13 signs a woman is truly in love, according to psychology

by Tina Fey | June 22, 2024, 9:44 pm

Have you ever wondered if she’s head over heels for you? Well, we’re here to help you figure it out.

We’ve dug into the world of psychology to identify the real signs of true love in a woman.

Ready to solve this mystery? Let’s go!

1) She’s all ears

A woman who is significantly in love becomes genuinely interested in your life.

She wants to know all about your day, your dreams, your ideas, and your experiences.

She doesn’t just hear; she listens. She’s there for your stories, both the exciting ones and the uninteresting tales.

She engages in your conversations actively, asks follow-up questions, and shows genuine curiosity.

She genuinely values your words and every little detail about you.

So if she’s all ears whenever you talk, it’s clear that she’s in love with you.

2) She opens up

Opening up to someone requires a high level of trust and comfort. And if a woman does this with you indicates she’s in love.

She’ll share her dreams, her fears, and even her insecurities. She will let you see her vulnerable side without fearing being judged.

She trusts you with her deepest thoughts and secrets that she might not have shared with anyone else.

This level of emotional intimacy suggests that she feels deeply connected to and in love with you.

3) You’re important to her

Trust me when I say a woman in love will always make time for you, no matter how busy she is.

I remember when I fell in love. Even with a jam-packed schedule, I found myself prioritizing the person I was in love with.

I would rearrange things, sometimes even at the cost of my sleep, to have that extra hour of conversation.

And it wasn’t a chore; it felt natural because they mattered to me so much. That’s what love does.

When you see a woman do it, it is a beautiful sign that she genuinely loves you.

4) She gives a little

Compromise is a word that holds great importance in every relationship.

When a woman is deeply in love, she understands this and is willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship.

It isn’t a losing or winning game; it’s finding a common ground that keeps both parties happy.

An interesting fact about compromise is that it’s closely related to empathy, a critical ingredient in successful relationships.

Psychologists say that people who empathize with their partners are more likely to compromise in a dispute.

So, if she’s showing signs of compromise, it indicates that she’s in love.

5) She walks her talk

Imagine being with someone who says one thing and does another.

Confusing, right? But when a woman is deeply in love, her words and actions are in perfect harmony.

It’s like a beautiful song where the lyrics and melody blend perfectly, creating a heartfelt symphony.

This theme derives from her respect and love for you. It’s her way of showing that she’s honest about her feelings and that you can trust her.

Ultimately, it isn’t saying “I love you” but proving that love through actions.

When she walks her talk, it’s one of the most heartfelt indicators that she’s genuinely in love with you.

6) She cheers for you

When a woman is in love, she becomes your biggest cheerleader. When I was in love, every success of my partner felt like my own.

I would get incredibly excited about their achievements, even more than they sometimes do, because their happiness made me happy. Their dreams became my dreams, too.

If a woman is there for you, cheering you on, feeling proud of your accomplishments, and celebrating your victories as if they were hers, trust me, she’s in love with you.

7) She introduces you to her crew

Let’s be honest here. If a woman is really into you, she will want to show you off.

It’s her stamping a big, fat “he’s mine” sign on your forehead. She’ll introduce you to her friends, family, and dog.

You’ll meet everyone from her best friend since kindergarten to her eccentric Aunt Mabel. And trust me, that’s a big deal.

It means she’s proud to be with you and wants the world to know it.

If you’re getting introduced around, she’s not just casually dating you. She’s in love.

8) She talks about ‘us’

When a woman starts using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ while discussing plans, it’s a powerful sign of her love for you.

It means she sees you as a part of her life going forward.

These words show a shared identity and interdependence, critical elements of love.

When she’s talking about ‘us’ while discussing the future, it strongly hints that she’s genuinely in love with you.

9) You’re special to her

What is the most unmistakable sign a woman is in love? She’ll make you feel special.

When I was in love, I would go out of my way to make my partner feel cherished.

Making their favorite homemade cookies on a random Tuesday or a simple text message saying, “I’m thinking of you,” because I wanted them to feel how much they meant to me.

When a woman truly loves you, she’ll do these little things too.

She’ll show you in ways big and small that you have a unique place in her heart.

These everyday gestures of love tell you just how special you are to her.

10) She’s willing to fight

Let’s cut to the chase. Love isn’t all sunshine and roses. When a woman is really in love, she will fight with you.

Why? Because she cares. She cares enough to argue, stand her ground, and ensure the relationship is the best it can be.

If she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t bother. She’d walk away. So yes, fights can be challenging but also a sign of deep love.

11) She includes you in her life

When a woman is in love, you’re not just a part of her life. You are her life. She’ll want you there for the big things – birthdays, holidays, career moves.

On the other hand, she’ll also want you there for the small things – grocery shopping, coffee runs, late-night TV binges.

Every moment becomes better because you’re in it.

12) She’s patient with you

Love requires patience, and a woman in love understands that. She knows you’re not perfect (no one is) and is willing to be patient with you, your quirks, and your flaws.

She doesn’t expect instant change or perfection because real love means accepting someone as they are.

13) She forgives you

If a woman truly loves you, she’ll forgive you. Not because she’s weak or lets people walk over her, but because she chooses love over holding grudges.

Remember, forgiveness isn’t a signal of weakness but strength and love.

These signs are honest and raw. They might not always be pretty or romantic, but they’re real. And real love is about accepting the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

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