Journal Article Editing

Journal Article Editing For Academics

The Expert Editor is the leader in providing professional editing services to academics, having helped many Australian and international authors publish their work in peer-reviewed journals and academic books.

This service caters for all types of academic documents, such as journal articles, manuscripts, research papers, conference papers, lecture notes, and more.

In a competitive research environment, every academic document must be written in fluent and accessible English. Academic journals employ a stringent submission process and a common stumbling block to publication is the poor quality of written English and a lack of professional editing.

Like thesis editing, this service is designed to ensure that the document is mistake-free and consistent in language and terminology, and that ideas are expressed clearly. Our editors are Australia-based, but we are equally comfortable with academic documents written in British/Australian or American English.

The Expert Editor’s journal article editing service outlined

Academics retain complete control over their work. We edit Microsoft Word documents using the track changes tool so all our changes are clearly visible, with suggestions and comments made in the margin. We can also edit a document in PDF using Adobe’s PDF editor.

At the completion of each job, academics receive the following:

  • Track changes copy of the document, with our changes clearly marked up.
  • Clean copy, with changes already incorporated.
  • Professional editing certificate upon request.

After having their journal article edited, clients are entitled to an editing certificate that confirms that their article or paper has been professionally edited (which some journals require). If it is subsequently rejected for publication on the grounds of poor English alone, we will edit the article again free of charge.

The Expert Editor’s key features

Quality & affordability

The Expert Editor is an affordable option for academics and researchers because we are exclusively online, efficient and flexible. Read more about the way we operate to provide quality editing and affordability.

Return date flexibility

As some academics have tight deadlines to submit and publish their work, The Expert Editor can accommodate short turnarounds at no additional cost. Our approach to turnaround times in outlined in more detail on the Prices page.

Professional academic editors

The Expert Editor’s professional editors have a diverse range of academic backgrounds, including science, medicine and the humanities.

They hold high-level academic qualifications from Australian universities, have considerable experience as professional editors, and embrace their role of helping fellow academics achieve publishing success.

Editing and proofreading services are both available

The Expert Editor also offers an academic proofreading service catering for academics who require proofreading rather than editing.

Confidentiality guaranteed

The Expert Editor understands the unique confidentiality requirements of academics whose work involves new research and innovative ideas.

Therefore, client confidentiality is taken seriously and we outline the steps taken to guarantee it in our Privacy Policy. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement for extra peace of mind.