10 signs you’re a naturally curious person who loves to learn new things

by Brendan Brown | March 16, 2024, 8:18 pm

Are you always asking questions? Debating who, what, when, where, and why?

Never feeling bored of the world around you?

Then you could be a naturally curious person who loves to learn new things.

Being curious sometimes gets a bad rep (ever heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat?”), but it definitely isn’t a bad trait to have.

In fact, new research has found a link between being curious and having a high IQ!

Think you’re a naturally curious person? Check out these 10 experiences you can probably relate to.

1) You love falling asleep to podcasts, YouTube videos, or online articles

When you’re a naturally curious person, every moment is an opportunity to learn. Even before you fall asleep at night!

When you first get into bed, your instinct is rarely to just shut your eyes and fall asleep.

Instead, you love nothing more than loading up something interesting on the web to read or hitting play on a YouTube video.

And it’s normally something interesting that teaches you something or helps you learn more about yourself.

2) You’re always looking up random things online

If a friend wanted to search the web or YouTube on your phone, you’d feel a little nervous!

Purely because you don’t know what kind of random questions you’ve been searching online or what your last tab reads.

It could be anything – from why fish have gills to what the meaning of life is.

3) Your first response is always a question

When someone asks you a question, even if it’s a simple yes-or-no answer, you’ll most likely answer it with another question.

Like if someone asks what you want to drink, you’ll ask what the options are.

Or if a friend invites you out tonight, you’ll ask where, what time, and who’s going.

Or even when a colleague asks your advice on a situation, you’ll ask at least five more questions before actually giving your advice.

Why? Because your inquisitive nature needs to know all the details before you can decide on something!

4) You love reading and getting lost in a story

It doesn’t have to be non-fiction (but you do love a fantasy novel!). It could even be an online account of someone’s life or an autobiography.

Whatever it is, the story of someone’s life is fascinating to you – and you love reading to learn a new perspective or just gain something new.

5) You find it hard to decide on just one career path

Another sign you’re a naturally curious person is if you struggle to choose just one job to do.

In school, if people asked what you wanted to do when you grew up, the answer changed all the time.

At college, the idea of a thousand jobs sounds fascinating to you – and you want to know more before ever deciding.

As an adult, browsing a job board leaves you lost in the possibilities of what career paths you could choose.

6) You think more than you speak

When you’re a naturally curious person, you’re also very introspective.

If someone tells you a story, you like to take it all in and soak in every word.

Sometimes, you may have a thousand questions as soon as they’ve finished speaking.

But other times, you’ll have none.

Because you’ll be thinking about everything they’ve said in so much detail to decide what to think about it.

When you go to bed that night, your brain might be reeling with questions.

And the next time you see or speak to them, you’ll fire a million questions at them to learn everything you need to know.

7) You sometimes get called nosy

Because you’re so naturally curious, you often ask questions that can be a little personal to some people.

For you, your mind knows no bounds in what’s a good and bad question to ask – or when you might be crossing the line.

You just want to know because the thought enters your head.

And while there’s nothing wrong with being curious, it can cause some people to feel a little uncomfortable.

And because of it, your friends and family may sometimes call you nosy.

8) You enjoy taking risks

When you’re a curious person, risk-taking is a part of your everyday life.

You never know what’s in store for you unless you try it.

So when people say to you, “Do you think we should try that new restaurant?” or “I’m not sure it’s a good idea, we’ve never been there before” – you genuinely can’t understand it.

Because for you, life is all about trying new things and taking a few risks along the way.

And that doesn’t mean you’re a reckless person who quits your job on a whim or books a flight abroad with a few hours to spare.

It just means you’re happy to step outside of your comfort zone every so often to see what lies outside of it!

9) You’re comfortable saying “I don’t know”

Curious people aren’t often very stubborn. They know they have nothing to prove by admitting that they don’t know something.

Because when they do confess that they don’t know the answer, it leads to them learning new things.  

Which is exactly what they want.

They always question why someone would lie that they know something when they don’t.

Because how would they ever learn half the things they know if they didn’t ask?

10) You rarely ever feel bored

Another sign you’re a naturally curious person is if you rarely ever feel bored.

The world and even your own brain have so much going on – so how could you ever feel bored in your life?

Even if there’s nothing to do around you, you’ll either find something to do, a topic to discuss, or a thing to think about to pass the time.

Ultimately, being bored just isn’t in your nature. Because the world is way too big for that!

Final thoughts

Being a naturally curious person is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, it can leave you feeling very misunderstood.

When you ask questions, take time to ponder things, or say you don’t know something – some people can think you’re very innocent, naïve, or unintelligent.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we mentioned earlier, research has found that curiosity is a sign that a person is very smart.

Because when you ask questions, you open yourself up to more opportunities to grow intellectually.

And that’s never a bad thing.

So no matter what other people tell you, never let them dull your curious spark – and keep wondering and asking!

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