10 things successful people never let stand in their way

by Lachlan Brown | February 1, 2024, 9:17 pm

In a world where hard work and skill count, successful people add an extra ingredient: grit.

They stay laser-focused on their targets, never swerving off course, not even for a moment.

The journey to triumph may be littered with daring gambles, stinging setbacks, and heaps of doubt, but they soldier on, unyielding, never allowing any hurdle to halt their progress.

We all harbor dreams of shining in our chosen professions.

We gear up for any bumps and detours that might appear on our journey, but sometimes, they catch us off guard.

They’re right there, staring us in the face, yet we’re too caught up to notice until it’s late.

To navigate more smoothly on your road to success, let’s delve deeper into the obstacles that high achievers never let obstruct their path.

1. The Shadows of Self-Doubt and Worry

Imagine self-doubt and worry as foggy clouds that blur your vision, keeping you from seeing the road ahead clearly.

We often get entangled in thoughts that convince us we’re not good enough or caught in fears about things that haven’t even unfolded.

It’s okay to feel a ripple of unease or indecisiveness, but triumphant people refuse to let these feelings control them.

They don’t wave the white flag simply because they’re afraid or unsure. You’ll notice that successful folks are reliable.

They never let self-doubt, fear, or anxiety lock them out of their passion.

They trust that discomfort is just a part of the process, a stepping stone to growth.

2. The Sting of Rejection

Rejection stings. There’s no denying it. When you pour your heart into something, only to discover it wasn’t enough, it’s easy to feel deflated, even worthless.

If you’re feeling spent, lacking motivation, and teetering on the edge of giving up, you’re not alone.

But listen to what successful people have to say: rise, dust yourself off, and rebound from rejection.

It might sound strange, but the triumphant figures we admire wouldn’t be where they are today if not for the setbacks they weathered on their way to the top.

They don’t let rejection bar their path. Rather than succumbing to disappointment, they rally, demonstrating their grit to prove they’ve earned every achievement.

They take a breather when they need to recharge, but they don’t abandon the fight.

Even some of the celebrities we know and admire have tasted the bitterness of rejection.

Take Meryl Streep, acclaimed as “the best actress of her generation.” Early in her career, she was labeled an “ugly thing” and snubbed for a role in King Kong (1976).

Or consider Christian Bale, who missed out on the role of Jack in Titanic (1997), only to etch his name in cinema history with lead roles in American Psycho (2000) and the Dark Knight trilogy.

Their journeys are proof that rejection is not a roadblock, but a stepping stone to success.

3. The Trap of Overbearing Pride

Sometimes, the only roadblock between us and our dreams is the person we see in the mirror.

Pride in our achievements is healthy, but it’s vital to stay humble and rooted.

Successful individuals keep a vigilant check on their egos, ensuring that pride doesn’t obstruct their journey to their goals, even when it’s tempting to bask in their triumphs.

They are often the loudest voices emphasizing the significance of staying grounded.

Why might this be so critical?

Overbearing pride can become a self-sabotaging force rather than a catalyst for growth and accomplishment.

It steals opportunities to learn from missteps and to form genuine connections that can bolster our journey.

An inflated sense of self-worth can prevent us from seeing things as they truly are.

Successful people are visionaries, but their dreams are always anchored in reality.

4. The Mirage of Unrealistic Expectations

Sure, successful individuals are known for their exacting standards and meticulous attention to their craft.

They aspire to bring their A-game to everything they undertake.

But don’t mistake this drive for an obsession with perfection.

Instead, they actively sidestep unrealistic expectations that might hinder their journey.

While they always aim for excellence, they also appreciate that there’s always room to grow and improve.

As highlighted earlier, the truly accomplished keep their feet firmly planted in reality.

This perspective allows them to adapt, steer their course, and rise above challenges through hard work and clear-sighted vision.

An unhealthy obsession with perfection can cause us to overlook vital aspects of our work.

