How It Works

How The Expert Editor Works

A step-by-step guide to working with The Expert Editor
  • Send. To start, send us your work via the Get Started form and nominate your return date.
  • Confirmation + invoice. We will reply with confirmation of the price and return date. An invoice will also be emailed to you.
  • Payment. You make the payment via credit/debit card, Paypal or direct deposit.
  • Work begins. Your editor begins work.
  • Document return. By the return date, we will send you two copies: one with all changes clearly visible and the other a clean copy.


Key features of the process

Get Started form

To start, use the Get Started form and we will send you an invoice with payment options.

Payment methods

The three primary methods of payment are:

  • Credit card. We use the safe and secure Stripe system to accept credit card payment. Stripe accept all major cards from customers around the world.
  • Paypal. The world’s leading payment gateway.
  • Bank transfer. We accept direct deposit into our Commonwealth Bank business bank account.

Upfront payment

Please note that your editor cannot begin work until payment is made. For larger jobs, we can accept half up front and half before the work is returned.

File formats we accept

The Expert Editor usually works with Microsoft Word documents. We use the track changes tool so that our changes are clearly visible, with suggestions and comments made in the margin.

However, we can also work with PDF files using Adobe’s PDF editor and PowerPoint files (a small surcharge may apply).

If you need assistance in converting your LaTeX document, please contact us.

Two documents returned

You will receive two documents from us. One will have all the changes clearly visible in the body of the text (and comments made in the margin) and the other a clean copy with changes already incorporated. However, we encourage you to review the changes.

For further information about how The Expert Editor works please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The philosophy behind our submission and payment system

The Expert Editor is an exclusively online business that uses the Internet’s potential to be a flexible and lower-cost service. However, we do not believe that our clients are best served by having an entirely automated submission and payment system.

We review every submission and will communicate with you about the project before requesting payment or allocating an editor. This allows you to ask questions and have a full understanding of what you will be receiving from us before making any payment. It also enables us to understand the context of your job and allocate it to the right editor.

Many other professional editing companies streamline payment and editor allocation without any human intervention. We think this has significant drawbacks in customer service and ultimately leads to poorer quality editing and proofreading.