6 signs you’re dating someone with genuine emotional depth

by Isabel Cabrera | February 13, 2024, 12:56 am

So, you’re currently in a relationship and things have been going quite well.

You want to take the relationship a step further, especially since your partner seems interested and willing to get to know you on a much deeper level. 

But you catch yourself wondering if they actually mean everything they say.

Today, we’ll explore 6 signs that show your partner is truly someone who wants to get to know you at a deeper level.

1) They respect your boundaries

Just because the two of you are dating doesn’t mean you always have to do things together. 

There will be times when you’ll need your own space, and the length of time is determined by each individual. 

Someone with true emotional depth knows when and how to give the other person the time they need for themselves.

Sure your partner may prefer if the both of you spent time together, but because they care for your needs, they respect your preferences.

Boundaries also extend to decision-making. If you change your mind about something because it makes you uncomfortable, they will understand and respect your decision.

Of course, if this decision involves them as well, it’s good to have a conversation about it before settling on a course of action.

Ultimately, someone with genuine emotional depth cares as much for your needs as they do theirs (maybe even more).

2) They’re honest

Honesty is the foundation for healthy relationships. There shouldn’t be a need to hide anything from the other person. This includes feelings, emotions, and even actions – the things you do day to day.

If you feel that there’s a need to hide, ask yourself why. Is it for fear of being judged? Or is it because you’re doing something that you probably shouldn’t?

Whatever it is, let your partner know. You may not need to spill every secret that you have since growing up, but you should not feel the need to intentionally keep them in the dark about what you get up to during the day.

Another indicator that people often use, is how comfortable they are with their partner going through their phones.

My friends who are married to each other, are able to access the other person’s phone at any given time. They’re able to unlock each other’s phones as well.

Someone with true emotional depth understands that secrecy in a relationship is something that may need to be checked.

3) Both of you communicate openly 

Both of you feel that the other person is a safe space because of the strong level of trust built up between the two of you.

You’re comfortable expressing your thoughts and emotions freely because you know that your partner will react openly and honestly, whether it’s to support, encourage, or dissuade.

I’ve seen relationships where one party feels anxious or scared before they share their thoughts, as they’re worried that the other person may judge, ridicule, or react negatively. 

Some may even be unwilling to open up about their lives, despite having been together with that person for a while.

The willingness to openly communicate with the other person is a clear indicator of a person’s emotional depth.

Are you willing to let the other person into parts of your life that you may not have shared with anyone else? They’ll see you for who you are – flaws, strengths, and everything in between.

If the answer is yes, then you do have a good thing going on. Not everyone is able to attain this level of open communication. 

4) They have empathy

One of the biggest green flags in a relationship is the other party’s ability to understand you. And this is something that one must be willing to do.

Empathy is a difficult feeling to master, as it requires putting aside who you are, to step into the shoes of another person. Not everyone can do this.

It takes humility and a whole lot of character.

If you’re dating someone with true emotional depth, sometimes, you may realize that when they’re upset, it affects your mood as well. When they’re happy and excited, you’re not only happy with them, but for them as well. 

There’s a deep emotional connection that unites the both of you and shows that the two of you care for each other very much.

5) They’re supportive 

Another sign that they have genuine emotional depth is how supportive they are of you

When you share your ambitions and goals, do they encourage you to achieve them? Are they willing to help you achieve these as well?

To me, this is another big green flag in a relationship. They’re willing to run alongside you as you chase your dreams.

They see you in their future, and you see them in yours.

There’ll be good and bad days, but rest assured – they’ll be there to see these through with you. Even if it means giving you some tough love just to get you going again. 

All because they love you and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Because when you’re happy, they’re happy too.

6) They’re willing to listen

It’s one thing to listen to someone, and another to truly listen. The first involves hearing the words spoken, and the second comprises active listening.

They set aside all distractions like putting down their phones, stopping whatever they’re doing or thinking about, and letting you have that space to share whatever is on your mind. They may nod their head, lean in, or even mirror your emotions and body language.

At the end of the day, you feel seen and heard. They fully understand what you’re going through.

And because of this, you know each other inside and out.

By spending time with each other while being fully present, you’ll be able to connect with that person at a much deeper level.


Do you recognize these signs in your relationship? If so, that person’s a keeper.

The process of finding the right person can be tough, and you’re truly lucky to have found someone with true emotional depth.

But if you feel that some things are lacking in your relationship, consider speaking to your partner about it.

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