5. The Barrier of Personal Biases or Prejudice

Victorious individuals hold firm to the belief that wisdom can be found in the most unexpected corners.

That’s why they keep their minds open and their eyes peeled, not letting their biases cloud their vision.

Successful people often think outside the box, looking at the world through a wide-angle lens.

It’s as if they have a special ability to find value where others might not see it.

Keeping prejudice at bay is a key stepping stone to success.

After all, the world is vast, teeming with unknown concepts and ideas.

When we fail to view things objectively, we miss the chance to learn, to innovate, and to grow.

6. The Distraction of Others’ Achievements

High achievers understand the danger of comparing their path to that of others.

Those who let jealousy take the driver’s seat often find themselves blinded, their priorities skewed, and their progress stalled.

Instead of getting caught up in others’ accomplishments, the truly successful channel their energy into honing their own skills and chasing their dreams.

A close friend of mine, who built her business from the ground up, is a prime example.

She once confided that she felt inadequate compared to her peers who were scaling great heights in their careers.

But she learned to brush aside these comparisons and focus on her own journey.

Her perseverance, keen insights, and bravery eventually paid off as her venture took off to great success.

7. The Constraint of the Status Quo

The most illustrious figures are innovators and trailblazers who dared to chart their own course.

They don’t allow the status quo to become a roadblock to their progress.

Rather than bending to fit into existing norms, successful individuals often challenge them, knowing that an uncritical acceptance can sometimes stifle advancement.

While they do respect norms that hold value in today’s world, they won’t hesitate to trust their instincts and follow their heart.

In fact, some believe that daring to create your own path is a key ingredient in the recipe for excellence, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

8. The Noise of Other People’s Opinions

Just as they don’t let the status quo dictate their direction, successful individuals also don’t bend to the whims of other people’s opinions.

They have a firm understanding of who they are and remain steadfastly focused on their own journey.

As such, the judgment or negativity from others simply washes over them, leaving no impact.

I get it, many of us are conscious, even anxious, about what others might think.

But those who’ve tasted success would tell you: keep your eyes on your work, drown out the distracting chatter.

To them, the opinions of naysayers are just background noise.

If they lend their ear to anyone’s opinion, it’s to the constructive feedback of seasoned experts and sincere advice from those who genuinely care about their well-being.

9. The Drain of Toxic Relationships

Successful individuals carefully curate their social circles, choosing to surround themselves with supportive friends who stick by them through thick and thin.

When you’re on the arduous journey towards your dreams, you’re bound to cross paths with those who belittle your efforts, fueled by envy.

Others might wear the mask of a friend, only to betray you when you least expect it.

That’s why triumphant figures don’t hesitate to distance themselves from those who breed negativity, regardless of past shared memories.

Successful people simply don’t have the time or energy to entertain those who break their trust or attempt to undermine them, particularly if such interactions begin to exact a mental and emotional toll.

Take my sister, for instance, a lawyer at a top-tier law firm.

She used to routinely catch up with her high school friends when she was in town.

But during the recent holidays, I was struck by the fact that she didn’t meet them at all.

When I queried her about it, she merely mentioned that she’d chosen to keep her distance.

She’d come to realize that they had been spreading petty rumors and making veiled jibes at her expense.

Deciding to prioritize her well-being, she chose to cut ties.

10. The Hurdles of Mistakes and Setbacks

Accomplished individuals don’t let mistakes and setbacks derail their journey or crush their spirit.

Sure, blunders and hurdles can prompt anyone to reconsider their chosen path, given the shame, despair, and self-doubt they stir up.

But successful people handle it differently.

They dig deep for courage, take a breather if needed, but never throw in the towel.

They approach setbacks and missteps with an optimistic and proactive mindset.

Rather than viewing these unfortunate incidents as a signal to surrender or as proof of their inadequacy, they interpret them as teachable moments.

Successful people understand that stumbling and hitting rock bottom are just part of the winding road towards their goals.

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