10 things strong women would never tolerate in a relationship

by Isabel Cabrera | July 14, 2024, 4:25 pm

We all crave for healthy relationships, don’t we? But sometimes, it feels like a constant battle.

You pour your heart and soul into making things work, and what do you get in return? 

I’ll give you a hint… it’s not always the love and respect you deserve.

Many of us have been there, feeling undervalued and underappreciated in our relationships.

But here’s a little secret: You might be putting up with things you shouldn’t. Things that strong women would never tolerate.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

I’m not here to convince you to leave your relationship or make drastic changes. I’m just here to shed some light on things that might have been ignored or overlooked.

Let’s check out the things that strong women would never tolerate in a relationship. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to give your relationship a once-over and see what needs to change!  

1) Settling for less than they deserve

Strong women have a radar for their worth that blinks warning lights whenever they’re on the brink of settling.

I mean, they’re the full package—why should they opt for the trial version of a partner, right? For these women, there’s no such thing as ‘good enough’ in love; it’s either ‘wow’ or ‘next’.

When a strong woman senses she’s getting less attention, affection, or respect than she’s pouring in, she doesn’t make excuses for it.

She doesn’t clutch onto the narrative of “he’s just busy” or “she’s going through a phase.” Instead, she sees the mismatch as a signal to reassess and realign.

Why? Because she values her time too much to let it tick away in an unfulfilling partnership.

Nor does she have the time for…

2) Constant criticism

No one’s perfect, and constructive criticism can be helpful. But there’s a fine line between being helpful and being hurtful.

A strong woman knows this line well and won’t stick around for someone who’s constantly putting her down.

It’s not that she doesn’t have thick skin (she does, by the way). It’s more about energy. She knows that tolerating negative energy can eventually undermine self-confidence.

Strong women appreciate growth, but not at the cost of their self-esteem. A partner who’s always critical isn’t helping; they’re getting in the way.

And that’s a real no-no.

3) Disrespectful behavior

You can bet a strong woman won’t stand by if her partner throws disrespect her way. She knows that respect is the cornerstone of any solid relationship – it’s simply non-negotiable.

Whether it’s rude comments, talking down, or embarrassing you in front of friends, it’s clear that disrespect is a sign to walk away.

Strong women set the tone for how they expect to be treated and won’t tolerate less. The way they see it, if their partner can’t show them basic respect, then they’ve got nothing to build on.

I’m fortunate to have had strong role models in the women in my life. My mom, my older sister, my aunt – all of them teach by example, treating their partners with dignity and expecting the same in return.

Essentially, they set the bar high for how they should be treated and stick to it consistently and with determination. That’s how it is for strong women!

4) Emotional manipulation

Equally, strong women know not to fall for emotionally manipulative moves.

Emotional manipulation can make you question your feelings, thoughts, and actions. It’s unhealthy and definitely not a part of a loving relationship.

No one likes the feeling of being manipulated, and make no mistake, strong women won’t stick around for mind games. They know when it’s time to say enough is enough and stand their ground.

What do these women prefer? Honesty. Openness. Not twisted words and mixed messages.

And definitely not…

5) Controlling behavior

Obviously, control is out of the question if you’re in a relationship with a strong woman.

I mean, think about it – a strong woman’s life and decisions are her own. So for anyone to mess with that and try to wrestle them into submission…well, good luck with that.

Strong women know that in a healthy relationship, decisions are made together, with both partners having an equal say.

Any attempt to control who she sees, what she wears, or how she spends her time is a clear signal that the relationship isn’t on the right track.

It’s all about respect and freedom. Any sign of a control issue, and it’s probably time to reassess and ensure that the relationship is a partnership, not a power play.

6) Lack of support

Think about the strong women you know. What do you notice about them?

You’d probably notice that they’re ambitious – they have goals and dreams of their own.

So, naturally, they expect their partner to back them up just as they would.

They give their all, and in return, they need a partner who shows up and stands by them, through thick and thin. It’s that simple.

They’re not here for one-sided relationships. If they’re the only one cheering, well, you know it…they won’t settle for that. They know they deserve to be in a relationship where support goes both ways.

7) Lack of communication

The same goes for communication. Try stonewalling a strong woman, and you’d probably find yourself out on the curb.

Like I said, strong women know what they want and they aren’t afraid to make that known. So, they’d expect nothing less from their partners.

They absolutely won’t put up with being left in the dark or given the silent treatment. They need to know where they stand and what’s going on in their partner’s head.

8) Ignoring personal boundaries

Personal boundaries are a big deal, especially for strong women.

Why? Because independence and personal space matter deeply to them.

They’re quite respectful of their partner’s boundaries and they expect the same treatment.

There was this one relationship of mine where my partner seemed to have a hard time understanding this. I remember how he would go through my phone without my consent or make decisions for me, all under the pretense of ‘love’. It felt invasive and wrong.

Needless to say, we eventually broke up. I didn’t want to be with someone who couldn’t respect my boundaries. No means no.

9) Physical or verbal abuse

Abuse, whether physical or verbal, is an absolute deal-breaker. There’s no room for violence or harsh words in love.

Strong women know that once abuse enters the equation, it’s time to get out. It’s not just unsafe; it’s fundamentally wrong.

And leaving is not just about finding someone better; it’s about self-preservation and self-respect.

Abuse is never justified, and walking away is the only option when it happens. There’s nothing more important than their safety and wellbeing.

10) Unfaithfulness

Finally, unfaithfulness is something strong women would never tolerate. For them, cheating isn’t a small blip. It’s a major betrayal.

Trust is at the core of a strong relationship, and once that’s broken, it’s hard to look back. They’re looking for a faithful partner, someone who’s committed to them and the relationship.

It’s all about loyalty and honesty. Without them, the relationship foundation crumbles, and it’s hard to rebuild on shaky ground. Strong women know they deserve a partner who stays true.

Know your worth

The strength of a woman in a relationship is about what she refuses to put up with just as much as it’s about what she brings to the table.

People think that knowing your worth and demanding respect means that you’re high-maintenance, but that’s not true at all. It’s simply the natural effect of having self-respect and confidence.

So here’s to the strong women who stand firm in their convictions and to the partners who value them. May we all recognize our worth and never settle for less than we deserve.

Because in the end, a love that is true and kind is the only kind worth having.

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