Affiliate Disclosure

On The Expert Editor blog, we have published a number of online education platform reviews.

Some of these review articles contain affiliate links, and when an article does contain affiliate links, we always disclose these links at the top of the article.

An affiliate links means that if you click on one of these links and buy anything from that website, I may receive a commission of that sale. Note that any commission adds no additional cost to your purchase.

The Expert Editor only reviews products that we genuinely believe in and feel could be valuable for our readers. Our opinion of an online education platform is not influenced by any affiliate arrangement.

Our main affiliate partners are MasterClass, Mindvalley, The Great Courses Plus, and Skillshare. If we review any more online education platforms in the future, we will add them to this affiliate disclosure page.

We value honesty, transparency and feedback. So, if you have any questions about our affiliate links, comments about any of our education reviews more generally, please email us at