9 signs you have a charming personality that easily wins people over

by Marcel Deer | July 2, 2024, 11:13 am

Have you ever wondered if you’re charming?

I don’t mean in a romantic sense. I mean, you just have a great personality that people admire and appreciate.

To be honest, most people who are charming like this probably already know it because they get told all the time. Yes, we’re not normally so keen on telling people to their faces that they have nasty, toxic personalities.

But lovely personalities? No problem!

Still, you may not be sure if you should trust what you’ve heard, or you may not have heard anything. Some of us live in places where it’s weird to compliment others, after all!

Well, lucky for you, there are a whole host of other clues that can let you know if people really appreciate you.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of nine signs you have a charming personality that easily wins people over.

1) Your smile is infectious.

Do find yourself smiling at others and getting a smile right back every single time?

Or do you see people around you smiling when you’re there, though they weren’t smiling before you walked into the room?

If you do and you wonder what’s going on – could they even be laughing at you? – the answer is probably that you just have a really infectious smile and positivity about you.

This makes other people unable to keep themselves grim and grumpy in your presence. Like a cute little kitten or a glistening rainbow, your smile makes other people smile instinctively.

My friend Rhae is like this.

She’s an incredibly jolly person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a bright smile and a great laugh, and everywhere she goes, these two things light up the way for her.

They also make everyone she meets immediately like her. Seriously – I’ve never met anyone who didn’t!

2) People follow your example.

One great sign that you have a charming personality is that people follow your example.

I don’t want to go so far as to say that they copy you, but this might be the case sometimes. Instead, what I’m referring to is that they make clear decisions to do a lot of the things that you do.


Because they think you have a great personality, and they’re happy to go along with what you’re doing.

In case you don’t know what I mean, here are a few examples.

At a restaurant, you order the Baja tacos and tell other people they’re sublime. People you’re with order them, too, and maybe even the people at the next table after they see you enjoying your meal.

Or perhaps in the winter, you wear a really bright, cheery scarf to the office. The next week, you notice other people adding bright, cheerful accessories to contrast the blah of their winter outfits.

These are just a couple of simple examples of a phenomenon that may follow you through your whole life. People see that you’re lovely and charming and consciously or not, they follow your example.

3) You don’t judge others.

If you have a personality that everyone appreciates, a big part of it might be because you’re not judgmental, and people feel it.

It’s so much easier to win people over or gain friends when you’re open and friendly.

People end up feeling safe with you right from the start. They pick up on the fact that you’re not going to judge them on who they are or what they do like so many other people would.

For that reason, you’ll find that you have friends of all stripes.

While most people tend to stick with people they feel are in the same group as them based on style, economic level, interests, or whatever, your people aren’t like that.

People from all sorts of groups and backgrounds feel drawn to you because you make them feel safe and respected, and they certainly find you charming.

4) People come to you for help.

Not sure if people find you charming?

One great sign to check for is if people come to you when they need help.

Wouldn’t they normally go to a skilled problem-solver or someone with piles of resources?

Yes, except those people aren’t always all that approachable, are they?

But you are.

That’s why people still go to you when they need to talk about their problems or the issues they’re facing. They simply find your personality comforting, and so when they don’t feel great, your charm wins them over.

5) You’re elected leader often.

This can happen at the office or even in your social groups.

If you find yourself being nominated for positions often and being elected as well, there could be a few good reasons why.

Of course, this could be because of your talent and knowledge; there’s no question.

But lots of people are talented and knowledgeable. That doesn’t mean they all get elected to be leaders.

People generally want their leaders to be inspiring, convincing, and likable. So if you are all these things on top of the skills and abilities you have, you’ll probably attract people to you.

And they’ll ask you again and again to lead or represent them.

6) Others respect your fairness.

One big part of a charming, likable personality is a sense of fairness and equality.

Do you treat everyone with respect? Does everyone know that you’re a fair person and an honest judge of character?

If so, you’ll notice that people bring situations to you to get your opinion. They might even ask you to adjudicate competitions or even help resolve disputes.

Trust me, people don’t go to just anyone when they need a fair arbitrator. They look to someone that all sides can respect and appreciate.

So if you find that people frequently come to you when they need fairness and representation, it’s a good sign that they truly appreciate your winning personality.

7) People always have nice words to say about you.

If you’re not sure if people think you have a charming personality, you could just ask.

Or if you’re a bit too shy to do that, you can keep your ears open and listen to what people say about you, both directly and behind your back.

Wait, how can you find out what people say about you behind your back!?

The rumor mill, of course. You can ask someone you trust what others say about you, and they should steer you right.

Essentially, you’re listening for comments about you being charming, lovely, or well-liked.

People will frequently tell you right to your face that you’re great or that they love you. Naturally, you need to look at their body language and motives to judge whether they’re being genuine or not.

But if you’re sure they are, it’s probably just true that you have a very charming personality that people just adore!

8) New people are attracted to you like a magnet.

My mother is like this.

Bless her; she’s a really wonderful lady who is full of compassion and kindness.

You know how cats always seem to walk up to the one person in the room who hates cats and start rubbing against their legs?

My mom’s the opposite, I guess.

Instead of attracting haters, she attracts new people who want to meet someone nice and have a great conversation.

It could be the way she holds herself or smiles at strangers, but they always seem to know instinctively that she’s a really safe and lovely person to talk to.

Seriously, we can be in a checkout line or in a doctor’s waiting room, and a new person will always talk to my mom before anyone else. And it usually doesn’t just stop at small talk, either.

She almost always ends up with connections and new friends wherever she goes. I think it’s a combination of her being very open and accepting and having a truly charming personality that people immediately pick up on.

9) You’re never chosen last.

Remember that poor kid who was always the last one picked for sports teams or when you made groups for projects at school?

They were probably just uncoordinated or shy or both, but they had to live with the unfortunate circumstance of being perpetually picked last.

But if you have a charming personality that everyone likes, you were probably never picked last and still aren’t, even if you don’t have the best other skills for what the team is doing.

And you were probably also the only one who befriended that kid back in school because you’re good with everyone!

Bottom line

These nine signs you have a charming personality that easily wins people over are going to be present in all aspects of your life.

All you have to do is pay attention and look for them.

Once you uncover these clues, you can be sure that people are really smitten with your personality and genuinely appreciate you for who you are.

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