Thesis Editing Services for Students

The Expert Editor is the leading thesis editing service for students in Australia and overseas.

As part of our thesis editing service, we have edited numerous honours, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral theses and dissertations.

Hundreds of students have used us to produce high-quality theses that are ready for submission. We have considerable experience in assisting students where English is their second language, and we also help many native-English speaking students too.

A thesis is such a large undertaking that any student can become “blind” to important problems with their writing. This includes spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, language inconsistency, unclear expression and referencing style errors.

A professional editor is the right person to fix these issues.

Why The Expert Editor is so popular

The Expert Editor is a popular professional editing option for students because we provide great value and have uniquely flexible turnaround options.

Great value

If you have searched around for professional editing, you’ll know that thesis editing can be expensive. However, The Expert Editor keeps prices as low as possible for clients whilst maintaining the strictest quality standards. As a result, we offer the best value in Australia.

We take pride in providing a great editing service for our clients, using skilled academic editors, that remains affordable for the average student.

Read about how we combine quality editing and affordability here.

Flexible turnarounds

Don’t pay more for a short turnaround time.

We realise that many Master’s and PhD students have looming deadlines for submission. Therefore, we do our best to accommodate them by not discriminating in terms of price. Students can nominate their preferred return date and our prices remain the same regardless of the turnaround time.

For more information on our approach to turnaround times, see our Prices page.

The Expert Editor’s thesis editing service

The Expert Editor’s thesis editing service focuses on:

  • Grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation
  • Word use, flow and sentence structure
  • Clarity of expression, including improving awkward phrasing
  • Consistent terminology, spelling (British/Australian or American English) and style
  • Correct application of your referencing style, such as APA, Harvard or any other.

Please note that we abide by The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) guidelines for editing research theses. Therefore, we cannot assist with content.

If you require assistance with formatting, please contact us and outline your requirements (extra charges may apply). We can:

  • Create all your preliminary pages, such as the Title page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, etc.
  • Format your tables and figures
  • Format your appendices
  • Crosscheck your in-text references with your reference list.

We edit Microsoft Word documents using the Track Changes tool. All our changes are clearly visible, with suggestions and comments made in the margin. We can also edit theses or dissertations in PDF using Adobe’s PDF editor.

At the completion of our thesis editing service, students receive the following:

  • Track changes copy of the document, with the changes clearly marked up
  • Clean copy with all the changes already incorporated.

If you would prefer a thesis proofreading service, rather than editing, please visit that page.

Professional thesis editors

The Expert Editor employs professional Australia-based academic editors who have considerable experience editing and proofreading theses.

Every member of our editing team is a native-English speaker with high-level academic qualifications (either a PhD or Master’s degree). Many also have additional qualifications in professional editing and proofreading.

With a large team of academic editors, we have expertise across a range of disciplines, including life sciences, physical sciences, medicine, engineering, social sciences, economics, law, psychology and many more.

We are also equally adept at editing using British/Australian English or American English and can work with any referencing style.

Dedicated customer service for thesis editing

Writing and submitting a thesis can be a stressful time for any student. We guarantee that working with The Expert Editor will be a smooth, hassle free and positive experience from start to finish.

As well as providing an expert editing service, customer support is available at any time via email or telephone. Whether you are a prospective client researching your options, or require aftercare services, our friendly team will help you in any way we can.

If you would like to have a chat about your thesis, and learn more about how we can help you, please contact us now.

Or, if you would like to discover how much our thesis editing service will cost you, please use our Price Calculator.