8 things you don’t know you’re doing because you’re an introvert

by Lachlan Brown | May 26, 2024, 6:54 pm

Ever wondered why you like being by yourself more than with a crowd? Or why you feel tired after hanging out with friends?

That’s because you could be an introvert. But hey, it’s cool being an introvert. 

But sometimes, we introverts do stuff that even we don’t understand.

So, we’ve made a list just for you. This list will help you understand why you do the things you do and show you that being an introvert is pretty awesome.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about yourself, stick around.

Let’s get this party started. And by party, we mean sitting comfortably on your own, maybe with a nice cup of tea, reading this.

Sounds good, right? Let’s go!

1. You Seek Out Alone Time After Social Events

Ever find yourself sneaking off to a quiet corner during a party or making an early exit and wondering why?

You’re not anti-social, my friend – you’re simply an introvert

Introverts tend to get overwhelmed by too much social stimulation.

That’s because your brain is wired to react more intensely to social interactions. 

This can make parties, networking events, or even just a lunch out with friends feel like they’re draining the life out of you.

After these social outings, you might find yourself seeking alone time to recharge your mental batteries.

This could be in the form of reading a book, listening to your favorite songs, or just sitting quietly and daydreaming.

This isn’t weird – it’s your way of re-energizing.

So, next time you feel the urge to step away from the crowd, don’t second guess yourself.

You’re not being rude, you’re just being you. Embrace your need for solitude, it’s your secret weapon to recharge!

2. You Think Before You Speak

Ever been in a group conversation where you seem to be the last one to respond?

Or maybe you’ve had moments where you couldn’t say what you wanted to right away and it only made perfect sense in your head hours after the conversation ended?

Hey, no worries! You’re not slow. You’re not weird. You’re an introvert, and that’s perfectly okay.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there myself – amidst a quickfire conversation, only to find my thoughts trailing behind.

The truth is, as introverts, we tend to process things deeply.

We prefer fully forming our thoughts before we voice them out, ensuring what we say is meaningful and well-considered.

It’s like we have a little editor living in our brains, diligently proofreading every word before it gets the green light.

While it might seem like a disadvantage in a world that often values quick responses, this careful contemplation is actually a strength.

It leads to thoughtful comments, well-reasoned arguments, and sincere conversations – something that’s appreciated by those who value depth and authenticity.

3. You Find Small Talk Excruciating

Let’s be honest here. Small talk? Not our favorite thing as introverts.

It’s not that we’re snobs, or that we think we’re too good for chitchat about the weather or the latest celebrity gossip. It’s just that these light, surface-level conversations often feel like a chore.

As introverts, we crave depth and meaning in our interactions.

We yearn for conversations that make us think, make us feel, and help us understand the world and people around us a little better.

Discussions about ideas, dreams, fears, and the mysteries of the universe? Sign us up!

But the casual banter about who’s dating who in Hollywood? We’d rather pass.

We find it hard to engage in small talk because it feels inauthentic, like we’re just filling the silence rather than communicating in a meaningful way.

So, if you often find yourself struggling to keep a conversation about the weather going, or feeling disconnected during office water cooler chatter, remember: it’s not you being difficult, it’s just your introverted nature craving something more substantial.

4. You’re Highly Observant

Have you ever noticed that you’re often the first to spot a new haircut, or the only one who noticed a change in your friend’s mood?

That’s because, as an introvert, you’re likely highly observant.

Introverts tend to take in their surroundings in detail.

You see, while your extroverted friends may be caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world around them, you’re more inclined to stand back, watch, and process.

You notice things that others often overlook – the subtle changes in a person’s demeanor, the beauty in the details of a landscape, the melody that plays faintly in the background.

This observation isn’t limited to the physical world. You also tend to read people well, picking up on slight shifts in tone, expression, and body language.

This makes you a good listener and someone who can understand and empathize with others on a deeper level.

While this trait might make you feel different, it’s actually a superpower.

Your attention to detail, your keen eye, and your ability to notice the nuances make you special.

So, the next time you pick up on something that others don’t, take a moment to appreciate your introverted observant nature.

It’s a gift, one that allows you to experience the world in rich detail.

5. You Value Few But Deep Relationships

As an introvert, you probably have a close-knit group of friends rather than a wide network of acquaintances.

This isn’t because introverts are unfriendly – quite the opposite, in fact.

But you likely prefer to invest your time and energy in a few meaningful relationships rather than spreading yourself thin across many.

You know what’s interesting? Science backs this up.

While extroverts may have larger social networks, introverts often have deeper, more satisfying relationships.

This is because introverts value quality over quantity when it comes to friendships.

You’d rather have deep, fulfilling conversations with one person than engage in small talk with a dozen people.

As an introvert, you’re not just a friend, you’re a confidante, a trusted ally, someone who’s there not just for the good times but also for the challenging moments.

Your capacity for empathy, deep understanding, and genuine connection makes you the kind of friend people can truly rely on.

6. You Enjoy Your Own Company

Did you ever get strange looks when you told someone you’re going to the movies alone, or that you’re planning a solo trip?

Some people find it hard to understand, but as an introvert, you truly enjoy your own company.

You don’t always need others around to have a good time.

Many introverts find solo activities like reading, painting, or even just daydreaming in a quiet room to be highly enjoyable and rejuvenating.

These moments of solitude are when you can reconnect with yourself, explore your own thoughts, and engage deeply with your interests.

While society often equates being alone with being lonely, it’s important to note that they are not the same.

As an introvert, you’re comfortable in your own company, and this solitude gives you the energy you need to face the world.

So the next time you choose to spend a weekend in with your favorite book or decide to explore a new city solo, don’t feel weird about it.

Embrace your love for your own company – it’s a testament to your self-sufficiency and the rich inner world you possess.

7. You’re Often Mistaken For Being Shy or Rude

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been mistaken for being shy or rude, when in reality, I was just being my introverted self. D

oes this sound familiar to you? If yes, then you’re definitely not alone in this.

Many of us introverts prefer to sit back and observe in social settings.

We’re not the first ones to strike up a conversation, and we don’t usually jump in to share our thoughts unless we feel it’s necessary.

To some, this reserved nature can come off as aloofness or even rudeness. Others might mistake our quiet demeanor for shyness.

But here’s the thing: being introverted is not the same as being shy.

Shyness stems from a fear of social interactions, while introversion is simply a preference for less stimulating environments.

We’re not afraid to socialize; we just need less of it, and on our own terms.

So, if you’ve been misunderstood because of your introverted behavior, remember – there’s no need to force yourself to act extroverted.

You’re not shy or rude; you’re simply an introvert, and there’s a whole tribe of us out here. 

8. You’re a Master of Reflection

Have you ever noticed that you spend a lot of time reflecting on things?

Whether it’s a conversation you had, a book you read, or a movie you watched, you find yourself mulling over it, often discovering deeper meanings and insights.

As an introvert, you have a natural tendency to look inward and spend time in introspection.

You thrive on analyzing situations, exploring different perspectives, and thinking through possibilities.

This makes you highly self-aware and often leads to some profound insights and creative ideas.

While it might seem like you’re overthinking things, this is actually one of your biggest strengths.

Your ability to reflect deeply helps you understand yourself and the world around you better.

It fuels your empathy, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

So, the next time you find yourself deep in thought, don’t dismiss it as overthinking. It’s your introverted mind at work, and it’s a wonderful thing!

Embrace your reflective nature, it’s your pathway to deeper understanding and creative ideas.



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