10 non-obvious signs you’re a highly determined person

by Shela Riva | January 25, 2024, 11:50 pm

Determination is one of the most valuable traits you can have. 

Because, having determination will get you through the process of practice and failure that’s necessary to learn any other traits that you might need to work on. 

With determination, you can get through anything and be better off for it!

Now, while some signs of determination are obvious, like setting ambitious goals or working tirelessly towards them, there are more subtle indicators that reveal you have a special inner drive and determination. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the 1 non-obvious signs that show you’re a highly determined person:

1) You don’t shy away from discomfort

Do you let a little discomfort stop you from doing things? 

Or do you not let fear stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone? 

If you agree more with the latter statement, you’re probably a highly determined person

Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, taking risks, and seeking challenges shows your willingness to grow and succeed. 

And, like everyone, you probably experience fear from time to time.

But overall, you understand that leaning into this fear and discomfort is exactly what fosters your personal growth.

Keep doing exactly what makes you just a little bit afraid – those are the experiences that evolve you as a person. 

2) You don’t sacrifice long-term goals for instant gratification

Being a slave to instant gratification is the opposite of determination

But it’s easier said than done. Especially in a world full of distractions constantly pulling us in various directions. 

If you know how to delay short-term rewards and pleasures in pursuit of bigger goals in mind, this is a sure sign you have determination within you. 

You have what it takes to push through difficulties and succeed!

3) You have a purpose in life

It helps to have goals, a mission, or a purpose to pull you through when things get hard. 

Without a sense of purpose, it’s hard to find somewhere to draw the motivation or determination. 

Having a purpose in life is even believed to extend people’s lives – when they feel like there’s a reason to be here, they live longer. 

So what is your purpose? What’s your mission?

It could be as simple as making others smile, or as big as eradicating homelessness. 

Whatever is close to your heart and makes you determined to get out there and keep doing what you do. 

So hold on to whatever that may be for you; hold it close!

But as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan.

4) You know how to fail forward

Sometimes even despite your best intentions, things don’t go according to plan. 

Yet, determined individuals don’t see failure as a roadblock, but rather as a stepping stone. 

If you have a history of facing setbacks and using them as opportunities to learn, grow, and try again, it’s a strong indicator of your determination. 

Your ability to bounce back from failure is a testament to your unwavering resolve.

Know that your ability to fail and keep trying is probably a huge inspiration to others without realizing!

5) You have a long-term vision 

Highly determined people often have a clear, long-term vision for their lives. 

They set goals years in advance, and work steadily toward their vision, even if it means making short-term sacrifices. 

If you’re able to plan for your future in this way, it takes a crazy amount of determination that’s worth acknowledging. 

Whatever your goals or vision is, you’ll get there with your unwavering willpower. 

6) You’re adaptable and flexible when needed 

In order to be a determined individual, you really do need adaptability. 

Because when things go wrong – which they sometimes do in life, rigidity isn’t a helpful trait to have. 

Rigidity will make you give up when things don’t go “your” way. 

However, being adaptable to changing course and approach helps you to get to your goal, regardless of whatever it may take.

7) You always seek to improve yourself 

Are you always looking for opportunities to become a better version of you?

That’s probably because you’re a highly determined person!

Determined people generally have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement. 

Keep seeking opportunities to learn, develop new skills, and grow as an individual – it’s a mark of your persistence and ability to become successful.

8) You’re consistent in the day-to-day 

This is a small but simple sign of being highly determined. 

Little acts of consistency like practicing your meditation every morning, keeping your space clean, going to the gym, or committing to volunteering even after a long day of work are all significant marks of determination. 

Determination doesn’t always look like overcoming huge struggles and thriving in the aftermath.

Sometimes, determination looks like many small habits that require consistency over a long period of time. 

In fact, this is closer to true determination, as it’s arguably more difficult to stick to something for a long time than to overcome one single big hurdle.

9) You’re a ‘glass half full’ kind of person

Maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity is really challenging.

That’s why it’s a hallmark of determination!

It’s also harder to think about life with gratitude, than with a feeling of lack. Either way you look at it, you can always find things to be both grateful for and things that could be improved. 

So if you choose to focus on solutions rather than problems and maintain a belief in yourself, you’re demonstrating your unwavering determination.

10) You’re pretty patient 

Patience is kind of necessary for determination to thrive! 

To get through all of the obstacles and continue working towards your long-term visions, you really need patience – especially for yourself. 

Otherwise, when your patience runs out, your determination fizzles out too. 

Keep staying calm and keep your eye on the bigger prize through all of life’s ups and downs. 

Final thoughts

So in this article, we’ve outlined that determination is not always obvious.

These non-obvious traits often reveal a person’s unwavering commitment to success that have nothing to do with the more obvious sign of setting a goal and achieving it. 

If you find these qualities resonating with you, it’s clear that determination runs deep within you!

Nurture your determination and keep working towards your goals. 

This special resolve you hold will guide you on the path to meeting your dreams.

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