Academic Proofreading

Academic Proofreading for Students & Academics

Academic proofreading is ideal for students and academics who are confident writers, but require a professional editor to review their thesis or other academic document to eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies.

The Expert Editor’s academic proofreading service caters for all types of documents, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, research papers, manuscripts, and more.

Proofreading is a different service to editing. Proofreading has less ambition than editing, but can still be an important part of academic success. If you would rather one of our academic editing services, please visit one of these pages:

Academic proofreading outlined

Academic proofreading and thesis proofreading outlined

Clients retain complete control over their work. The Expert Editor edits and proofreads Microsoft Word documents using the track changes tool so all our changes are clearly visible, with suggestions and comments made in the margin. We can also proofread in PDF using Adobe’s PDF editor.

At the completion of each job, clients receive a track changes copy of the document and a clean copy with all the changes already incorporated.

Who should use the service?

Academic proofreading is suitable for any academic document that is already well-written but which benefits from a review by a professional editor to ensure that it is mistake-free and consistent.

Selecting proofreading is generally a viable option for native-English speaking students and academics who are confident writers. Many native-English speaking and almost all ESL authors obtain more benefit from an academic editing service. This is because the editing process improves the overall quality of the writing and examines referencing style conformity, whereas proofreading is designed to eliminate surface errors and ensure consistency.

However, some native-English speakers are highly capable writers and only require an academic proofreading service to perfect their document, which allows them to submit or publish with absolute confidence.

The Expert Editor’s guide to the difference between editing and proofreading is a useful resource for students and academics who are not sure which service is best for them.

Advantages of The Expert Editor for academic proofreading:

A proofreading-specific service

Few professional editing companies or freelance editors in Australia offer a standalone academic proofreading service for students and academics, and instead provide a one-size-fits-all editing service encompassing all standards of academic writing.

However, native-English speaking students and academics often write with greater fluency than ESL authors, and may need a proofreading service only.

Therefore, The Expert Editor’s academic proofreading service allows them to receive the benefit of a professional editor reviewing their document without being forced to pay the higher price of editing.

Affordable rates

We are a great value proofreading option for students and acaemics. Read more about the two key features of The Expert Editor that enable us to provide quality editing and proofreading services while keeping prices low.

Flexibility on the turnaround

The Expert Editor can accommodate short turnarounds and we never charge clients extra for it. Read more about our flexible approach to turnarounds on the Prices page.