Book Proofreading Services for Authors

The Expert Editor’s book proofreading service is designed to be the final step before publishing, to ensure that your manuscript is mistake-free and consistent in language and style.

The real power of proofreading lies in its potential to perfect already good writing, and therefore works best as a complement to a previous book editing service. We outline the difference between editing and proofreading in this comprehensive guide.

The Expert Editor’s book proofreading service

Our book proofreading service focuses on:

  • Eliminating mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Consistent spelling, either British/Australian or American English
  • Consistent format, style and terminology.

The Expert Editor proofreads Microsoft Word documents using the Track Changes tool, and therefore our changes are clearly visible. We can also proofread books in PDF files using Adobe’s PDF editor.

At the completion of each proofreading job, clients receive:

  • Track Changes copy of the document
  • Clean copy with the changes already incorporated.

Great value book proofreading

The Expert Editor is a great value proofreading option for authors. Our book editors are trained to find even the most innocuous mistakes and inconsistencies, which means the manuscript will be publication-ready.

Our exclusively online, efficient and flexible operation means that we remain a genuinely affordable service for authors.

The importance of proofreading for authors

Professional proofreading is essential for authors who covet publishing success. Mistakes and inconsistency in the copy will detract from the reading experience and undermine your success.

Proofreading is the final step in the publication process and ideally would not be the only professional service an author receives. The Expert Editor recommends authors receive a book editing service prior to proofreading, as proofreading is designed to catch outlying mistakes and inconsistencies. The editing process, in contrast, is more interventionist and can markedly improve the overall quality of the writing.

However, we also understand that every book is different, and authors do not all have the same publishing goals. As a first and only choice, our proofreading service can improve the quality of a book by eliminating mistakes and inconsistencies. Therefore, an author can be assured that readers will focus exclusively on the content, and will not be distracted by frustrating errors.

The Expert Editor’s other author services

As well as book proofreading, The Expert Editor provides other services to authors, including book editing and manuscript assessment. We combine these services in several great value package deals.