Academic Editing

Academic Editing Services

The Expert Editor is Australia’s leading academic editing and proofreading service.

We help a diverse range of clients from Australia and overseas, including PhD and Master’s students with theses or dissertations, academics seeking publication in journals or books, and postgraduate and undergraduate students with essays.

The Expert Editor’s four academic services:

Each service is specifically tailored to the author and document type. However, even if your writing does not fall under one of these categories, we can assist you as we are expertly equipped to improve any academic document.

If you are unsure as to whether your writing requires editing or proofreading, our comprehensive guide to the difference between editing and proofreading may help you make an informed choice. Read the guide here:

Editing versus Proofreading: The Greatest Debate in the World (for Writers, Anyway!)

Great value for academics and students

The Expert Editor is a great value professional editing option for students and academics. Our mission is to provide a high-quality service for our clients, backed by a team of skilled professional editors, whilst remaining affordable.

Our online and efficient operation leads to lower prices, but in no way reduces the quality of our services. Read more about our unique operation here.

Use our Price Calculator to determine the exact cost of editing or proofreading your document and confirm for yourself our genuine affordability.

Expertise in academic editing services

The Expert Editor has considerable experience in assisting both English as a Second Language (ESL) and native-English speaking students and academics to successfully publish their work.

Our academic editors have strong tertiary qualifications and diverse skill sets as professional editors. Most have PhDs from Australian universities and have worked in the education system for many years. With a large team of editors, we have expertise in a range of academic disciplines, including life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine, engineering, economics, law, psychology, and many more.

As Australian editors, they also know the expectations of Australian universities for quality writing. Most importantly, they also have the technical ability to help our clients meet them.

Our editors are equally adept at British/Australian English and American English and are experts in all the major referencing styles.

academic editing track changes

Clients choose the return date

Most other editing companies charge substantially more for a shorter turnaround. We believe that this is unfair.

Our clients can nominate a return date that suits them and the price will always remain the same. We understand that students and academics often have tight deadlines for submission and therefore we work hard to accommodate them.

Read more about our flexible approach to turnaround times on the Prices page.

Ethics and confidentiality

The Expert Editor complies with the guidelines set out by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) in relation to academic editing for students. Therefore, a student can be certain that working with us will not contravene their university’s rules.

Client confidentiality is taken seriously as we understand that academic work may contain original and sensitive information. We outline the steps that have been taken to ensure client confidentiality in our Privacy Policy.

We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement for extra peace of mind.