ESL Editing

Helping ESL students and academics achieve success in Australia

The Expert Editor can help any writer when English isn’t their first language, and we specialise in assisting ESL authors who seek to submit scholarly papers for publication. Our two most popular services for ESL authors, therefore, are thesis editing and journal article editing.

The challenge facing ESL academic writers

Achieving academic success for ESL students and academics is not just a matter of their language proficiency, but also knowing the conventions of academic writing in the English-speaking world, and being able to communicate their ideas clearly. A professional editing, service such as The Expert Editor, can be an invaluable tool in ensuring that your academic writing meets the required standard in Australia.

Our goal

We want ESL writers to express their ideas clearly and not be disadvantaged by their English proficiency. In an ideal world, writing should always be judged on merit of the content, rather than the innate language skills of the writer. So our goal is to always make an ESL writer sound like a native English speaker and let their content speak for itself.

ESL editing by The Expert Editor

Professional editors that understand ESL writing

We have a team of Australian-based professional editors. Our specialist academic editors, in particular, have all worked with ESL clients and understand that their language and expression may require extra attention. Therefore, we provide the extra attention that is required at no additional charge to our standard prices.