8 things you don’t know you’re doing because you’re naturally intelligent

by Lachlan Brown | September 15, 2023, 2:05 pm

Intelligence–some people just have it.

They might not be splitting atoms, buried in books all day, or having intense discussions about international politics, but there’s something about them… they’re sharp.

The best part? They might not even know how smart they really are.

We humans have a tendency to sell ourselves short, don’t we?

To help you recognize your own intelligence, I’ve compiled a list of 8 things that brainy people do without even thinking about it.

Could you be one of them?

Let’s dive in and see if any of these signs ring true for you. It’s time to discover your hidden genius!

1. You’re a Curiosity Machine

One key sign of natural intelligence is an insatiable curiosity.

It’s like your brain is constantly thirsty for more knowledge, more understanding, more ‘why’s and ‘how’s.

If you find yourself always asking questions, wanting to dig deeper into topics, or constantly exploring new ideas, then congratulations, you’re a certified curiosity machine.

Remember when you were a kid and everything was fascinating? You’d ask questions like why is the sky blue, or where does the rain come from?

If that never really wore off for you, and you’re still intrigued by the world around you, this could be a sign of your innate intelligence.

Whether you’re interested in knowing the intricacies of your favorite sport, the backstory of every character in your favorite series, or simply like to ponder the mysteries of the universe, this endless curiosity is a telltale sign of a naturally intelligent mind.

So, the next time someone tells you that you’re too curious, just give them a knowing smile. After all, it’s just your brain showing off its smarts!

2. You Embrace the Unknown

Some people fear the unknown. They stick to what they know, and that’s okay.

But for you? The unknown isn’t a frightening abyss—it’s an adventure. A challenge. It’s a new puzzle waiting to be solved, a mystery begging to be unraveled.

This fearless exploration of the unknown is a surefire sign of natural intelligence.

Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, venturing into an unfamiliar field at work, or moving to a new city, you don’t shy away from the unfamiliar.

Instead, you dive right in. The prospect of learning something new, gaining a fresh perspective, or simply experiencing something out of your comfort zone is exciting to you.

This isn’t to say you’re reckless. Far from it. You’re just unafraid to broaden your horizons and stretch your capabilities.

Intelligent people understand that growth often happens outside of the comfort zone.

So, if you have a habit of venturing into the unknown, chances are you’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for.

Keep exploring, the world needs more brave minds like yours!

3. You See the Bigger Picture

Here’s the scenario: a friend tells you about a problem they’re having, and while they’re focused on the tiny details, you’re already seeing the bigger picture.

You can step back, analyze the situation from different angles, and spot patterns or solutions that others might miss.

This ability to think in terms of the whole, rather than getting lost in the minutiae, is a classic trait of natural intelligence.

I remember once when my cousin was really stressed about planning her wedding.

She was fretting about the color of the napkins, the exact time the ceremony should start, the size of the table centerpieces… all these little details.

When she vented to me about it, I asked her a simple question: “What’s the most important part of your wedding day?”

It took her a moment, but then she said, “Marrying my best friend and celebrating with the people I love.”

And just like that, she could see the bigger picture. The minor details fell away, and she was able to focus on what truly mattered.

If you’re the type of person who often finds themselves doing this, then congratulations, your natural intelligence is showing!

You see beyond the immediate and can navigate through the clutter to focus on the overarching goal or issue.

And in a world that’s often caught up in the small stuff, that’s a pretty amazing trait to have.

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4. You Aren’t Afraid to Admit You’re Wrong

Let’s be honest here. Nobody likes to admit they’re wrong. It’s not easy. It’s not comfortable.

But for some, it’s almost unbearable.

If you’re naturally intelligent, though, you likely have a healthier relationship with being wrong.

You see it not as a blow to your ego, but as an opportunity for growth.

Intelligent people understand that the road to knowledge is paved with mistakes, wrong turns, and dead ends.

Each misstep brings you one step closer to getting it right.

Instead of stubbornly clinging to a mistake just to protect your pride, you swallow that bitter pill, admit you’re wrong, and use it as a stepping stone to improve.

Being raw and honest, it can be challenging.

We live in a society that often celebrates perfection and victory, and less so the lessons learned from failure.

But those who can rise above that, who can see the inherent value in admitting wrongs and making rights, are the ones who truly shine.

