People who genuinely care about others usually have these 9 personality traits

by Brendan Brown | January 1, 2024, 6:00 pm

Ever met someone and thought, “Wow, they really get it”? You know, those people who make you feel heard, valued, and just plain human. 

It’s like they have a superpower for kindness, but what is it that sets them apart? 

It turns out, this isn’t just luck or coincidence. 

People who genuinely care about others have some specific traits in common.

Here are the top 9 personality traits that make them the real deal.

1) Empathy: The superpower of feeling with others

What’s the one thing that makes you feel truly understood? 

For most of us, it’s when someone else “gets” what we’re going through. It’s like they have a radar for our emotions. 

That’s what we call empathy.

Picture this: You’ve just had the worst day ever, and you’re venting to a friend. Instead of offering unsolicited advice or turning the spotlight back on them, they simply listen. 

They nod. They make that “I totally get you” face. 

It’s as if they’re feeling the emotional weight right alongside you.

Well, here’s the thing:

Empathy isn’t just understanding what someone else is going through. It’’s the ability to put yourself in their shoes and feel it too. 

So the next time someone shows you a slice of genuine empathy, know that it’s more than just a social skill. It’s a sign of someone who genuinely cares.

How’s that for a superpower, right?

2) Active listening: When ears do more than just hear

Ever been in a conversation where you felt like you were just talking to a wall? 

We’ve all been there. Now, let’s flip the script. 

Remember that heart-to-heart you had where you felt truly heard? 

In that moment, I bet you experienced what I like to call “active listening.”

The simple truth is that active listening isn’t just about hearing words — it’s an interactive process. 

I mean, how many times have we found ourselves “listening” while actually just planning what we’re going to say next? Guilty as charged, right?

But when someone really cares, they tune in—body language, tone, the whole shebang.

And you know what else?

Active listening doesn’t just make you feel good. It builds trust and lays the foundation for deeper emotional connections. 

It’s the kind of listening that turns acquaintances into lifelong friends. 

3) Emotional intelligence: The brain behind the heart

You’ve probably heard the term “emotional intelligence” or “EQ” tossed around like it’s the secret sauce to becoming a Wall Street magnate.

But here’s an interesting fact: a high EQ is a better predictor of success in life and work than a high IQ. 

Yes, you read that right. 

People who are good at understanding feelings often do better in life than those who just score high on a test.

How so?

Well, emotional intelligence is all about ‘getting’ emotions — both yours and other people’s.

Ever been around someone who just knows what to say, when to say it, or when to give you some space? 

That’s EQ in action. 

And I find it amazing how some people can just pick up on the vibe and act in a way that makes everyone more comfortable.

So, what is emotional intelligence? It’s like having a sixth sense of feelings. You know when to cheer someone up, when to listen, and when to just let them be. 

And if someone has that knack for making you feel at ease, that’s a good sign they genuinely care.

4) Reliability: Always there when you need them

Who’s the first person you call when your car breaks down, or when you need advice on a touchy subject? 

Just think about it.

We all have that one person we can count on, rain or shine. Trust me — that’s what reliability is all about.

Here are a few signs that someone is super reliable:

  • Always on time
  • Keeps promises
  • Easy to reach when you need them

For example, if your car breaks down, you simply just cou call them, and boom — they’re there. 

No drama, no fuss. 

They’re the kind of friend who helps you move apartments, not just the one who shows up to the housewarming party. 

5) Generosity: It’s about giving, not taking


You know that friend who never hesitates to share or lend a hand? 

Maybe they always seem ready to offer a listening ear or even their last slice of pizza.

Well, let me tell you that this is about more than just doing a good deed — it’s about a spirit of generosity that comes without expecting anything in return

Sounds intriguing, right?

Sure, life’s about give and take, reciprocity, and all that social norms

But with these people, they aren’t calculating what they’ll get back from you. 

It’s like they give freely, making you feel valued and important. 

If this sounds familiar, then I’m sure about one thing:

If you have someone like this in your life, that’s not just good fortune. Instead, it’s a clear sign they genuinely care. 

6) Authenticity: They’re real, and that’s rare

Want to know what’s my personal favorite trait when it comes to genuine people?

Simply put, they’re themselves.

Let’s get real for a second. 

In a world of filtered selfies and rehearsed replies, finding someone who’s authentically themselves is like finding a diamond in the rough. 

I mean, how refreshing is it to meet someone who’s not trying to impress anyone, who doesn’t put on a show?

Authentic people aren’t wearing masks. They show you their flaws, their quirks, and sometimes their annoying habits. 

But that’s what makes them genuine. 

They’re not out there pretending to be something they’re not just to get likes or approval. 

And if someone’s not afraid to show you their real self, believe me: that’s a pretty raw and honest sign they truly care about you. Because genuine care starts with being genuine, period.

7) Independence: Sometimes, caring means stepping back

I bet this sounds a bit counter-intuitive, to you. But let me explain why genuine people tend to step back.

We often think that people who care about us want to be around us all the time. 

But that’s not always true. 

Sometimes, the most caring thing a person can do is give you the space to be yourself, make your own mistakes, and find your own way. 

Think about it this way:

Ever had someone who trusted you enough to say, “I think you’ve got this, but I’m here if you need me”? 

That’s what real caring is about sometimes. 

It’s not just about being there to catch you when you fall. It’s also about stepping back enough to let you walk on your own. 

So if someone gives you room to breathe but is still there when you need a safety net, they’re showing a complex, nuanced kind of care that speaks volumes.

8) Encouragement: They’re your biggest cheerleader

We all like hearing “good job” or “you’re amazing,” don’t we?

But the people who genuinely care go beyond the applause when you’re already winning. 

They’re the ones cheering you on when you’re still practicing, still stumbling, and not sure if you can make it. 

Take this example: 

You tell your friend about a wild dream you have to start your own business. 

Most people might say, “That’s cool,” and move on. 

But this friend starts sending you links to entrepreneurship courses, asks about your business plan, and even offers to brainstorm ideas with you. 

See? That’s next-level encouragement.

Having someone in your corner who not only applauds your successes but also pushes you to reach even higher? 

That’s another unmistakable sign of someone who genuinely cares.

9) Consistency: They’re the same person, every single time

You’ve met people who are great one day and distant the next, right? 

It’s confusing and, let’s be honest, a bit of a letdown. 

But the ones who genuinely care? 

They are like your favorite old song: always the same and comforting in their predictability. 

What I mean here is that they’re not a fair-weather friend — they’re there through your highs and lows, good days and bad days. 

Remember the last time you went through something tough? 

Chances are, this person didn’t change their tune. They stood by you, unwavering, showing that they’re not just around for the good times. 

This consistency is like a safety blanket in a world that’s always changing.

Final thoughts

We all crave connections with people who truly get us, who make us feel heard and valued

It’s a universal human experience. 

If you’ve found someone who ticks off these 9 traits, know that you’ve struck gold. 

But if you’re still on the hunt, don’t lose heart — these traits are your roadmap to recognizing the real gems out there. 

Whether you’re cherishing a special person in your life or striving to be that person for someone else, you’ve got a clear path ahead. 

So go on, take that step to be genuinely caring. You’re more than up for the challenge!

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