8 personality traits you’ll usually find in a truly genuine person

by Brendan Brown | June 20, 2024, 10:13 am

Authenticity is an esteemed and cherished quality that holds great value. It’s sought after as a true reflection of genuineness and honesty.

I genuinely admire individuals who unapologetically embrace their true selves, radiating sincerity in every action and word.

But what exactly makes a person truly authentic? 

Let’s explore 8 personality traits you’ll usually find in a truly genuine person and discover how each contributes to their authenticity.

These traits could also be those you strive towards in order to become a more genuine and sincere person.

1) Their honesty is top shelf

In this world where truth and deception are intertwined, there’s no more valuable trait than unyielding honesty

Indeed, fake people are lurking everywhere. However, when you come across a genuinely authentic person, their presence is unmistakable. Genuine souls are never afraid to speak their minds, even if it means shaking things up and making others uncomfortable. Brace yourself for their honesty and courage!

No matter the scenario, there’s no facade. They won’t lie or sugarcoat the truth. The transparency of their actions earns them the respect they deserve.

For example, if they feel like a seemingly innocent white lie could still hurt someone, they won’t do it. It simply goes against their values and principles.

You can harness this kind of authenticity by being more mindful of the words you choose to express yourself.

Let’s always remember that honesty should never be an excuse for rudeness or aggression. It’s crucial that we avoid causing harm to someone’s feelings

When dealing with a friend or family member, try to express yourself tactfully so they can still value and grow from your words.

Besides, nothing comes close to the power of raw, honest truth.

2) They have the courage to be vulnerable

When life throws curveballs our way, it’s all too tempting to build walls and conceal our innermost emotions. It’s a protective mechanism that shields us from potential hurt or discomfort.

Genuine individuals don’t need to fear rejection or judgment from others. They don’t crumble and develop low self-esteem when others don’t agree with them. 

Rather, they dig deep and muster the courage to express their vulnerabilities without hesitation.

Being vulnerable helps genuine people feel more connected to the world, providing a sense of purpose and self-confidence—crucial for an authentic life.

Instead of cowering away from what scares you, open up and be vulnerable. The deeper you embrace your true self, the more brilliantly your authenticity will radiate for others to witness and be inspired by.

One way to cultivate this practice is by sharing something meaningful to you. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary or life-changing; instead, focus on something that evokes vulnerability within you.

Like talking about how scared you are of failure, or opening up to your friends and family about a worry that’s been bothering you.

The act of being vulnerable will make your relationship with others more meaningful and authentic.

This leads to my next point:

3) Self-acceptance means embracing imperfections

Consider this fact: negative feedback or criticism can be disheartening. 

Naturally, it’s normal to feel emotional—upset, angry, or frustrated—when someone foolishly belittles you.

But here’s an important truth: genuinely authentic individuals are resilient against discouraging behavior. They firmly believe in themselves, radiating confidence while remaining unaffected by external judgments.

Regardless of others’ words or actions, these exceptional individuals have the strength to acknowledge their imperfections, take responsibility, and learn from experiences. They wholeheartedly embrace self-improvement, rectify mistakes, and evolve holistically in all aspects of life.

That’s the kind of growth mindset everyone should strive for.

Listen, self-acceptance also means it’s okay to make mistakes. 

If you missed a task at work today, go easy on yourself. Start fresh and do better tomorrow.

Moreover, be patient with yourself as you improve. 

Don’t expect overnight success—it takes time to build lasting self-acceptance.

As long as you learn from your failures, there’s nothing wrong with going through life imperfectly. 

4) Their level of empathy is through the roof

Did you know that when you practice empathy, a compassionate connection is formed?

Disagreements don’t have to drive a wedge; embracing diverse perspectives and finding common ground is key.

Genuine people empathize deeply, valuing emotions and connecting with others despite differing opinions. They listen attentively, seeking understanding, responding with kindness and compassion.

Here’s the thing: cultivating empathy isn’t a talent that everyone possesses naturally. It requires dedication and regular practice.

To truly develop empathy, shift your focus towards comprehending where others are coming from. Get into their shoes and lend an ear, truly listening to their perspectives, rather than hastily jumping to conclusions. Let’s bridge the gap and nurture understanding.

