16 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Creativity (Infographic)

Posted 04 Jun 2020, by

Brendan Brown

Only 25% of people believe they’re living up to their creative potential.

You may think there isn’t a lot you can do about this. You’re either born with creativity or not, right?

We’ve all heard people say “I’m not really the creative type”. Perhaps you’ve even uttered that phrase once or twice yourself.

Yet science shows that not being creative isn’t an innate trait in anyone. According to psychology professor Barbara Kerr, only 22 percent of creative variance in people is due to the influence of genes.

In other words, creativity is trainable.

Creativity can be nurtured in anyone through practice and persistence. Even if you think you’re not naturally the “creative type”, there are still many simple things you can do to further develop this skill-set.

The Expert Editor have created the following infographic that explores the fascinating topic of creativity. Here we show:

  • The careers where creativity is most important
  • Some outstanding creative people today
  • Common types of creative block
  • 16 every day habits you can use to unleash your own creativity.

These science-backed hacks are little things you can do each day to boost your creativity. By adopting simple daily habits you can adopt to ignite your imagination and encourage your mind to think outside the box.

(Another way to boost your creativity is to learn secrets from creative geniuses like Malcolm Gladwell, Shonda Rhimes and Ron Howard. Check out our MasterClass review for all you need to know about this hit online learning platform).

Check out our infographic below for a deep dive into creativity.


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