So, if you’re the person in the room who can put their hand up and say, “I was wrong,” you should be proud. It’s a rare and valuable trait.

It takes a strong and intelligent mind to admit mistakes and learn from them.

Your humility is a sure sign of your natural intelligence, and trust me, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

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5. You Enjoy Your Own Company

People who are naturally intelligent often find comfort and pleasure in spending time alone.

This doesn’t mean they’re introverted or antisocial, not at all.

It simply means they value the time they spend with their own thoughts and interests.

If you find solace in your solitude and often get lost in your own world of thoughts, books, music, or nature, it’s a good sign you’re naturally intelligent.

Intelligent people understand that alone time can be incredibly enriching. It’s a time to recharge, to introspect, to create, to learn.

They often use this time to engage in deep thought, solve problems, or pursue personal interests that stimulate their mind.

They don’t need constant stimulation from outside sources, because their mind itself is a playground of endless ideas and questions.

Enjoying your own company also reflects self-sufficiency and independence.

You’re not reliant on others for entertainment or validation. Instead, you’re comfortable in your own skin and with your own thoughts.

So, if your idea of a good time often involves a good book, a long hike, or simply sitting with your thoughts, pat yourself on the back.

Your love for your own company is a beautiful sign of your natural intelligence.

Embrace it and continue to grow through your solitary explorations.

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6. You’re an Observer

If you’re the type of person who tends to sit back and observe before jumping into a situation, you might just be naturally intelligent.

Observant individuals have a keen eye for detail, often picking up on subtleties that others may overlook.

They process information, absorb their surroundings, and then act, ensuring their decisions are well-informed.

I recall a friend of mine, let’s call him Jake. Jake was never the loudest in the room, he wasn’t the one leading the conversation or the center of attention.

But when he spoke, people listened. Why? Because Jake was an observer.

He’d listen carefully, watch the room, understand the dynamics, and then when he had something to say, it was usually insightful, thought-provoking, and often a game-changer.

His observant nature allowed him to understand situations on a deeper level and provide unique input.

The ability to sit back and observe is a hallmark of intelligence.

It allows you to gather information, understand context, and make rational decisions.

So, if you find yourself being more of an observer in life, know that this is a fantastic trait.

Your natural intelligence shines through your ability to perceive and understand the world around you in a way that many might miss.

7. You’re Adaptable

Life is unpredictable. Plans change, situations evolve, and what worked yesterday might not work today.

If you’re someone who adjusts and adapts with relative ease, it’s a sign of your natural intelligence.

Being adaptable shows that you’re flexible in your thinking and capable of changing your perspective or approach based on the circumstances at hand.

Intelligent people understand that rigidity, especially in thinking, can be a roadblock to progress.

Instead of getting frustrated or flustered when things don’t go according to plan, they pivot.

They reassess the situation, re-strategize, and make the necessary adjustments to keep moving forward.

Adaptability is more than just going with the flow. It’s about creatively responding to challenges, overcoming obstacles, and turning them into opportunities.

It requires quick thinking, problem-solving skills, and a certain level of mental agility.

So, if you’re the type who can turn lemons into lemonade, who can make the best of a bad situation, or simply take life’s changes in stride, then your adaptability is a testament to your intelligence.

Keep embracing change, your mind’s flexibility is truly an asset.

8. You’re a Problem-Solver

Life is full of problems, big and small.

But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from challenges and instead, faces them head-on, you’re likely naturally intelligent.

Being a problem-solver is more than just fixing things, it’s about an innate ability to analyze, think creatively, and find solutions where others see dead ends.

Intelligent people don’t just focus on the problem itself, they go a step further.

They ask why the problem arose in the first place, explore multiple solutions, consider the consequences of each, and then choose the best course of action.

They think ahead and anticipate potential pitfalls.

If you’re the friend people turn to for advice, or the colleague who always knows how to get a project back on track, or maybe the family member who can fix anything from a leaky faucet to a complex computer issue, chances are you’re a natural problem-solver.

This ability to navigate through difficulties, to persevere, and to come up with effective solutions is a definite sign of natural intelligence.

So the next time you find yourself unraveling a problem, remember, it’s your intellectual prowess at work.

Continue to harness this skill, and there’s no challenge you can’t overcome!


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