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The Expert Editor is Australia’s leading editing and proofreading service. Our three main service categories are:

Even if your writing does not fall under one of these categories, we can edit or proofread it, as our professional editors are equipped to improve any document.

Outline of The Expert Editor’s proofreading services

Academic proofreading

This service is ideal for students and academics who are confident writers, but would benefit from a professional editor reviewing their work and eliminating mistakes and inconsistencies to ensure that it is submission- or publication-ready.

We cater for all types of academic documents, including theses or dissertations, journal articles, research papers and book chapters. Read more.

Book proofreading

The Expert Editor’s book proofreading service is designed to ensure that a book is mistake-free and consistent in spelling, style, format and terminology. As a result, it will be publication-ready. Read more.

Business proofreading

Our business proofreading service can play an important role in clear and professional business communication. Mistakes and inconsistency in language can undermine any document and reflects poorly on the credibility of the organisation. Read more.

Editing versus proofreading

Prospective clients of The Expert Editor are sometimes unsure about whether they require an editing or proofreading service. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive guide to the difference to help them make an informed choice. Read the guide here:

Editing vs Proofreading: The Greatest Debate in the World (for Writers, Anyway!)

To provide a brief overview, editing improves the language, expression and overall quality of the writing, with positive changes made to the writing style, word choice and sentence structure. As part of the editing process, we will also ‘proofread’ the document and eliminate spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

The Expert Editor’s proofreading services, on the other hand, are less ‘hands on’ than our editing services. One of our professional editors will perform the essential role of ensuring that the document is mistake-free and consistent.proofreading services explained

We eliminate all surface errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and other language mistakes, and ensure that there are no inconsistencies in language or format. Proofreading is often the final step in the publication process.

In our experience, many writers can benefit more from editing as opposed to proofreading, as there is often scope to improve the quality of their writing. However, proofreading is the right choice for certain writers and documents.

For example, The Expert Editor’s proofreading services are popular with businesses that require a mistake-free document only, students and academics who are confident writers and only need surface errors eliminated, and book authors who have already received professional editing but require a final proofread to publish with absolute confidence.

Quality proofreading services

Writing intended for publication or distribution must communicate its message in the clearest possible way. For writing to be clear, there must be no spelling, grammar, punctuation and other language mistakes, or inconsistency of any kind, as they will detract from potential success.

It may appear that eliminating surface errors in a document is relatively straightforward, and it is true that a proofreading service has less ambition than an editing one. However, a professional editor is a far more accomplished proofreader than your typical friend, family member or colleague.

A professional editor understands the at times complex and confusing conventions of the English language, is trained to be methodical, and through experience can identify common errors that often appear in certain types of writing, such as a thesis or novel.

The Expert Editor has a team of professional editors that are experienced in proofreading academic, book and business writing.

The Expert Editor’s prices

As proofreading is a less involved service than editing, it is cheaper. See the Prices page for our academic, book and business proofreading services rates.

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