7 qualities of people who naturally inspire others

by Brendan Brown | December 16, 2023, 4:14 am

Chances are, we all know someone whose normal habits endlessly inspire us. The things they do stick with us and make us want to do better, be better, and live better.

Sometimes it’s a family member or friend. Sometimes it’s a work colleague or your boss. But whoever it is, there’s something about these people that just fills us with motivation and encouragement.

If you can’t think of anyone who inspires you in life, you may be the person in your life who inspires others!

Want to figure out if that person is you? Let’s explore the 7 qualities of people who naturally inspire others to see if you fit the bill!

1) They give genuine compliments

Inspirational people are kind people. They have a good heart and a good soul, and they naturally see the positives in everyone and everything.

And when you have a positive outlook on life, giving genuine compliments just comes naturally.

Like if their friend is feeling down, they’ll effortlessly find the right things to say to make them feel good about themselves.

And the compliments won’t just be surface level, like saying, “You look nice” or “You’re a nice person”.

It’ll be way more specific and genuine. Like how their new hairstyle shapes their face really well and makes their eyes stand out.

Or how their strength to overcome even the biggest hurdles in life is amazing and something to always be proud of.

2) They are respectful to everyone

No matter who they are or what they do, inspirational people treat everyone with the utmost respect.

They don’t get caught up in petty drama, nor do they try to put others down with their words, actions, or body language.

Almost instinctively, they have respect for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexual preferences, or appearance.

You’ll often find them talking to everyone in the office, even the cleaning and reception staff.

In a superstore, you’ll always find them saying their “Please” and “Thank you”s to the cashier staff.

And in everyday conversations, they naturally do their best to speak inclusively and with respect for the people around them.

3) They are emotionally strong

Some of the most inspirational people are those who are strong, resilient, and can handle whatever life throws their way.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt, sad, or cry on occasion. But it means they push through life’s hardships with a positive mind.

Even if they get beaten down by a bad breakup or an unexpected job loss, they let themselves feel sad and then move on when they’re ready.

I distinctly remember a time one of my friends truly inspired me. She went through a pretty rough breakup and was devastated for a couple of weeks.

But a while later, she had a completely different mindset. Even though she was still sad about what had ended, she was looking forward to the new beginning it had created for her.

She wasn’t saying how she’d never find anyone else, and she’ll never open up to anyone ever again (as, understandably, many people say after a bad breakup).

Instead, she was talking about how she doesn’t have regrets, all she did was love someone and that it didn’t work out for a reason. And she won’t let the past hold her back from trying again.

It was amazing and it’s that kind of emotional strength and maturity that makes some people so naturally inspiring.

4) They are good with their money

Now I don’t necessarily mean “rich” people are naturally inspirational. But people who are generally good with their money can be somewhat inspiring to others.

These aren’t people who necessarily earn lots or own the best of the best. But they get by, and they handle their money well.

Like if they owe a friend money, they’ll pay them back quickly – as soon as the bank details hit the group chat.

If they’re saving up or money is tight, they’ll cancel plans and say no to attending certain events if they need to.

You’ll rarely find them ordering shots for everyone at the bar or dropping $100+ when they’re trying to save for a deposit.

And not because they’re tight with their money. But because their natural instinct is to be sensible with their cash.

5) They are organized and never run late

Have you ever been around an organized person and just felt more organized yourself?

That’s because the habits of organized people are infectious.

If you’re preparing for a meeting with someone who’s highly organized, you’re probably more likely to be organized yourself.

And you’ll pick up habits from them and will likely learn how to be more organized yourself.

Similarly, if you’ve ever dated someone who’s always on time for events, you’ll probably find yourself never running late, too.

Because when other people are organized and on time, it makes you feel more organized and inspired to show up on time, too!

6) They are decisive and take control when they need to

If you’re the inspirational person in your friendship group, you’re probably the person who makes most (if not all) of the decisions.

When everyone is waiting around for someone else to call the shots, you step up and make the (right) decision for everyone.

If you’re faced with a tough decision (or just any decision) in your life, you can make it on your own without the need for others’ input.

Sure, you may ask for advice on occasion. But generally, you’re a decisive person who stands by your choices.

You don’t second guess yourself or keep changing your mind. And it’s this natural habit that is inspirational to others.

7) They know how to be alone

Knowing how to be alone, and enjoying time by yourself, is one of the most important qualities you can possess in life.

Sharing your life with someone, being in a relationship, or socializing should always be something you choose to do, not something you have to do.

An old friend of mine simply couldn’t be alone. Her diary always had to be filled with social events and she’d never sit down by herself for more than 10 minutes. She went through boyfriends very quickly and never spent any time by herself.

While there’s nothing wrong with being active and having plans, there’s a difference between wanting to be around other people and needing it.

Yet another good friend of mine has been single for many years and truly enjoys spending some weekends completely alone.

She even goes to events alone sometimes – because she wants to go and knows she’ll love doing these things by herself.

She’s open to a relationship one day. But she doesn’t need a relationship and won’t settle for company (romantic or otherwise) that she doesn’t enjoy.

And just the fact that she can (and likes to be) alone is a very inspiring quality!

Final thoughts

One of the main reasons why we see some people as inspirational is because they make us feel good.

When we’re around them, we feel positive and enthused. We either want to spend more time around them or want to be more like them – or a bit of both!

More often than not, being inspirational has nothing to do with what you’ve achieved in life or how much money you have.

It’s about your personality traits and how you carry yourself in everyday life – from the things you say to how you treat the people around you.

Possessing these qualities in life can be seen as normal, “around the block” behavior to some people.

And if that’s the case for you, then you’re probably the inspirational friend among everyone you know! 

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