Manuscript Assessment

Manuscript Assessment

The Expert Editor’s manuscript assessment service is designed to provide authors with professional guidance on the progress of their book. We give clear, candid and constructive feedback on its current state, and provide recommendations and tips for how to make the book better.

The evaluation involves an editor reading your manuscript and then preparing a 3 to 4-page report. A manuscript assessment will typically cover the following ground.

Fiction books

We address the key considerations for a successful fiction book in the context of your specific genre, such as:

  • Does your writing style work for your genre?
  • Is every sub-plot resolved?
  • Are your characters well-developed and believable?
  • What should your next step in the publishing process be?
  • What level of editing, if any, is required for your book?

Non-fiction books

We address the key considerations for a non-fiction book in the context of your subject matter and intended audience, such as:

  • Is your book well-structured?
  • Does your introduction grab a reader’s attention?
  • Do your chapters and sections flow logically?
  • Is your writing suited to your intended readership?
  • What should your next step in the publishing process be?
  • What level of editing, if any, is required for your book?

The considerations outlined above are generally the foundation of each evaluation but they are not an exhaustive list. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all manuscript assessment service; each one tailored to the specific book and the author can have input into what we examine.

Quality advice from professional book editors

The book editors on our team are highly experienced in the publishing industry, with many having worked in the editorial departments of major publishing houses.

Therefore, they know what is required for a book to be successful in the marketplace, especially given the rise of e-books and self-publishing. Our editors are experienced, confident and do not shy away from giving strong, constructive feedback.

Manuscript assessment in combination with other services

The Expert Editor offers package deals to provide authors with access to a range of professional services to improve the quality of their book, at discounted prices. These services include book editing and book proofreading.

Contact us for a quote

Prices for our manuscript assessment service are based on the length of the book. Please contact us for a quote and we can discuss your book in detail and the type of evaluation you require.