You can also open up conversations by asking questions that’ll help explore the other person’s thoughts and opinions more thoroughly.

By creating a safe space, you allow others to freely express their feelings, fostering trust and strengthening your bond. This leads to a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.

5) They consistently walk the talk

It’s true: consistency is a key trait of authenticity. 

Just think about it:

Genuine folks align their words and actions, staying true to their values and principles. They remain unchanged, unwavering in their demeanor, regardless of the situation or the people they encounter.

With their exceptional emotional intelligence, they develop consistency in decision-making, empowering them in life.

That also means genuine people have a clear stance when it comes to defending what’s right or wrong. Even if it results in being unpopular, authentic people will always stand up for what they believe is just and moral.

It’s all about summoning the courage to live out your core values and boldly express your truth, undeterred by external pressures. 

I’m telling you, this trait will get you far in life and help you build meaningful relationships.

So, start small: get into the habit of keeping your word and delivering on your promises. You’ll gain a powerful reputation for being trustworthy over time.

6) They show appreciation and gratitude

Did you know that even the simplest and smallest compliments have tremendous power to uplift your mental health It’s true!

Genuine people embrace appreciation and gratitude to connect with the world around them. They value compliments instead of dismissing them as ‘fluff’.

That’s right, they use words to uplift and show appreciation for others, giving ample credit where it’s due. 

They expect kindness in return, without demanding it. Even if someone’s ungrateful and fails to recognize their effort, genuine people remain confident and move forward.

Moreover, they take time to appreciate even the small moments of joy in life—everything from the beauty of nature to a fantastic dinner with friends. 

To foster gratitude towards authenticity, consider allocating a few minutes each day for reflection on the things you appreciate and expressing your gratitude to those around you.

Write a sincere thank-you message to a colleague who provided exceptional assistance with a project, highlighting the substantial impact their support had.

That’s the kind of meaningful impact genuine people can make.

7) Embraces diversity through open-mindedness

Genuinely authentic individuals possess an open mind and embrace diverse perspectives

Here’s what I mean:

They know growth comes from exposure to diverse ideas, cultures, and experiences. Moreover, new relationships and connections are made possible when you stop to explore the unique perspectives of others. 

It’s all about learning to accept different lifestyles, ideas, and opinions—something we all need to do more often!

The real allure of it resides in its ability to broaden horizons, enhancing one’s existence and nurturing a more compassionate spirit. Being open-minded requires us to consistently question and examine our own beliefs.

If you’re dating someone who comes from a different background, show genuine interest and ask them about their family traditions and cultural upbringing.

Open your ears and truly listen to their stories. Discover the hidden gems that make people truly unique. Embrace the diversity of beliefs and values, and watch yourself grow into a more accepting and understanding individual.

Having an open mind connects you to an ever-evolving world and embraces the uniqueness of others.

8) They remain humble, no matter what

Consider the difference between self-assurance and conceit—this is an important distinction to acknowledge..

Here’s the deal: a genuine person knows the power of humility. 

Remaining humble in every situation keeps them firmly grounded in their beliefs, and they hold themselves accountable for their actions.

You see, authenticity’s not about having a superiority complex or an ego that needs to be fed — it’s about understanding the importance of humility. 

Their non-judgmental nature stems from self-awareness, grounding them and enhancing their resilience. Being honest and embracing imperfections is key.

Remember: genuine people are not defined by success or failures, but find balance in both to shape who they are today.

Stay grounded by immersing yourself in a deeper level of self-reflection.

Embrace moments of introspection, recognizing both your strengths and weaknesses, with an unwavering commitment to personal growth. Remember, it’s absolutely normal to encounter uncertainties or stumble upon mistakes—after all, life’s journey is an eternal quest for knowledge!


Authenticity is a beautiful quality that shines through those who possess these personality traits. 

It may take your whole life to master its complexities and nuances, but it’s totally worth the effort.

These 8 traits are a great starting point for cultivating your own authentic self. 

Consistently practice and embody these habits.. With dedication and hard work, authenticity will become part of your very being, resulting in relationships based on trust and understanding. 

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