grown up a lot. It means you’ve finally figured out that life is too short for drama. Or any other negativity. 

Most of all, you’ve cracked one of the secrets for inner peace. 

10) You don’t settle for less than you deserve

Finally, being mature means you no longer settle for less than you deserve. It’s not just because you have higher standards now. 

More specifically, it’s because you’ve learned a host of other skills necessary for a wise and peaceful life, such as: 

  • Knowing your worth
  • Setting goals according to your values
  • Saying “no” when necessary
  • Asserting your boundaries 
  • Negotiating for what you want

This applies to all aspects of your life – your career, relationships, and even your personal growth.

Final thoughts

As you can see, maturity isn’t about the number of candles on your birthday cake or the number of responsibilities on your shoulders. 

It’s about the experiences you’ve been through, the lessons you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown from them.

That’s why everyone’s journey to maturity is unique and unfolds at their own pace. It’s not a race, but a personal evolution. 

As you continue to grow in wisdom, remember to give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made and to celebrate the insights you’ve gained along the way. 

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