George Orwell the Tyrant? Redoing His 6 Rules for Writing

Posted 28 Jun 2015, by


George Orwell’s essay Politics and the English Language, published in 1946, is a battle cry in the fight against bad English. In Orwell’s eyes, written English has become slovenly, vague and meaningless, resulting in a decadent cilvilisation (it’s not as hyperbolic as it sounds considering that the 1940s wasn’t ...Read More

The 50 Best Apps and Resources For Writers

Posted 10 Jun 2015, by


With modern technology advancing at breathtaking speed (computer watches, seriously!), there are online apps and resources that provide a helping hand for just about everything. But what about writing, that old school, pre-Twitter, tricky to master skill? We did the research to find out how far modern technology can ...Read More

David Ogilvy: Be Concise & Precise When You Write

Posted 29 Mar 2015, by


“Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs” – David Ogilvy In 1962, Time Magazine declared advertising guru, David Ogilvy, as “the most sought after wizard in today’s advertising industry”. During his years as an advertising executive and copywriter at the company he founded in 1948, Ogilvy was considered to ...Read More

7 Sensational Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

Posted 22 Mar 2015, by


Imagine this familiar scenario: you’ve written your last line and throw your hands in the air. You’re done! A moment of euphoria and relief washes over you – for a very brief moment. Because as every writer knows, what comes next may prove to be more difficult than the ...Read More

4 Ways to Make Proofreading Fun

Posted 12 Mar 2015, by


You might have heard the phrase: “Writing and editing is art. Proofreading is science.” And isn’t that the truth? It’s incredibly exciting to create an original piece of writing, but when it comes to proofreading, many get lost in the technical quagmire of the English language and it’s ...Read More