8 phrases only highly egotistical people use, accordingly to psychology

Posted 14 Apr 2024, by

Isabel Cabrera

Ego. Our love, our nemesis. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ego is our sense of self-esteem and self-importance. When someone insults you, your ego gets hurt. When you bend over backwards just to please others and ignore your own needs, your ego may be too small, and your individuality suffers. A ...Read More

Men who struggle to move on from heartbreak often display these 8 subtle behaviors

Posted 14 Apr 2024, by

Justin Brown

Heartbreak is a universal human experience, yet it's often handled differently by each individual. For men in particular, societal expectations can sometimes make it difficult to express emotions openly, resulting in subtle behaviors that indicate a struggle to move on. It's not about labeling men as incapable of processing ...Read More

11 signs you’re a genuine HSP, according to psychology

Posted 14 Apr 2024, by

Adrian Volenik

It's estimated that around 15-20% of the population are HSPs, according to research by Dr. Elaine Aron, who pioneered the study of HSPs.  Being an HSP isn't a disorder or a flaw—it's simply a personality trait that some people possess. You should know that being an HSP is a spectrum, ...Read More

9 hidden strengths of highly introverted people (that they never talk about)

Posted 13 Apr 2024, by

Eliza Hartley

I get it. Being an introvert can be tough. In a world that values outspoken, gregarious personalities, introverts often feel misunderstood or overlooked. Does this sound familiar? You're the one who prefers quiet contemplation over loud social gatherings, and you get your energy from within. But what's the outcome? You're labeled as ...Read More