15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break (Infographic)

Posted 12 Jun 2019, by

Brendan Brown

Rules were made to be broken – just ask James Dean.

But to be a grammar rebel, you have to understand the rules in the first place. How else do you know if you’re even breaking any?

The beauty of language is its fluidity. Language is always changing, evolving, and adapting to the needs of its users. Shakespeare’s English from the sixteenth century is most unlike how we write today, for instance.

And with the direction technology has taken us in the last 20 years, everyone with access to a computer or smartphone is now a writer. Everyone is having their writing read and everyone is making mistakes. So aim to make better mistakes.

Learn which rules are okay to break. It’s always better to be informal and communicate effectively than follow the rules and alienate your audience with overly formal writing.

Go on… take a walk on the wild side. These are the rules and how to break ’em:

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