Quality Assurance

The Expert Editor’s Quality Assurance Process

We have a quality assurance process in place to ensure a high-quality service is delivered to clients, every time. The four features of the process include:

1. Highly selective editor recruitment

We ensure that our team comprises only skilled professional editors. Many editors value the flexibility that working for The Expert Editor provides, but only a small percentage of applicants make it through the recruitment process. Learn more about our team of editors.

2. Transparent editing guidelines

The Expert Editor has developed unique guidelines for the editing and proofreading services we offer, which are outlined on service pages. Not only are prospective clients fully informed about what we will do for them, but our editors know what is expected of them with every job.

3. Allocation of editor

The Expert Editor assigns each job to the most suitable editor available, based on the subject matter of the document and the editor’s background. We take the time to understand the context of the project, enabling us to make an informed decision on editor allocation. Read more about our submission and editor allocation process on the How it Works page.

4. Regular client feedback

One of the best measures of work quality is client feedback, and therefore we regularly make contact with clients to gauge their level of satisfaction. A selection of recent client feedback can be found here.

Dispute resolution

The quality assurance measures outlined above means that The Expert Editor has the utmost confidence in the quality of its work.

However, we have implemented a clear complaint resolution procedure if a client is unhappy for any reason. They are encouraged to contact us and we will do all that we can to address their concerns. An independent editor will review the work performed and, if necessary, re-edit the document at no extra cost.