People who are truly authentic always do these 9 things

by Isabel Cabrera | April 25, 2024, 8:54 pm

Authenticity is the one quality that I find truly inspiring.

Never mind being in shape, being rich, stylish, or successful. With so many of us living in fear of judgment, following the latest trends to fit in, and sometimes not even knowing who we truly are, to begin with – authenticity is so desperately needed. 

An authentic person is like a beaming torch that passes their light onto those around them. It’s an infectious, awakening experience to be around a person who genuinely enjoys being themselves. 

Being authentic means staying true to your values, beliefs, and inner self, regardless of external pressures or expectations. It means embracing who you are on the inside rather than putting on a facade of perfection on the outside to mask it. 

So, what are the habits and characteristics that set authentic people apart? 

In this article, we’ll explore 9 essential things that authentic individuals consistently practice.

1) Express vulnerability

Authentic people aren’t afraid to share their imperfect or emotional side. They embrace their humanness and share their struggles openly with others to create a connection with those around them. 

Rather than doing this for attention, authentic people share so that other people can relate, empathize, and be open about their struggles.

It permits other people to drop the false mask of perfection we sometimes keep up, and be comfortable in sharing their struggles with vulnerability. 

This is important because the world would be a much better place if we shared and listened to one another’s true feelings more. 

Fewer people would feel emotionally alone, and we would all see how similar our experiences are.

2) They make great listeners

When you know how to be vulnerable, you also know how to listen to others when they’re being vulnerable. 

Listening is another thing that authentic people do extremely well. 

They treat others with the same respect as they would want to receive, and that includes listening without judgment, not talking over others, or stealing their limelight. 

Rather, authentic people strive to make everyone feel heard and valued.

3) Practice what they preach

Authentic individuals won’t sell out on their values for money, power, or personal gain. 

They live in integrity with their beliefs, values, and morals around how to treat other people, the environment, or themselves.

They are often guided by this set of values and principles and make decisions aligned with these values – even when it’s challenging. They will also turn down an opportunity to take advantage of a situation. 

Authentic people show the same integrity whether they’re around people or alone – following their values is not something they do for validation or praise. 

4) They have empathy

Being authentic requires truly knowing, accepting, and loving yourself. 

And when you accept and love yourself, you can’t help but accept and love others. Don’t ask me why – it’s just the rule of life. 

Authentic people are aware that your relationship with other people is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. 

That’s why they have empathy for others, can put themselves in others’ shoes, and tend to be good at resolving conflicts because their ego isn’t trying to win. 

As a result, authentic people tend to have more authentic connections, of course.

5) They’re not afraid to stand out

It takes great courage to be authentic!

The kind of courage that allows you to wear what you like even if it’s laughed at, say what you mean even if no one agrees, or do things that look silly in public for a bigger purpose. 

It’s not being afraid to stand out against societal norms if it means staying committed to one’s own well-being or someone else’s well-being.

They stay true to their individuality, their unique flavor of experience in the world, and they encourage that in others too. 

Which brings me to the next point:

6) They genuinely want the best for others

Authentic individuals encourage those around them to be brave, bold, and authentic too.

They recognize and celebrate the achievements of others in a way that comes from a pure intention and desire for everyone to succeed. 

This is because, although they might have insecurities, they don’t allow their own insecurities to get in the way of how they see others. 

Authentic people never secretly wish for others to fail just so that they will be seen as better – they aren’t living in a paradigm of comparison. 

7) They’re consistent

Consistency is key to authenticity. 

Authentic people are the same regardless of the situation or audience. They do not put on masks or personas to fit in and gain approval or praise. 

When you’re not trying to impress anyone, all that’s left is to simply be you, and trust that that is always enough. 

8) They have a grateful outlook

Everyone has their bad days, of course.

However, an authentic individual tends to return to an outlook of gratitude eventually, even after reaching their lowest points. 

Because they are truthful about who they are and where they are in life rather than following an illusion or others’ expectations, they have more space to feel gratitude for all the unique experiences and people that give colour to their life. 

They see the real gems in the journey, rather than reaching for an unattainable destination. 

This positive outlook also attracts more positive experiences and meaningful relationships.

9) Learn from failures

Failures are just a part of life. 

We all make them, we can’t avoid them, and it doesn’t help us to ignore that they exist. It helps other people maintain their illusions of us, sure, but it doesn’t help us.

Some people really struggle to accept this – but not authentic individuals. 

Instead of hiding their mistakes, authentic people acknowledge them, accept them, learn from them, and use them to grow and evolve.

They see mistakes and failures as opportunities to grow and become a better version of themselves. 


Authenticity is not just a virtue, but a way of life that impacts not only the individual but also those fortunate enough to cross their path.

It invites others to embrace their own uniqueness, to listen actively, and to practice empathy. Authenticity is a catalyst for deeper connections and healthier relationships.

Moreover, authentic people aren’t afraid to stand out in a world that often encourages conformity. They celebrate individuality and encourage others to be their genuine selves, too. 

Authenticity is truly a lifelong journey. It is a choice of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and continuous growth. 

By embracing vulnerability, practicing empathy, and acting with integrity to your values, you can become one of these inspiring individuals who illuminate the way for others to live a more meaningful and truthful life.

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