10 signs you’re a genuine person, according to psychology

by Pearl Nash | March 15, 2024, 10:31 pm

We’re all born with a genuine self. 

But societal pressures would have us believe that we need to be like everyone else, and be someone that’s “perfect,” “nice,” and “polished.”

Maybe you’ve noticed how your mother says things she doesn’t mean just to be well-liked by your neighbors.

Or you’ve seen how your friends turn into someone you don’t recognize because that’s how they think “a proper individual” should act.

But you, luckily, have remained genuine.

Here are 10 signs you’re a genuine person, according to psychology.

1) You’re an open book

You have no inhibitions, no secrets, no hidden aspects of yourself. You’re out there living your life for the world to see!

Of course, you know how to read a room. 

You don’t go around talking about how your date went when your bestie’s in a bad mood. Hey, you’re socially intelligent.

But if they ask about it, you’d give them a quick recap (and maybe even a few juicy bits, if they insist).

When people talk about personal stuff, you’re always willing and comfortable to listen and share. Nothing’s “too personal” for you.

Being open allows you to show your genuine self.

And according to psychologist Theresa DiDonato, this facilitates intimacy, which is essential in forming strong relationships.

So, if you consider yourself an open book, you’re more genuine than the average Jane or Joe. And this could be the reason why fostering intimate connections also comes easier to you than most.

2) You’re not scared to say what’s on your mind

While you don’t go around telling others your hot takes and unsolicited advices (you’re genuine, not an assh*le), you readily give them your two cents when they actually ask you for it.

There may be times, though, when you can’t help but say what needs to be said. 

Some truths may be brutal, but essential, after all. And this is something you don’t shy away from— especially if you’re not hurting anyone. 

For example, when a 3-star Michelin restaurant serves soup that’s too bitter, you’d say it. 

“Bleeh. This soup is too bitter!”

For you, there’s no reason to pretend. And this candidness often creates relief in social situations, as you often voice out what everyone else is thinking. 

3) You’re highly principled

You have principles and values — and you make your decisions based on them.

If you think that cheating is bad, you won’t cheat — not even once, not even for just a little bit, and not even when your partner isn’t deserving of your steadfast loyalty.

That’s because you always want your actions to match your own personal code of ethics.

And if they don’t, you’re able to hold yourself accountable, and reflect on your actions. 

In doing so, you move forward with a stronger determination to always be loyal to your core values.

4) You embrace your flaws and quirks

You’re aware that no one is flawless. So why try to pretend otherwise?

Sure, when you were younger, it was still challenging for you to accept them. 

But now?

You’re totally fine with them. 

In fact, you’re able to embrace them and you know that these little oddities make you even more endearing. 

5) You can laugh at yourself

Not only have you accepted your flaws, you can actually laugh at them!

Research suggests that a good way to spot self-awareness (an important skill and trait in being a genuine person) is by looking for a healthy dose of self-deprecating sense of humor

You don’t hide your flaws and get butt-hurt when others point them out.

Instead, you’re the first to acknowledge them and bring them out in the open. 

Because, hey, a show of perfection gets boring without a few highlights on your flaws! 

Besides, nobody’s perfect. So, why get hung-up on imperfection?

6) You’re immune to peer pressure

People-pleasers are the ones who usually bend to peer pressure.

They’ll try to do things just to impress others, or because they don’t want to be hated or ostracized.

Luckily, you really don’t give a damn. 

In fact, you’re against conforming. And according to research done by Francesca Gino, this allows you to be more genuine and perform at a higher level, especially in your career.

Why do we have to drink beer, if we really don’t want to?

Why do we have to pretend that we agree on something if deep inside, we don’t?

Why do we have to wear a dress to a wedding, if it makes us uncomfortable?

You’d do anything to protect your authenticity. 

And if it means disappointing others? So be it.

7) You have an ultra sensitive bullshit detector

Because you’re a genuine person, it’s so easy for you to spot a fake.

You can read the body language of someone who’s desperate to impress others.

You can tell by the words they use when they just want to sound smart or convincing. 

This is the reason why you don’t get fooled easily. 

You know when people are trying to do things and say things in an effort to manipulate others’ impression of them. 

8) You can’t be easily manipulated

Genuine people are immune to the tactics of manipulators.

Manipulative tricks just don’t work on them!

They can easily sense when someone is trying to make them do things they genuinely don’t want to do.


Because they’re so used to honoring their authentic self.

The moment someone tries to control them, they go “Hmm, this doesn’t feel right. This goes against who I am”…and they’d call the situation out, or stay away.

9) You can’t stand fake people

Genuine people cringe when they see inauthenticity.

If someone is usually quiet and all of a sudden, they become a chatterbox, a genuine person can tell… and it’ll automatically make them think something’s off.

And if someone is being too nice because they want to get something out of it, they’re able to see through the facade, and they’d keep their interactions brief.

People gravitate towards those who are like them. 

In the same way, genuine people are repelled by those who put up an act.

10) You’d rather be alone than in bad company

We all can remain genuine… if only we cared less about other people’s approval.

Sadly, most of us do.

Most of us would pretend we like certain things if that means gaining “friends.”

Most of us would talk about certain topics just to appear smart and interesting.

Part of it is human nature. 

We’re social creatures and we need friendships and relationships.

But those who are genuine remain so, because they’d prefer their own company rather than being in an environment that forces them to be something they’re not. 

Final thoughts

If you found that you can relate to all the ten things above, bravo! 

You’re indeed a genuine person.

Be proud of yourself because being a genuine person isn’t easy to do. And it’s definitely not easy to maintain in a world that often tells us to assimilate and follow societal norms. 

If you’re working on being more authentic, know that the first thing to do is to look inward instead of outward.

Learning how to honor YOUR own codes even when they’re at odds with everyone else’s can be challenging and solitary. But this is the only way to get you closer to your genuine self.

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