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The Expert Editor’s Author Services

The Expert Editor is a popular option for authors requiring professional book editing, proofreading and manuscript assessment services. We also offer great value package deals.

The Our Clients page lists a sample of the published books where we have played a role in the pre-publication process.

Affordable professional editing and proofreading

The Expert Editor is the preferred choice of many authors because we provide affordable, professional editing services, while maintaining a high standard of work.

The reality is that some authors have a limited budget for professional editing services. The Expert Editor caters to them by combining quality editing and proofreading with genuine affordability. In particular, our exclusively online, efficient, and flexible operation results in lower prices for clients without sacrificing quality.

The Expert Editor’s four author services

Choosing the right option

Although professional editing services are an essential part of the publication process, choosing the right option can be daunting, especially for a first-time author.

The founder of The Expert Editor, Brendan Brown, published a guest article on the Australian Society of Authors website outlining the professional editing options available in Australia, the questions an author should ask a prospective editor or editing company, and the information an author should be provided with by them in return. Read the guide here:
The Author’s Guide to Professional Editors


The Expert Editor takes the issue of author confidentiality seriously and we will never share your work with a third party. Our Privacy Policy provides an outline of the steps we take to guarantee client confidentiality. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement for extra peace of mind.