11 simple habits that can make you happier right now

by Brendan Brown | September 25, 2023, 11:15 pm

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list, even though you’re constantly busy and multitasking?

Trust me, you’re not alone in this struggle. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

So, how can you turn things around? 

The secret might just lie in cultivating 11 simple, inspiring habits that can infuse a touch of joy into your everyday life.

1) Designate a time for self-reflection

In our busy lives, we often forget to check in with ourselves. 

But you know what?

Designating a time for self-reflection, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, can dramatically improve our self-awareness and inner peace

And I mean, really commit to it. 

Turn off your devices, step away from your hectic schedule, and find a quiet spot to just be alone with your thoughts

Use this time to assess your day, your achievements, and areas you think need improvement. 

This daily check-in with yourself can help you stay aligned with your goals and aspirations.

2) Create and maintain a clutter-free environment

I know this might sound weird but trust me: 

A clutter-free environment is synonymous with a clutter-free mind. 

Imagine this: your desk is an explosion of papers, pens, and half-finished cups of coffee. Everywhere you look, it’s chaos. 

Not exactly a Zen garden, right?

So here’s the hack: dedicate a few minutes at the end of each day to bring some order to the madness. 

Now, I can almost hear you asking, “Where do I even start?” 

Start small if it feels overwhelming. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to declutter one part of your room or house.

 You’ll be surprised how much this simple act can lift your spirits and improve your productivity.

3) Incorporate mindful breathing into your daily routine

Now that we’ve tackled our mental space and physical space, let’s focus on something even more fundamental – our breathing. 

It’s easy to dismiss mindful breathing as another wellness fad, but guess what?

Science backs its benefits!

Deep, controlled breaths can help decrease stress, improve mental clarity, and even boost your mood. 

Try this: set periodic reminders on your phone to take a minute and focus on your breath. Notice the air filling your lungs and leaving your body. 

Do this a few times a day, and you’ll find yourself feeling more centered and less anxious.

4) Develop a regular creative outlet

Here’s a fun one. 

Make time for a creative outlet. 

This might sound indulgent, especially when you’re grappling with a to-do list that never seems to end. 

But creativity is a powerful form of self-expression and stress relief. 

It can be anything that you enjoy – painting, playing a musical instrument, writing, or even knitting.

Remember: the goal is not to create a masterpiece, but to find joy and a sense of achievement in the process.

5) Explore new places locally

Who said adventures only happen in far-off places? 

Exploring local sites can be just as exciting and refreshing! 

If you’re stuck in a rut, feeling like every day is a carbon copy of the last, here’s what you should do:

Try exploring new places in your local area. 

Whether it’s a hidden park, a quaint coffee shop, or a historical site, local adventures can break the monotony of routine and stimulate your senses. 

Plus, discovering new places cultivates curiosity and broadens your perspective — factors that can undoubtedly boost your happiness quotient.

6) Try a new recipe every week

Now, let’s bring some adventure into your kitchen. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, cooking can be a therapeutic and creative outlet. 

So, here’s the thing:

Trying a new recipe every week can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only do you get to taste something new, but you also learn a new skill in the process.

And you know what?

Don’t worry about creating restaurant-quality dishes. 

Just have fun with it.

So, dust off that cookbook or search for exciting recipes online and embark on a gastronomical adventure right in your kitchen!

7) Start a plant collection at home

Speaking of simple pleasures, have you ever thought about starting a plant collection at home? 

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, nurturing a plant can be incredibly therapeutic. 

How so?

Well, watching your plants grow and thrive can give you a sense of accomplishment and connection with nature.

And who knows, you might discover a new hobby in the process!

8) Listen to a podcast or audiobook on a new topic

Curiosity piqued yet?

It’s about time we bring some intellectual stimulation to your daily routine.

Enter podcasts and audiobooks, my friends.

They’re like cool, knowledgeable buddies who are always ready to dive into a new topic. History, science, pop culture, self-improvement – the possibilities are endless.

Imagine this: you’re preparing dinner or commuting to work, all while learning something new. Sounds cool, right?

And the best part?

These digital platforms are loaded with content that can broaden your horizons, ignite new interests, and yes, even make your day a tad bit happier.

Go on, hit the play button, and let the learning begin.

9) Plan micro-adventures over the weekend

Feeling like your weekends blend together in a blur of monotony? 

Here’s what it means:

It’s time to break free from the routine and infuse some excitement into your weekends with micro-adventures.

Trust me, after a hectic week, there’s nothing like a small adventure to rejuvenate your spirit. 

So, ask yourself: 

What have you always wanted to do nearby but never got around to? Is there a hiking trail, a cozy café, or a quaint town waiting to be explored? 

These micro-adventures don’t require much planning or time, but they can do wonders for your mood and outlook.

Plus, they give you something to look forward to at the end of the week!

10) Choose to be present at the moment

Ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation, only to realize you were mentally miles away?

It happens to the best of us.

But here’s the thing: being present at the moment, or mindfulness, as the Zen masters call it, can dramatically enhance our day-to-day happiness.

Sounds simple, but it can be surprisingly tough to practice.

So how can you master this?

Start by consciously focusing on what you’re doing. Whether it’s having a chat with a friend, eating lunch, or simply going for a walk, make it a point to be fully engaged.

Slow down, take in the details, and savor the experiences.

The more you practice being in the moment, the richer your experiences will become. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

11) Initiate random acts of kindness

Last but not least, try incorporating random acts of kindness into your life. 

It can be as simple as buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or sending an appreciative note to a colleague. 

Such gestures not only brighten someone else’s day but also boost your happiness.

Here’s how it works: sprinkle small acts of kindness throughout your day, like little drops of joy.

It can be as simple as holding the door for someone, offering a genuine compliment, or buying a coffee for the person behind you in line.

Make it a weekly habit. You’ll be amazed at how much joy it brings to your life and those around you.

So, what’s your act of kindness going to be today?

Final thoughts

As you can see, the key to greater happiness lies not in grand gestures, but in the simple habits we incorporate into our daily lives. 

Yes, life can be chaotic and overwhelming, but with these practices, you can inject a bit of joy into every day, making your journey more fulfilling and content.

Remember, life’s too short to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of busyness. Make time for yourself, explore, learn, and above all, enjoy the journey. 

So, which of these habits are you going to adopt today?

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