Author Packages

Package Deals for Authors

The Expert Editor’s package deals, involving several combinations of manuscript assessment, editing, and proofreading, can benefit writers of all backgrounds.

The professional editing process is multifaceted and authors enjoy a significant advantage by receiving multiple editorial services. Editing, proofreading and evaluations have separate roles in improving a book and are most powerful when used in combination.

However, we realise that ordering multiple editing services separately can be too expensive for some authors and therefore we provide the following three great value packages.

A Great Way to Embark on Your Publishing Journey Package

Do you want your book edited and also evaluated by an expert in the industry? Not only will your writing benefit from high-quality editing, you will also receive objective advice on its strengths and weaknesses, and tips on how to improve it. This is exactly what many first time authors require.

This package involves an editor performing a book editing service in combination with a manuscript assessment. We will return an edited copy of your book together with a separate 3 to 4-page evaluation.

This gives you great bang for your buck as our editor can edit and evaluate your book at the same time.

An Even Better Way Package

This package also involves a book editing service and manuscript assessment, but as separate processes.

The editor will evaluate your book first and provide a 3 to 4-page report. This gives you time to absorb the feedback and re-write parts of your book or add new content. Once you have revised your manuscript (and you can take as much time as you need), we will then edit your book.

As this is a two-step process, it is a little more expensive than the first package. However, the advantage is that we get to edit an improved version of your book by virtue of the evaluation.

The Full Monty Package

Meet Monty, our most comprehensive package. Here, you receive a manuscript assessment, book editing and also a final stage proofread just prior to publication.*

This package provides an author with the best opportunity to achieve publishing success. We will be your partner in the sometimes daunting pre-publication process, from your first draft to the final product.

Many professional editing services charge the cost of a new automobile for these three services. However, we understand that most authors require professional help to produce the best book they can at a price that is reasonable. As an online business with a team of excellent editors, we can provide all the editorial help authors need without them having to break the bank.

* You can choose whether the manuscript evaluation and editing service are performed together, or separately. Just let us know your preference and we will quote accordingly.

How much do these packages cost?

It is difficult to give a hard and fast price for these three packages, as all books are different. Please contact us and tell us a bit about your book and will provide a quote.